He smirked over his overpriced shades and thrust his solid hips at her.

I hate Los Angeles…

She took a sip of her cappuccino and pointedly ignored him.

She hated it, but since she wrote for one of the better dramas on prime time television, she quickly found it necessary to move there. She refused to buy a house and put down actual roots. She rented a guest house behind a deserted palace of a mansion near the studio, and everyone marveled at how little she paid for use of the house and the pool. What they didn’t know is that the owner was a shady character currently living somewhere in the Yucatán running from the law. She always got a private smile out of that…

She felt her hackles go up. She looked around to see who was transfixing her with their gaze, and it was the same man. He was like every other Hollywood jerk – expensive haircut, cheap shoes, and a look carefully engineered to make him look carefree.

He smiled at her. The naked sensuousness of it made her cheeks burn as if she’d suddenly been blasted with a blow dryer – hot, but dry.

She stared intently at her computer screen, refusing to give him the satisfaction of a response. As her cheeks cooled, she realized that her thigh muscles were tense. When she loosened them, her pussy lips slid against each other, and heat emanated from her clit. She looked down at the front of her plain white t-shirt, and her nipples pointed almost pugnaciously at the screen for anyone to see. His eyes were glued to her, his full lips parted and glossy with saliva.

What a creep!

She hated when her body betrayed her like that, but it had been a long time since she’d had time to fuck. She slammed the laptop closed, stuffed it in her bag, and walked out of the coffee shop.

That night the Santa Ana winds blew particularly hot, and she didn’t feel like sleeping inside. She stripped down to her panties and laid down on one of the fancy curtained lounge beds by the pool. She listened to the sound of the breeze stirring the water. The sky was a virulent orange, and when she heard fire trucks screaming toward the hills she imagined its color was the fire reflected in the sky.

That’s what the sky in hell must look like.

Sweat beaded on her belly and ran down her spine. Her nipples hardened again, and her thoughts strayed to the man at the coffee shop and how he’d made her body react. He’d had a lovely mouth, and eyes that could’ve stolen a beggar’s bliss from her if he’d  had the chance to look at her just a bit longer…

She didn’t realize her hand was headed south until it she felt the lace of her panties.

How long has it been? she thought as her fingers moved underneath the fabric and parted her pussy lips. She pressed the pad of her middle finger against her hot hard clit and shivered the sweat right off her skin.

Too long.

Although she resisted, she thought of him as her fingers moved up and down her slit. She pretended that he was somewhere in the shadows beyond the pool, watching her.

She pulled off her panties and spread her legs.

Maybe, he has binoculars, and he’s focusing on the rise and fall of my belly as my hand moved between my thighs. Wait…he couldn’t see my pussy this way, could he? 

She felt a bit silly.  She knew no one was looking since the walls were high and the alarm was on but she still moved her hand so if anyone did look, they’d be able to see the wet swollen pink of her pussy clearly. She groaned, and a trickle of her juices made her ass slide on the pool bed.

Now he can see it clearly, she thought to herself as she teased herself with one finger.

My wet pussy. My tight, hungry cunt.

She moaned at the sheer dirtiness of the word, and realized she could hear how wet she was.

Maybe, he might have to unzip his pants and wrap his fist around his cock as he watches me...

His cock was fat but not too long in her fantasy – her favorite kind, since she could swallow it whole without gagging. Her hips bucked at the thought of smelling his precum, of seeing it bead on the head and drip off. Saliva gathered at the edges of her lips as she thought of tracing his pee slit and parting it gently with the tip of her tongue. Her cunt clenched around her two fingers.

Maybe, he wouldn’t be able to resist so he’d walk out into the open, his hard cock bobbing as he moves toward me…

She gasped at the thought.

She opened her eyes and looked around her, but she only saw the shadows cast by the columns on the far side of the pool. The throbbing of her cunt against her fingers was insistent, and her eyes fell closed again. She tickled her clit with her thumb.

He’d lie on the mattress between my legs and watch me as he strokes himself, and when I invited him to climb on top of me, he’d shake his head no… “I want to watch you make yourself come,” he’d whisper, and I’d feel his warm breath on the lips of my pussy as he says it.

She grunted as a fourth finger stretched the opening of her cunt. She opened her fragrant tightness and imagined his eyes glued to her, and the way he’d lick his lips slowly as he looked at her hard clit…

Her belly tightened, and she curled her fingers upward and pressed them against the fleshy top of her cunt.

“Oh god…” she said out loud. She blushed at her outburst, but quickly realized no one could hear her. She sat up and brushed away the hair that stuck to her neck and back with sweat, and the cushioning pressed deliciously against her pussy. She slid three fingers inside of herself and kept them straight, and thought of doing something she hadn’t done ever since she was a teenager.

Maybe, I’ll give him a whole show…

She leaned forward and rode her hand. She started to make slow infinity signs with her hips, but realized she was too horny to tease herself. The cushioning on the bed pressed her hand perfectly into her cunt, and she trembled with the gathering tension in her  loins…if she kept fantasizing about the man she’d come hard, and squirt. She put her other hand down in front of her to stabilize herself and fucked her hand eagerly.

I’ll look straight into his eyes as I fuck myself and whisper my unformed thoughts to him… Make it wet, yes, warm friction and musk and you’ll come spurt inside my hot cunt fill me fill me up fill me fuck-

Her orgasm moans were drowned out by the howl of a police car headed toward the flames. Her wetness traveled in clear rivulets to her knees and made her slide, but she wasn’t done yet.

Maybe he’ll bow his head and touch his tongue on my clim, or even better, wet his hand in it before putting it back on his cock-

She lifted her face toward the sky and bared her teeth as she rode her hand, and her eyes were open but sightless.

He’ll purse his perfect lips and blow warm air on my clit, and then maybe lean over and give it a lick…

Her pussy tightened so hard around her fingers that they hurt but she fought herself, knowing her next orgasm would be earth-shattering. She humped her hand and reached back to slide two fingers into her asshole.

He’ll slide his cock inside my ass and groan as I tighten around him…

Her pussy closed around her fingers, and her asshole grasped as she came again and again. She trembled and moaned with pleasure, and her clim poured copiously over her hand – she hadn’t had such an intense orgasm in months. Her throat burned from sucking in all the hot air, and sweat ran down her naked body. If he only knew what he’d started…

She giggled and wiped her brow.

She crawled off the bed and walked to the edge of the pool on wobbly legs,  then jumped in.

Silly creep.

Categories: Clim, Erotica, Exhibitionist, Fantasy, Masturbation, Voyeur, XimenaTags: , , , , , , ,


I undulate in your vision
A strange beauty
in a world of plastic, collagen and steel
The endearing oddball
the living, breathing Picasso that you want to figure out
but too afraid to venture into my penumbra
you cower at the gate, fingering the knob on the door to my most secret place
wishing you could find the courage to walk with me
love me, just as I am


    • ximenawrites

      Thank you…

      I put a lot of time into looking for photos that fit my stories nicely. The teasing finger photo was so lovely I changed the story ever so slightly to suit it : )

  1. nilla

    oh, those random encounters!!

    hawtness, dear Ximena, absolutely stirring….i don’t think anyone writes a masturbation scene like you do….


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