A Thoughtful Gift

He came in whistling.

“Aww, you got rid of the wood one with the wonky leg? You said it kept your abs tight.” He kissed her temple. The lace ruffles of her miniskirt poked through the chrome backbar of a new chair.

“This was a gift.”

“From whom?”

“From you to me. I’m trying it out.”

He tried to get a closer look, but she rubbed his cock over his pants. He’d come home craving a drink and he still reached for the whiskey bottle on the counter. She plucked it from his hands.

“All in good time, pet.” His face brightened. She only called him that for one purpose. “Come here next to me.” She unbuckled his belt and freed his cock. He was hardening fast.

“I’m almost done…let’s see whether you can catch up.” She grabbed a handful of his hair and kissed him as her other hand stroked just the way he liked. Hard. Her fist pumped on the base of his cock until the head grew. It darkened to the same color as her blouse. He saw she wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples poked through like cloth-covered buttons. When he caressed them, she smiled into his mouth.

Her grip on his hair tightened.

She licked around his full lips. His lips were better, softer than a girl’s. He yielded so much easier than any woman, but he was also fully and perfectly a man. That’s why she loved him.  Her hips moved in tight circles, grinding on the chair. She sucked the saliva from his mouth and let it drip down to her pumping fist. His eyelids fell closed, but she tugged again.

“Do you like eating me out?” He was silent with arousal. She tugged harder on his hair to get his attention. His eyes looked so beautifully lost she bucked on the chair. “Do you like the taste of my pussy?”

He nodded hard. Her fist moved to the tip of his cock. She moved his foreskin, playing peek-a-boo with his bell head. “Tell me how much.” She tugged on his cock until his hips touched her.

“I love to lick your pussy. I still can’t believe how wet. you. get.” The words exploded out of his mouth as she gently wrung the head of his cock in her fist. She wanted to rub her clit, but she didn’t need to. She was close.

“Tell me more…”

His licked his lips wet. He was good. “I like to spread your legs open lick your hard clit until you drip…”Her fist moved smoothly up and down his shaft from the base to the tip. “…smell you, taste..”

“Mmm, what does it smell and taste like?” Her thigh muscles trembled at his words.

“smells like it tastes seawater musky like you your cunt-” he started to thrust into her fist. She let him. “I love it when you sit smother me with your pussy ride my face so hard my nose hurts.” He was getting eloquent. Her hips moved faster. Her toes curled on the chrome footrest.

“You like that?” She was happy he liked it as much as she did.

“You come so much so wet when you fill my mouth…” Her belly tightened. “…soft hot and I can taste you for hours your sweet come…”

Her fist loosened on his cock. When he opened his eyes she held on to the counter and bucked and ground into the chair. She had come, just with his words. His cock throbbed but his hands remained at his sides, his eyes on her.

She got up, and his eyes widened. She smiled.

“Do you like the chair you got me?” When she bent over her thighs were wet to the knee. He could see the deep rose inside of her cunt her lips were so swollen. She picked something up and reached for a glass. She poured the liquid, grabbed the whiskey and poured again. She handed him an amber colored cocktail.

“Drink. Now.” He knocked it back and he got a mouthful of smoky musk. It burned all the way down like he imagined it would back when he was a virgin and exploded in the pit of his belly. He groaned.

“Fuck, was that-?” Her pussy lips swallowed his cock, but she didn’t let him enter her. Her hips moved back and forth.

“Yes it was,” she said, and felt him finally twitch on her. He bucked into her hips and covered the insides of her thighs with his come.


He inspected the chair closely.

“How’d you collect it?”

She pointed to an empty ring on the footrest. When he looked up, she waved a shot glass. He laughed.

“Fuckin’ A, that’s clever.” He wasn’t surprised to see a pool underneath the chair. He was tempted to lick it off the tile.”We’re gonna need a bigger glass.”

Latest Comments

  1. vanillamom says:


    first…awesome story…yes those words, the voice, the heat…can get me off…but the chair? Fuckin Awesome….how delightfully clever!!

    i’m grinning like a fool here…that was da bomb, m’dear!!!


  2. vanianthicke says:

    Fresh-squeezed ‘tang, hmm? I’ll take that in my whiskey shot, s’il vous plait – we’ll use the ice cubes on something else. Any suggestions?

  3. paul1510 says:

    that isn’t how I would do things, but whatever floats your boat.
    Warm hugs,

  4. Squeaky says:

    YOWZA!!! Dayum, X! *puddle*

    As alllllways with your writings, there were so many delightful little touches in this, so many artful little curlicues, that i can’t possibly point them all out. anyway, i’m panting far too hard.

    suffice it to say, I’m with Nilla: Da. Fuckin’. Bomb!

  5. willcrimson says:

    Yeah. Girl, I couldn’t have resisted that photo either. Kinky as all. get. out. Damn.

  6. Fuder says:

    Yumm..! The pleasures of gitt’n fucked real-hard in-the-face, Ahh. There’s not enough of this in print. The loyalty, biological, of being ‘sniffed-out’, and rolling in it, wow. I liked the smother’d a’n “.hirt my nose.”, particularly Nice ending,
    ‘ Corse a frustrate milking, leaving him ‘hi, and dry’ I also apreciat.
    Hemmm… The possibilites:
    …this was just round one of 6 or so, all-night;
    she wacks him hard-n-fast till he dribbel-cum into his condom;
    or chained at her bed fraim, he’s made to service her whenever she rings bell…

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