He pulled off my panties so hard my skin burned, but the look on his face once my legs fell open made me forget the pain – a crooked grin underneath eyes serious as a heart attack. His pale pupils darkened, and he dropped to his knees and spread me open.

His fingers trembled with nerves, but they were rough. He tugged at my pussy lips until my cunt opened like a wet pink mouth for him. He looked up at me, but he could barely see my face beyond the twin mounds of my breasts. His face flashed pain – he now wanted to play with my tits as much as my cunt – but he made up his mind.

He licked up and down my slit, then raised his head and watched as I dripped slowly onto the bed. He sighed and it sounded like a hiccup…a deep breath very much like the ones people take before the first sob. His thumb made slow circles around my clit, and his other arm moved rhythmically, stroking his cock below my line of sight. My belly muscles tightened with impatience, and he laughed very softly underneath his breath.

I wasn’t the only one capable of teasing.

He let go of his cock and spread my open again just to see how hard my clit was. He blew on it and sighed when my pussy tightened around nothing. He licked from the opening of my cunt to my clit with a broad tongue, and my legs closed around his muscular shoulders. He picked up a slim, curved glass wand from the bed and sucked on the tip, looking straight into my eyes as it slid as deep into his mouth as he could manage without gagging. Since we’ve done this often, he could take nearly all of it without flinching.

He was such a good slut.

He took it out of his mouth still dripping saliva and pressed the warm tip on my clit and teased me with it. It took everything I had not to dig my heel into his thigh for that, but he was smart – he slid it inside me and started to milk my sweet spot, his face just centimeters away from my pussy. I arched and pinched my nipples hard, feeling the pressure build. He couldn’t resist sucking on my clit and putting a couple of fingers in my ass too, and in just seconds I had bathed his face with come. He licked me clean while I still trembled and groaned, and then dropped the wand and used his hand instead. He alternated between one sweet spot and another inside me, and I nearly laughed with pleasure – I had taught him too well. I buried my hand in his hair.


Instead, he withdrew his hand and stood up. His cock, my cock, was wet with our combined juices – my come and his precum. He straddled me and moved close to my face, and I reached up and tugged gently on his balls. His fat cock bobbed in front of me, and he pulled back his foreskin and squeezed up the shaft until a stream of precum wet my chin. The vein on his shaft pulsed softly and I wanted to trace it with my tongue, but he moved back, shaking his head no. He grabbed himself and made a slippery circle around one of my nipples with the head of his cock, and I arched again. I loved feeling him there, on and between my tits. He moved to my other nipple, and he squeezed the head so his peeslit yawned and dripped wetness. My thigh muscles tightened. He was close to my secret spot…

He spit between my breasts and pressed them together, pinching his cock in between. For a few precious seconds he throbbed as strongly as my own heartbeat, then he started to titfuck me. I could feel every inch of him on me like he was rubbing himself between my cuntlips, and my gloved fingers dug into the firm flesh of his ass. He pinched my nipples as he did it, and my hips bucked against nothing when I came again.

He was as surprised as I was, and he let go of my breasts and moved between my legs. He sunk into my still-twitching cunt and fucked me with purpose. He knew I was on the edge of an orgasm now, and a few well-placed thrusts would have me pulsing and squirting around his cock. He bit the top of my breast and savored my moans, the control I’d given him. It was torture to have him naked on top of me, his body a silky expanse of flesh that I never tired of exploring and marking as my own, but not be able to touch him.

My hands were slippery with sweat inside the leather gloves he’d asked me to wear, but as he grinded into my clit with each thrust I saw the method in his madness – he was in my arms, inside me, yet still untouchable. He kissed me deeply, wrapping his arms around me so tight I could hardly breathe.  He pulled out, and I felt his ass muscles tighten and pulse as he came on my belly. I automatically went to touch it, but I had the gloves on. I must’ve pouted, because he smiled bashfully and tugged at his collar before he bowed his head to lick me clean.

After he was finished, I gently pushed him aside and stood up. Right before walking into the bathroom I looked at him, then back at the tight leather gloves, slippery with come and sweat. There was more to him that I’d originally imagined.

Clever pet.

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I undulate in your vision
A strange beauty
in a world of plastic, collagen and steel
The endearing oddball
the living, breathing Picasso that you want to figure out
but too afraid to venture into my penumbra
you cower at the gate, fingering the knob on the door to my most secret place
wishing you could find the courage to walk with me
love me, just as I am


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