This fantasy brought to you, at least partially, by the second part of Redbud’s Reader’s Request story in the Obsidian Lens. If you haven’t read it… get on that.  -X

An Erotic Quickie by Ximena

♦ ♦

[She shuts her laptop and turns off her lamp. After a moment of hesitation, she reaches underneath the covers to pull down her panties. Her pussy is not wet. She licks her middle finger wet, then bites the tip. She spreads her lips and begins to rub her clit.]

I’m in a hallway. There’s a beautiful boy chained to the wall, naked and erect.

[Her pussy begins to warm. Her brow furrows.]

Well not boy, young man. He’s struggling against his restraints. His muscles move liquidly underneath his pale skin.

[She bites her lip.

Does he have to be pale? He can be anything… chocolate, caramel, vanilla, strawberry… What’s strawberry? A freckled, muscular redhead?

She smiles slowly.

How about if there’s one of every flavor in the hallway? Mmmm, every flavor. Maybe I’ll taste them all…

Her cunt twitches and she’s suddenly slick.]

Every single one of them is gagged, with welts on their flesh from a recent flogging. Every cock is hard and dripping precum. The hallway’s close with the scent of aroused boy, so much sweeter than aroused man-

[Don’t compose … jerk off, damnit!

Her eyes roll underneath her eyelids. Her clit is beginning to swell, and she shivers as she flicks it.]

I tug at the cock of the caramel boy covered in tribal tattoos. His fat bellhead weeps.

[Her mouth waters.]

I get on my knees and suck him. I play with the ring pierced into the flesh at the base of his cock and wonder just how well it would rub my clit if I chose to fuck him. He throbs insistently against my lips as I lick the underside of his cock, and surprises me by coming quick and abundantly in my mouth.

[Her lips part and she arches. She opens her legs a bit wider.]

His groans are echoed by the boys watching us. The smell in the air grows sharper when the vanilla boy with the short, thick cock comes spontaneously. I get up quickly and stroke another orgasm out of him, biting at his pink pierced nipples.

[She lets out a low moan. She’s beginning to drip down the crack of her ass.]

The look in his eye when I lick his come off my hand…

[She slides two fingers in her pussy and shivers. She starts to finger herself slowly.]

There’s come on my skirt, so l lift it over my hips. Strawberry moans into his gag behind me when he sees my naked ass. I’m so wet, so swollen I can feel myself when I take a step toward him. I bend over to show him my cunt. His upthrust cock twitches and his belly tightens. I tug on the thin chain running from the buttplug buzzing in his ass-

[This is so hot, but I need to be filled with cock…

She throws off the covers and her musk fills the room. She tiptoes to her closet where she keep her pleasure chest and picks up a narrow pink dildo. She lifts it up to the light of the moon, then drops it back into the chest. She chooses a fat red one complete with balls and a suction cup on the base. She giggles to herself as she runs back to bed. She takes off her sleep shirt and sticks the cock on her headboard. Her tits jiggle as she spits and rubs the cock wet. She licks the fat rubber tip wistfully, then turns around and lets it part her lips and enter her. She moans and begins to rub her clit.

Fuck that feels good, if only it was hot, and real…where was I?

She remains still, letting the big cock stretch her open.]

Oh. Strawberry with a buttplug. And his fat, fat cock is almost bursting for a cunt to come in.

[Her face is in the sheets as she begins to grind on the dildo.]

I tug on the chain rhythmically and he groans. His thigh muscles tighten. It feels good. I lick the welts on his belly. His cock presses against my tits. I unbutton my blouse and unclasp my bra slowly. His eyes cloud over when he sees my tits, my hard nipples. A drop of saliva drips from the ball gag. I start to jerk him off with my tits.

[She licks her fingertips and tugs on one nipple, then the other.  It hurts. She drips.]

As I’m about to sit on him a beautiful woman walks into the hallway. She’s only wearing heels, a garterbelt and silk stockings.

[She moans loud and long, her hips buck.]

Tendrils of her honey-colored hair tickle her little nipples as she coos at the chocolate boy. I stare as she lifts her leg to show him her cunt. It’s swollen and wet-

[She groans and licks her lips. Her fingers move over her clit as she grinds quicker.]

She looks at me when she spreads her pussy lips. She wants me to see. Her fingers disappear easily inside herself. I touch her tit with a slippery hand. I squeeze. She moves toward my touch even as she’s straddling the chocolate boy and guiding his cock into her wet seam.

[Her pussy grips the dildo hard and she stops moving. Her panting breaths slow, and she loosens enough to start moving again.]

She’s fucking the chocolate boy. His cock is shiny with her juices as it moves in and out of her. She spreads her lips. Her clit is fat. I want to suck it. I’m so fucking horny every muscle is tight. My orgasm is stored heat deep in my hips.

[She curses out loud and rides the dildo deep and hard. She doesn’t need to rub her clit anymore, the dildo’s hitting her spot just right. She looks pained.]

I want to suck her even as she’s riding him. I don’t care. The strawberry boy thrusts his hips and his cock nudges me. It parts my lips and slides inside me, inch by inch. He’s straining, fighting against the chains that keep him from bending me over and fucking me like he aches to do but I’m enthralled with her narrow hips grinding the chocolate boy’s cock. She leans over and her firm tits jiggle. I’m pinned by strawberry boy’s cock but i still lean over to touch to squeeze roll her hard little nipples and my mouth waters i can smell her now mixed with my scent and the scent of boy come and sweat and her scent puts me in a fever she leans over more and our foreheads touch while were being fucked we kiss and she tastes like she smells like pussy and hes fucking me so thick just right in my sweet spot and her tongue goes deep in my mouth when i pinch her clit she touches me fingers brush my clit and hes fucking me fucking me fucking fucking FUCKING-

[She pounds hard enough on the dildo to make the headboard slam the wall. She’s cursing, bucking and smiling as she comes. Her face and tits are sweaty, her nipples dark and solid as pebbles. She trembles as she grinds the last of her orgasm out and pulls the dildo off the headboard. It’s hot and slick. She resists the urge to lick it clean, not out of shame, but because if she does it will just get her started again.

Her roommate bangs on her wall.

“You’re fucking. I get it. Now keep it the hell down. I’ve got shit to do tomorrow.”

She buries her face in her sheets and giggles. Her roommate must think she’s with someone. She could only wish.

“Er…okay. Sorry.” Her voice is still a bit gruff from panting.

She reaches for her pack of cigarettes.]

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I undulate in your vision
A strange beauty
in a world of plastic, collagen and steel
The endearing oddball
the living, breathing Picasso that you want to figure out
but too afraid to venture into my penumbra
you cower at the gate, fingering the knob on the door to my most secret place
wishing you could find the courage to walk with me
love me, just as I am


    • ximenawrites

      Ba ha!

      //strawberry cream was always my favourite flavour….//

      I get where you’re coming from ; )

  1. Weird

    As soon as I finish this brief comment I’m going looking for the male-equivalent hallway. I hope the sights, sounds, and smells are as … as … spectacular and stimulating.

    Or, maybe I should just go and enlist to be a chained hall boy.

  2. vanillamom

    OMG…that was so delightfully written…

    and it made me wonder…

    are YOU the voice of the narrator in my head while im masturbating?


    good to know i am not the only editor while self-fucking…this was a superb story…And the poster at the end?

    hysterical punch to the funny bone

    (after the other “bone” is sated…LOL)


  3. The last time I looked at a suction cup dildo, it was sticking to the door of a lover’s fridge, bobbing theatrically next to a few magnets and a shopping list. That memory combined with the picture and the wall-banging at the end just about killed me. I think these sorts of stories are why masturbation erotica has such a special place in my heart.

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