The Afterglow

His breathing had become deep and regular. She marveled at the thickness of his lashes and the almost feminine shape of his lips. She traced around one of his nipples. His chest rose toward her touch, and she kissed the corner of his mouth.

She felt a faraway ache that made her sigh. It had been too long since she’d had a man that young and eager.

She gently disentangled herself from his arms and tip-toed into the hotel bathroom. She didn’t have to pee, but she’d heard so many people say it was good to pee after sex that she was accustomed to trying. As she padded by the huge sink mirror on the way to the toilet, she turned to look at herself.

She didn’t dare to tell a soul, but she didn’t like looking at herself in the mirror. She knew she was attractive. Men and women seemed to respond favorably to her, but when she tried to look at herself to see what they saw she would only see her flaws. She got so frustrated tears would run down her face. People didn’t realize that she worked so hard to look good not out of vanity, but out of an all-consuming fear that they’d see how ordinary she really is.

She tugged at the tousled tips of her hair that tickled her nipples, and then turned her head sideways. She cupped her big breasts and pulled them toward her chin.

She looked sweaty, red, and disheveled.

“Ugh!” she hissed under her breath and turned away.

“What do you mean, ‘ugh’?” He stood in the shadows beyond the open door of the bathroom. She let go of her breasts and giggled nervously.

“Oh nothing – I just noticed I look a bit messy, that’s all.” She ran her fingers through her tangled hair. He walked into the bathroom, gloriously naked. He had angry-looking red welts on his back and ass. Her eyes moved to the passion mark she’d sucked into the skin of his shoulder.

“You’re so beautiful.” He pulled her to him,  his eyelids already half-mast with lust. He pushed his leg in between hers, and she was suddenly aware of the hot stickiness she hadn’t cleaned off. She stiffened.

“What’s the matter?” He wrapped his arms around her waist.

He pressed his slim hips against hers and she still felt her wetness – their wetness – between his legs. He licked the skin behind her ear. In spite of herself, she looked in the mirror and admired the muscular lines of his back. She saw her own hands moving from his hips to his ass. They squeezed. He tensed, then licked at one of her nipples. She lost strength in her knees, and he wrapped his hands around her waist and turned her around so she could lean on the bathroom counter.

She avoided looking at herself.

“Why don’t we go back to bed?” He knelt behind her and gently pulled her legs apart.

“Wow,” he said reverently. She felt a finger tracing her still swollen and sticky slit.

Without thinking, she arched so he could get a better look at her. She heard him swallow hard, then felt his warm breath make the skin of her ass tingle. His tongue suddenly slid into her asshole. She leaned up with surprise.

“what are you doing…?” Her voice slurred. He held her down by the waist and licked and tongued her winking ass. The corners of her mouth rose in a lusty smile.

She squirmed contentedly as he tongue fucked her and moaned roughly into her ass. She tugged at her clit, but he slapped her hand away. He slid three fingers into her cunt as deep as they would go, and the sudden intense feeling of fullness made her silent. She buried her face into the crook of her arm. Her face was slippery and hot with sweat.

He stood up and squeezed her shoulders. His cock throbbed on her ass, fully erect again. His fingertips dug pleasantly into the firm skin of her back, then moved down until his hands were at her hips.

“I want to see your face,” he said, and rubbed his cock against the slippery crack of her ass. She turned to him, but he shook his head. “I want to see it in the mirror.

He rubbed her clit and her nipples hardened against the warm countertop. She looked in the mirror, but his gaze was focused on her ass.

She wiggled it, and his eyes widened.

“Do it again,” he whispered. He wrapped his hands more tightly around her waist and pressed the head of his cock against her clit. She turned toward him and made infinity signs with her ass so it jiggled pleasantly. He looked at her as he slid the head of his cock down to the opening of her cunt.

“In the mirror.” She turned reluctantly and looked at herself.

The tops of her cheeks were bright pink and sweat shone over her upper lip. She started to close her eyes as she felt him slide into her pussy, but he suddenly stopped and pulled out.

“Don’t stop,” she said, but he pointed to the mirror. She felt his slick cock press against her asshole.


He slowly slid inside her ass. Her brow furrowed as if in pain, but it was merely surprise. It hurt, but pleasurably; instead of wanting him to withdraw, she bore down to take him deeper. He lifted one of her legs onto the counter and began to slide in and out.

She watched her tongue undulate in the hollow of her mouth behind her bared teeth. She blushed, but her eyes remained on her reflection. Her eyes were narrow slits but she could see everything. The fold in her waist where her leg was lifted. The sweat running down her belly from under her breasts. The tangled halo of her long hair. His partially hidden face.

She was so full…fuller than she’d ever felt before. She started to drip pussy juice onto her thighs. She could feel warm air swirling around her clit but she didn’t touch it – she loved the way the pleasure he was giving her came from such an unlikely place.

He softly wrapped his hand around the back of her neck. She closed her eyes, but he grunted and pushed her head forward.

“Look!” he said, and slid all the way inside her.

Her breasts bounced pertly with each thrust, and her nipples were as solid-looking as pebbles…

She looked at them, and looking made them ache to be touched. Before she could tug at one, she watched his hands move from her waist to caress her.  He slowed. He tugged at her nipples in the rhythm of his thrusts. Her belly tightened and her eyes moved to her open mouth again.

She remembered how good the silky skin of his cock had felt against them when she’d sucked him off earlier, how he’d hardened so quickly into her mouth and given her a generous taste of his precum before she’d climbed on top and fucked him…

Her tongue moved sinuously across her upper lip to chase the echo of his saltiness, but she only tasted her own sweat. Her eyes fell closed. His pussy-scented fingers slid into her mouth.

“Suck, and look,” he said, still sliding in and out of her slowly.

She opened her eyes and her lips were pursed around his long, slim fingers. She tasted salt and wished that she could fuck him and suck him at the same time. She wrapped her tongue around his probing fingers and felt her pussy contract.

Her juices ran fast down her thighs. Her eyes moved down to the shadow between her spread legs.

She was slim, but she had a plump cunt. Although she didn’t see a lot of them in the pornos she watched, she was secretly proud of her juicy pussy and loved to squeeze and pinch her lips when she masturbated. It got her off to think of how they could swallow a hard cock completely and tug at his balls until he drained them deep inside her – but not before she squirted and soaked him in her juices.

He fucked her so deeply it made her breath short, but she looked at her pussy and wished she could have him in her ass and in her cunt at the same time. Her clit poked out between the swollen lips.

She remembered the way he’d wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked her into his mouth until she’d become taut against his tongue; how he’d slid two fingers into her wet pussy as he’d sucked her clit and fingered her until the friction had made her wet his face with her orgasm…

She saw herself as she leaned forward and ground her ass against his cock. He pinched her clit in between two fingers and moved his hand back and forth until the fingertips curled into her pussy. His fingers slid inside her and curled into her g-spot.

Her reflection suddenly spawned a twin.

“Do it as hard as you can.” Her voice was hoarse with arousal.

He kissed the space between her shoulder blades, then she felt hot wetness between the cheeks of her ass as he lubed her with his spit. Without a word, he moved his hand inside her and thrust into her ass forcefully. She squealed.

He stopped mid-thrust waiting to see if he’d hurt her. Her reflection looked pained, her eyes wide.

“Don’t stop!” she yelled, and he thrust into her and fingered her deeply.

His fingers stretched the opening of her cunt while his cock stretched her ass and the different kinds of pleasure made her feel completely enveloped in a fog of lust. Pressure built deep in her belly as she bore down on his hand.

She laid her cheek on the counter and looked into her own eyes as her orgasm began to gather in her center. Her eyes in the mirror were wild, and her mouth was pulled into a grimace that exposed her teeth. She looked both like a woman and a wild thing; tangled hair, dark eyes, and mouth frozen into a silent snarl. Her pussy contracted in warning, and her eyes flashed ochre. She suddenly ached for release.

“Harder!” she moaned, not taking her eyes off her face in the mirror.

Her eyelashes cast weird shadows across her temple, and her lips trembled with pleasure. She felt a quick flash of pain, and then molten heat spread from her limbs to her center. She curled in on herself as she gripped his cock with her ass. She squirted forcefully into his hand.

Her pussy grasped almost painfully around his fingers as she came, but he continued to press into her, making her orgasm last until he was ready to come inside her twitching ass. She was still bucking when he let out a long, ragged groan and spurted into her. She came again when she imagined his balls tightening and the head of his cock pulsing as he emptied himself inside her.

He lost strength in his legs and leaned into her back, and she reached back to tousle his hair. Although he’d come, he was still hard and twitching inside her. She smiled at his red-faced reflection in the mirror.

“You’re not thinking ‘ugh’ now, are you?” he said, and smirked.

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I undulate in your vision
A strange beauty
in a world of plastic, collagen and steel
The endearing oddball
the living, breathing Picasso that you want to figure out
but too afraid to venture into my penumbra
you cower at the gate, fingering the knob on the door to my most secret place
wishing you could find the courage to walk with me
love me, just as I am


  1. nilla

    oh X…were you writing from inside my head? The scene isn’t mine…but the feelings…wow…who knew how universal….

    touched a big chord inside me.

    guess i need to believe Him when He sez i’m beautiful….*smiles*

    a fantastic addition to your repertoire!


    • ximenawrites

      I believe even the most confident of women have an off-day once in a while, but that doesn’t mean that others are looking at us through our sometimes hypercritical eyes LOL

      Although male approval shouldn’t be the only thing we base our self-esteem, it’s nice to have him say (and make us feel) that we’re beautiful.

  2. Woman

    She was so full…fuller than she’d ever felt before, and as he worked his cock into her ass she started to drip pussy juice onto her thighs

    I really liked this line!!!

  3. vanianthicke

    I’m late to this latest party, but I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this tale.

    Also, I’d like to take this opportunity to say that I want to curl & churn my thick, obscenely-long fingers inside Ximena’s honey pot. (if saying that is wrong, baby, I don’t want to be right…)

  4. eroticagirl

    Mmmmmmm, thanks for that…I like watching sex in my mirror. I get to be an exhibitionist and a voyer at the same time.

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