This is inspired by something I read in our search engine terms,  ‘tooth fairy licked my pussy’. I simply couldn’t resist seeing where the prompt would take me. Enjoy! – X

My head was full of cotton.

“Do you want me to nick a couple of pillows from the guest room for you?” Frank said. I nodded stiffly.

I took off my clothes and crawled into bed. He tucked the pillows underneath me and gave me a sympathetic look.

“How on earth did you go so long before getting your wisdom teeth out?” I couldn’t talk, so I shrugged. Late-blooming teeth, I guess.  He handed me two pills and a glass of water. “Can you get it down?”

I swallowed the pill down with a tiny sip of water.  My saliva was thick with blood.

“That’ll help you feel better.” He patted my brow. I pointed to brightly colored plastic treasure chest on my bureau where they’d put my precious tooth. My wisdom teeth had been so stuck in my jaw that the surgeon had only been able to extract one in its entirely. To my chagrin, I’d had to beg to get my own tooth back since they usually kept them for some reason or another…

He opened it and shuddered. “It’s so grisly.” There was still a bit of gore on the root. I rolled my eyes and extended a hand. “What are you gonna do with that, huh? Put it under your pillow for the tooth fairy?” I gave him the finger. “Your tooth’s too old. You won’t get shit for it.”

I couldn’t do more than chuff and wince at his humor.

“Well, I’m going to watch my stories. Text me if you need anything.” He put my cellphone on the bed beside me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

He closed my door, and I soon heard muffled daytime histrionics in my living room. The medicine was beginning to do its work – my head felt pleasantly fuzzy. I took the tooth out of the little chest and pressed it into my palm. Its solid ivory smoothness fascinated me. Those long, sharp prongs had been firmly embedded in my skull just this morning. I rubbed the prongs against my lips, but I was still too numb to feel anything.

The drugs seeped into my bloodstream, making me giddy. The afternoon sunlight pulsed softly on my sheets. I began to sweat, so I took off my bra and panties. I fell back too hard on the pillow, but I didn’t hurt anymore.  My hands lay pleasantly heavy by my head. I heard a woman weeping lavishly in the other room. I wondered what made her cry so hard.

As I fell asleep, my hands relaxed and my tooth slid underneath me.


My sheet was being pulled off slowly.

I’m naked!

I tried to speak, but my mouth was full. I was still groggy, but I was coming up fast. I opened one eye, expecting to see Frank’s face. The air above my bed vibrated bright gold. My eyes were filled with it.

The drugs are good.

I blinked a couple of times. Still gold. I smelled fresh flowers and the unmistakable scent of a woman in heat.

Is it me?

Something tickled my belly. I heard a very feminine giggle. I tried to focus my eyes, but whatever was suspended above me pulsed like a strobe. Here and gone. Here and gone. I felt warm breath on my thighs, then wetness. A tongue.

A woman materialized between my legs and put a comforting hand on my thigh. Her hair was hammered gold, tangled from eons of wind. She was naked save for a sheer wash of cloth over her small, perfect breasts. She crouched so I saw the tender lips of her pussy glisten. She smelled of earth and flowers, green things and the back of the wind … but there was that scent again, underneath it all.

The heavy, hot scent of an aroused woman.

She poked my thigh and gave me a grin. Her fangs shone, but she was far from menacing. Her big, crystalline green eyes took in my nakedness.

“You’re extra prettyful,” she said in her dented bellsong of a voice.

The drugs are really, really good.

I tried to move, but she pushed me back down onto the pillows.

“You’ll hurt my feelings if you go.” She pouted. “Don’t you want to play?”

I remained perfectly still as she sniffed up my body. She licked my nipple. Her tongue was hotter and longer than a human tongue. Her breath smelled like honeysuckle nectar.

She waved something in my face. My tooth. “Yours, right?”

I nodded.

“Good,” she said. She rubbed herself against me. She trembled so fast it felt like I was pressed against a giant vibrator. My nipples hardened against hers. “I like teeth. Especially this one.”  She caressed my clit with vibrating fingertips.


She traced my  pussy lips slowly.  “Lips…” Then, she slid two vibrating fingers inside me. “Mouth…” She pressed the pad of her thumb on my clit. “And best of all, tooth.”

I remembered my mom’s stories about my late grandmother. She would tell mom and her sisters to go wash their ‘solitary tooth’ out when she wanted them to bathe, then let loose with her trademark toothless cackle.

Mouth…vagina. Solitary tooth…clit.

The sprite’s vibrations reminded me that it had been a while since anyone polished my ‘tooth’. I giggled nervously.

Of all things, a tooth.

“You get it.” Her beauty made my eyes water. Unlike the many drawings of pale flawless fairies I’d seen, she was tan with freckles dotting her bobbed nose. I squeezed her breasts, and her heart beat fast as bumblebee wings under my hands. When I pinched her nipples, she vibrated with pleasure hard enough to shake the bed. She rubbed her slim thighs against me. I was wet.

“Ooh! Hot.” She moved up so one of her nipples parted my lips. I sucked, then licked when I tasted sweetness. Her skin gave off a gold dust that tasted like powdered honey. I tried to wrap my arms around her, but my hand hit something painfully solid.

“Oops!” Her opalescent wings slowed down, and she stopped vibrating. “You mortals forget I have these.” She kissed my bruised hand with an avidity that made my pussy throb. She saw my arousal and smiled her alien smile. “I’m so glad you want to play…”

She rubbed her chest against mine, then buried her head between my breasts. “I like these ever so much.” She wrapped her long long tongue around a nipple and tugged again. My mouth fell open. She smiled. “Oh yes. You would not believe the fun I have with this,” she said. She uncurled her tongue and waved it in front of me. It reminded me of a butterfly’s proboscis, but her tongue was prehensile and very soft. My hips rolled unconsciously, eager to feel her.

“Oh, come now. Let’s play a little longer.” She slid three fingers inside me again. Her wings beat until they were a golden blur above her, and she vibrated deep inside me. I wanted to kiss her badly, but my mouth was a raw bloody cave. She licked the sweat from between my breasts, then her tongue snaked up to my neck, then my jaw. Her face flushed. “Your mouth is hurt.” She took her fingers out of me and lay on top of me. “Show me.”

I opened my mouth, and her tongue lapped at the edges of my lip.

“Take out those awful things.” She was referring to the cotton pads. I shook my head no – I was afraid I would bleed all over her. “It’s all right. I can help you.”

She gently picked the pads out of my mouth. Her nose twitched – she could smell my blood. Her wings beat faster as my mouth emptied. I started to taste fresh blood immediately. I shut my mouth, embarrassed. She cooed into my face.

“I promise I can make it better.” Her vibrating hands moved over my body. I arched and my lips parted as her fingers slid inside me yet again. She moved them in and out slowly, working my clit with her thumb. Bloody saliva trickled out of the corner of my mouth. She licked it hungrily. I was so absorbed in her caresses I barely felt her long tongue slide past my lips. She shivered violently as she tasted my blood, shaking me out of my stupor. I squealed with terror, and her tongue went back in her mouth. Her chin was stained crimson.

“Don’t be frightened. I won’t hurt you.” I tried to get up, but she pushed me down. “Look. I can make it better.” Her tongue curled and unfurled, the tip suspended right above my lips. A pale gold liquid dripped off the tip. It felt uncomfortably hot on my tongue, but just as soon as it hit my gums the pressure disappeared.

I cleared my throat. “What is it?” Blood was flooding my mouth.

“It heals. How do you think we live so long?” Her pale green eyes had grown dark with hunger.

“You want … my blood?”

“I would never hurt you, but yes. I want to taste your blood as well.” Her body quivered over mine. I wondered whether she would continue doing what she was doing when she was done. She read my thoughts and smiled. “I only consider tasting a woman’s blood a fringe benefit, as you mortals call it. It gives me energy for play.” She rubbed her firm little tits against me and ground her hips against mine. I grew lax in her arms.

“Okay.” I opened my mouth.

“Oh, goody,” she whispered before her tongue slid into my mouth. She gave me a deep kiss that made me tense against her. At first there were bursts of pain and heat as she tongued the holes in my jaw, but it dissolved into pleasure. Her body gave off that musk, distilled sex, and I ran my fingers between the cheeks of her ass and into her pussy. She was a watery wet that made me wonder. She extracted her tongue from my mouth and sighed, sated. I couldn’t taste my own blood anymore, and the stiffness was gone. She was as good as her word.

“You are very, very good.” She smiled. Her eyes were still dark with hunger.  I sucked my wet fingers. She was both intensely feminine and something else. Her musky juices were sweet instead of salty.

“I want more.” I was surprised by my demanding tone. She snickered, flashing a pretty fang. Her wings doubled and in two flits, she was on her back. She dripped wetness. I caressed her thighs, but I was suddenly shy. Up close, she had everything a woman had – even an asshole – but  far more perfect than anything I’d ever seen. She was hairless, and her pinkness was truly pearly.

Her wings began to flutter. She licked up my inner thigh, while spreading me open. She flicked her tongue on my clit, then wrapped her tongue around it and tugged. I made a funny gurgling noise in the back of my throat. In all my years of fucking, I had never felt something more delicious.

She wiggled her ass at me. Her scent made me woozy, but I wanted to look at her for just a little longer. Her clit swelled and stuck out from between her pussy lips, fat as a rosebud. I licked my thumb wet and rubbed it.  She slid a vibrating finger in my asshole. My lips parted with pleasure, and she dripped freely into my mouth.

I buried my tongue inside her and she dripped down my chin and between my breasts. Her pussy sucked at me almost as avidly as I sucked at her. Her long, long tongue slid inside me, curling and uncurling, tasting. She pinched my clit as her tongue went muscular and thick, darting in and out. My hands turned to claws on her ass. I felt my nails pierce fairy flesh but she did not bleed. Her trembling made the tip of my tongue numb in the best way. I fingered her awkwardly in my passion, but she still grasped at me, dripping sticky juice down my forearm.

She blurred at the edges, vibrating so fast my fingers ached inside her. Her tongue was a fleshy lance in my cunt, fucking deep inside me as her fingers worked my clit. Heat gathered deep in my belly and I wondered whether she was dosing me with that fairy healing liquid. My muscles tensed and my eyes rolled before the first orgasm reached my brain. I flopped like a landed fish, and my cries sounded far away to my own ears. My cunt tightened around her vibrating tongue and fingers, which only made me come again for her…

I was sweaty and exhausted underneath her. I couldn’t possibly have another orgasm. Her wings stopped fluttering, and she finally withdrew her tongue. When she turned to me, her chin was stained with fresh blood. Something in the back of my skull whispered a warning. Did she take more of my blood, then heal me? Was that what the intense heat in my belly had been?

She licked her chin clean and smiled down into my face. “Wasn’t that fun?”

I picked a wilted flower out of her hair and nodded. Her green eyes had gone maroon – she was full. My heart started to beat fast again, but I didn’t care. If a little blood was all it took to entice this creature into making me come like that, so be it. I was bewitched.

“It’s time for me to leave,” she said. Her breath was still musky and coppery with me. I nodded weakly, and she gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Will I ever see you again?”

“Maybe, child … maybe. The women in your family have always figured out a way to invoke me.”

I was confused. “What?”

“Your grandmum. I knew her very well in her youth. I can taste her blood in your veins,” she said with a laugh.

Then, in a flash of gold, she was gone.


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I undulate in your vision
A strange beauty
in a world of plastic, collagen and steel
The endearing oddball
the living, breathing Picasso that you want to figure out
but too afraid to venture into my penumbra
you cower at the gate, fingering the knob on the door to my most secret place
wishing you could find the courage to walk with me
love me, just as I am


  1. paul1510

    What a lovely morsel.
    Who would have thought it, a vampire tooth fairy.
    Beautifully tmaginative, thank you.
    Warm hugs,

  2. The women in your family have always figured out a way to invoke me.”

    It took me a moment after finishing the story to remember the grandmother’s “cackle” from earlier. And then I accidentally swallowed half the string of the rock candy I’d been eating.

    Sneaky, Ximena. Sneaky.

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