A Certain ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’

She’d never done it before, and her cheeks were still blushing crimson underneath her makeup with excitement.

As she looked around, she was surprised to see that everyone looked completely normal. She’d always imagined that she would somehow be able to pick these kind of people out from the average person she passed on the street – that they’d have a different, darker aura.

As it turns out, they didn’t.

She walked to an empty chaise near the back of the room and tried to look cool. What if no one wanted to play with her?  She fingered the bright green bracelet that they’d put around her wrist that meant she was new. She felt a  flash of insecurity and shook it off. She smelled musk, and then a young man sat down next to her and extended his hand. She looked at his smiling eyes and then down at his hand before shaking it. His energy seemed boundless and strangely innocent.

“My name is Johann, and you’re lovely,” he said in accented English. His eyes were pale brown, and he had deep dimples in his smile that wreaked havoc on her hormones.

Surely it’s not this easy, she thought, but her eyes moved down his body with a boldness she’d never dared before. He was slim with a headful of blonde waves and a configuration of beauty marks on his neck that she wanted to play connect the dots with…using her tongue.

She tried not to giggle with nervousness when he leaned into her and crossed his legs.

“Where are you from?” she asked as he tugged at one of her glossy auburn curls.

“Someplace in Eastern Europe even I cannot pronounce,” he said, and then gave her another stellar smile. “Does it matter?”

“Not a bit,” she heard herself say.  Her clit throbbed underneath the robe they were all required to change into.

She saw ushers walk to the doors and lock them from the inside. She’d been told that it was simply a safeguard against curious hotel patrons – they would be allowed in and out at will, given they had the proper password.

“Anonymous,” she whispered under her breath, hoping she wouldn’t have any reason to leave before it was over. Ushers walked amongst the small throng of people and started to put down comfortable-looking futons.

“They work quickly.” He chuckled beside her and caressed her knee.

“They know that we’re anxious to start,” he said, and took her hand and put it near the fork of his legs. She pulled it away as if she’d just been burned,  but not before feeling the hot hardness between his legs. He cocked his head to the side and looked into her face. “You’re different – I like that.” The lights dimmed over them. “People will come and watch, but this is for you.”

He brushed his lips against hers and stood up, and she breathed in a hint of sweetness. People started approaching from all sides as if they recognized him. Some of them had even taken off their robes. An attractive older couple flanked her on the chair.

“You’re cute,” the woman said and ran a finger along her cheekbone. “Are you into older women?”

She was tall and slim, with breasts so small that they were still pert underneath her thin satin robe.

“My name’s -” she started, but the woman held her hand up and shook her head.

“No one ever gives names here, love,” she said. The man on the other side tweaked one of her hard nipples and smiled.

“It seems she’s ready to go whether or not it’s with us, darling,” he said. He looked polished even in his white terry robe, and he was wearing a much more sophisticated cologne than Johann. She looked around and saw him surrounded by a small knot of people, but his eyes were on her.

The woman noticed and smiled.

“You know, he’s never actually done anything with anyone, ever,” she whispered in her ear. She turned to her and the lady’s lips were already moist and parted for a kiss. “He’s a sadist – an exhibitionist – and he knows he’s lovely. He just comes here every month to tease us all with his charms until we’re reduced to begging in vain for a taste,” she finished, and she pressed her lips into her neck. Her hand slid inside her robe and squeezed one of her nipples eagerly. She was surprised at how much the woman’s boldness aroused her, and she leaned into the gentleman sitting beside her and moaned.

“As ever darling – the music hasn’t even started yet, and you’re already at second base, ” he said, but he was focused on something in front of him. As she felt the lady’s mouth moving southward toward her breasts, she followed his eyes to the young man.

She froze as her eyes acclimated to the low light and she saw his nakedness for the first time. His body rippled with lean muscle as he stroked his hard uncut cock. His head was thrown back, and he licked his lips as his fist moved from the base to the tip and smeared his plentiful precum around the head. She wanted to feel the soft flaxen hair on his chest against her breasts and wet the hair between his legs with her come.

“Damn…” she whispered as she felt the woman’s lips wrap around one of her nipples and suck. He was so beautiful – her mouth watered to lick his dark rose nipples. The older man had opened the front of his robe and exposed himself. He softly tapped his fingertips against the underside of his cock as he watched Johann stroke himself. His cock was cut, and he was thicker and shorter. She reached out and wrapped her hand around the base of his cock, and he thrust his hips into her fist and groaned. The lady’s hand moved between her legs and parted the lips of her cunt. She gasped with delight.

“Darling, you’ve got to take a look at this spectacular clit,” she said, and then tugged on her gently. She had a bigger clit,  and for a long time she’d been self-conscious about it. It wasn’t until a former boyfriend had spent most of their time together worshipping it that she’d realized she had something special…

The man walked to the other side of the chair, but she continued to watch Johann. He was gentle with himself, barely caressing the skin of his cock with his fist as he moved it up and down. His foreskin moved past the crown, and a crystalline string of precum dripped down his shaft. A short blonde woman watching him groaned, and her hand moved restlessly between her thighs.

The blonde woman licked her lips at the same time that she felt a hot mouth clamp down on her  clit.

She tore her eyes from him and looked between her legs. The older man was licking and sucking at her hungrily. He had an experienced tongue, and she ran her fingers through his black hair then pressed his face into her cunt. The woman had taken off her robe, and she saw her ribs moving underneath her smooth shank she bowed down and fought her husband’s tongue to lick at her.

Wow, this is hotter than I’d ever imagined…

She opened her legs wider. The man’s eyes moved up her body as he licked, then he pulled her robe open completely and reached for her breasts. She arched as a tongue muscled its way into her cunt.  Another man walked up to watch. He was young, with a small, pleasant potbelly over his erect cock. She reached out to caress his thigh and smiled at him. His cock wasn’t big, but it had the most enticing veins and a fat mushroom head. She groaned when the older man’s tongue slid out of her and the lady’s hungrier tongue slid in.

“Come closer,” she whispered.

He let her cup his heavy, furry balls in her hand. There was a part of her that couldn’t fully believe what was happening – there was a man and a woman tongue-fencing in her pussy, and she was about to ask a strange man to slide his cock in her mouth – but she had never felt more aroused in her life.

She moved the man a little to the right so she could still see Johann in her peripheral vision. A man stroked his cock near enough to him to hit him with his come when he spurted. Johann turned to him, flexed the muscles of his belly and groaned. The man’s cock leaked a bead of come. The blonde woman was still there, but she was being taken from the back by a tall dark man who kneaded her breasts and sucked on the skin of her neck as she watched. She had plump, naked  cunt lips that looked almost shocking pink against the darkness of his cock. She suddenly had the urge to crawl up to her and lick her taut clit…

She felt a cock press into the opening of her cunt and against her lips at the same time. She spread her legs and opened her mouth and felt hot hardness at both ends, something she’d always wanted to feel, and she squirted wetness.

“That’s a sweet little cunt,” the woman said, and then began to lick her clit as he fucked her. The other man’s hand slid underneath her neck, and she was able to suck the whole length of him into her mouth without gagging. His sparse reddish hair tickled her chin and nose, and she closed her eyes to take in all of the sensations – the feel of the older man’s fat cock stretching the walls of her pussy; the woman’s tongue dancing on top of her clit;  the young man spurting salty sweet precum into her mouth as she sucked and licked the underside of his cock. She was so aroused she was moaning plaintively, and he caressed her cheek and nodded.

“I’m going to fill your mouth with come,” he said softly… but her eyes drifted to Johann. The top of his cheeks were flushed. The tip of his cock was mauve with arousal, and he had drops of sweat on his smooth forehead.

 An exhibitionist, she thought as she felt the woman take her hand and press it onto her slick, hot cunt. She found her swollen clit and squeezed. The woman shivered. She remembered what the woman had said about names, and then repeated his name in her mind.

Johann – it sounds like a sigh...

The lines of his body were exquisite and he knew it – he leaned back with one arm so that his perfectly straight, hard cock pointed at the ceiling as he stroked. His belly tightened and loosened so that greedy eyes could take in the outline of his well-toned abs, and his thigh muscles were lickably firm. He licked his lips when he noticed her looking at him, then tugged softly at his balls so that his cock pointed straight at her. She tightened around the older man’s cock.  The older man grunted, and her thumb moved in slow circles around the woman’s clit as she licked hers.

She looked up at the man she was sucking, but his eyes were closed with pleasure. She let his cock slide all the way out of her mouth, and a solitary line of saliva dripped onto her chin. She reached up and stroked at him, and then gave his balls a tentative lick. He lifted his cock and presented his balls to her, and she sucked one into her mouth softly. She licked it and wondered what Johann’s smooth, tight balls tasted like.

 He’s never been with anyone, ever.

A bubble of frustration burst in her belly, but she slid three fingers into the woman’s cunt and curled them upward. Her wet tightness made her aware of what both men felt, and she moaned in sympathy. The two men groaned in unison, and the one fucking her thrust faster. The man she was sucking noticed her fondling the woman’s cunt, and he gently tugged himself out of her mouth and walked toward her.

She didn’t move to stop him and watched Johan touch himself. Her lips throbbed to suck him, and his brown eyes moved down her body and stopped between her legs, where a fat cock thrust its way into her…his eyelids fell to half-mast and he stroked himself harder, and she curled into herself and moaned with lust. The woman stopped licking her as the potbellied man mounted her from behind, and her clit suddenly felt exposed. She knew he could see it, hard and glistening, above the older man’s cock. Johann licked his lips deliberately and caressed the head of his cock, and she knew that he wanted to taste her.

She exhaled and arched her back, and her jiggling tits made him shiver. The man inside her was balls deep and eager, and she knew that he would finish soon. The older woman’s ass was up in the air, and she leaned forward to kiss the older man as she was being fucked. The smell of sex was heavy in the air and the music was being eclipsed by moans.

Her lips peeled back from her teeth with pleasure as she watched him caress his cock. Her nipples ached to be sucked. Just a taste, she thought as the older man rubbed her clit roughly. Just one. She moaned and tugged at one of her nipples. The potbellied man grabbed her other breast and kneaded it.

The older man’s flat belly tightened and he let out a low groan as he pulled out and came all over the insides of her thighs. The sharp smell of him wafted up to her nostrils, and she tightened around nothing.

I want to smell and taste Johann, but he’s just a tease… 

Another man’s fingers slid into her pussy, but she didn’t even bother to look. A new group of people watched Johann now and a young, chubby brunette with big tits fondled the man beside her while riding on top of another man. Her eyes didn’t leave him even though she was busy with two men, and she felt a small twinge of jealousy as Johann looked at her breasts and squeezed his cock. The older woman licked her partner’s come off her thighs, and another other man knelt between her legs. The lady opened the swollen lips of her pussy for his cock. This man was tall and incredibly handsome, and she saw Johann raise an eyebrow and shake his head at him.

It was only for a split second, but the chubby brunette’s head still whipped toward her with unmasked curiosity. The man between her legs was poised to thrust into her when Johann raised his hand and beckoned her. She heard a gasp from the older woman, and the brunette’s mouth fell open.

She was so sluggish with lust her knees were weak. She rolled off the couch and crawled to him, her lips already parted to suck his cock. She heard excited whispers around her as she wrapped her hand around his cock and stroked.

And they had all begged in vain…

He was hot and slick with come from edging, and he let out a gravelly moan that made her moan into him. Her cunt was so wet her thighs were slippery and her hands trembled on him. He put his open palm against her mound and hooked three fingers into her cunt and pulled her onto him. She straddled him and pressed the tip of his cock against her seam to tease him, but it was too late.

He bit her lower lip softly and his cock pulsed in her hand as he came. She let out a sharp cry of frustrated lust and sat on him as he spurted, hoping she might be able to catch up to him. Before she could bow her head to lick his nipples, he lifted her hips and he slid out of her. He tried to help her up, but she leaned down and licked their combined juices off of him. He was still hard and he twitched when she wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock and licked.

She felt someone behind her. Whoever it was opened her legs and began to lick his come out of her, sucking avidly at her tender inner lips for a coveted taste of him. More than one pair of hands pulled her thighs apart, and more than one tongue slid inside her and licked around her clit as she sucked the remainder of the come out of his cock. He put a hand on her head and tapped it gently.

“Come,” he said, and someone’s thumb slid into her ass. She looked back and saw the blonde woman and the brunette on the floor with their faces between her legs. He reached down to tug at her nipples and tried to pull her up.

“Come,” he whispered in her ear, and the mingled taste of him in her mouth and the feel of his breath stirring the hair near her ear made her tighten around one of the women’s thirsty tongues. She ground her hips into the woman’s face as she came. He stood up and extended his hand to her.

“Come upstairs with me.”

She smiled foggily at him – she thought he had just wanted her to finish. The woman sighed wistfully beneath her as he helped her up. He already had his robe in his hands, but she pointed past a tangle of sweating bodies to the chaise where the older woman still lay, slowly fondling her cunt as she watched the people fucking around her. He nodded, and she jumped over writhing bodies and reached for her short black robe.

The woman’s wet hand wrapped around her wrist. “What did you do to him before we sat down, child? He’s never touched  anyone, much less left with them.” The edges of her mouth twitched with mirth.

She smiled and shrugged her shoulders. Her cunt tightened again as the night’s future delights unfolded in her imagination. “I don’t know,” she said, and pulled on her robe. “I just don’t know.”


    1. You’re not strange at all…you see, that was the point.

      Have you ever met someone who at first was all sweetness and light, but would just take your breath away with a certain expression or a languid movement that made you feel like you’d been hit with a solid wall of lust?

      That’s Johann LOL

  1. wow, that was …so fucking hot.

    and here i am on orgasm restriction…omg…

    so intensely sexual, but the… ethereal ribbon that bound those two together was an awesome touch…and that was sensual, not merely sexual.

    well done, X, well done.

    gods i wish i could…yanno…


  2. That threesome picture? It is a fantastic picture! I’ve used it before too in my threesome story.

    Fabulous read of course!!!!

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