It’s been too long. I’ve been very busy, but I realized I shouldn’t let life get in the way of doing what I love. And I love to write smut. I hope to begin posting more often from now on, getting back into the rhythm of things. Heh. -X

I tasted salt and bit down.

She screamed but her fingers dug deeper in my ass, guiding me. I couldn’t feel my body anymore; not in the conventional sense. All I felt was her. Her legs twitched on the crook of my elbows as I held her open and fucked. Her sweat itched on my skin. The moreish scent of her cunt made me dizzy.

She was both hard and soft underneath me. Her nipples were hard against mine and I could almost hear the sound of wet pebbles rubbing together. I pulled hair, licked the taut skin of her neck and resisted the urge to suck, to mark. The welt I’d bitten on her shoulder was already turning a fierce purple. I lifted my torso from hers and fucked deep and hard. Her face twisted in the familiar grimace of passion. She squeezed my tits, pulled my nipples until I hissed and bucked out of rhythm. She gave me a one-sided grin that made me curse and bite her lip. I spoke filthy nonsense into her open mouth and her moans made my soft palate vibrate. I was beyond aching. My desire was a living thing threatening to scratch its way out of my belly and dig in the firmness of hers. She would drive me mad, then laugh at my desperation.  My chest hurt from holding my breath, and I heard  a pop.

I took a deep breath and rolled off her and the bed. I walked out the bedroom and pulled off the strap on, threw it on the living room sofa as I walked into the kitchen. My legs were threatening to give. My skin hurt I was so hot. I ran the cold water in the sink, watched as it filled a big glass before pouring it over my head. My nipples couldn’t get any harder. A puddle grew underneath me, but I couldn’t find relief. I was considering ice when she stomped into the kitchen. The strap hung from her middle finger, a shiny rubber dick, buckles and leather.

“What the fuck are you doing?” She extended one of her legs like she did when she was really pissed and exposed the heaven between. She wasn’t moist or merely slippery, she was wet. Drops of sweat and pussyjuice chased each other past her knees.

I poured another glass of water over my head. “Go back to bed. Wait for me there.”

“Fuck that.” She was trembling. I gave her a long look. Her face was red, and there were friction burns forming on her hips from the strap. She walked up to me and nearly slid on the water. “How could you get up-”

I held my hand up. “Shhh. Be still.” Regardless of my calm, it trembled a bit.

“Hell no, sensei.” The strap bounced on the counter. I grabbed her wrists and twisted her arms behind her back. She was strong, but I was stronger. I gloried in that, loved the way she fit into the negative space of my limbs. My wet body slid over hers as I jammed one leg between hers and began to grind. Some of the fight drained out of her. “Why’d you just… leave?”

I licked the strap clean and stepped back into it. She waited for an answer.

“Turn around,” I said barely above a whisper. My temples throbbed.

She gave me a long look and leaned against the counter. I knelt behind her, spread her legs and licked the wetness from the insides of her thighs. I moved higher and higher but waited until I couldn’t resist to slide my tongue inside her. I tasted her impending orgasm, the saltiness so different from the silky slippery wetness. The insistent hardness of her clit made me hiccup and groan. I licked up the crack of her ass and moved up until my lips settled on the back of her neck. I bit softly as my hand spread her lips, harder when I found and flicked her clit. She arched and her eyes closed as her pussy swallowed the dick. I held her hips still, stretched her open as I licked her earlobe. My hair cascaded past the swell of her breast.

“Ride it.” I let go of her hips. I moved her hand between her legs, pressed her finger to her own clit. She looked back at me, lips parted, but my eyes moved to her ass. Her flesh quivered beautifully with every twist of her hips. I let out a whimper and withdrew.

“Shit, not again,” she said. I looked at the rickety table, then fell to my knees and laid on the floor. She straddled me and sank down into my hips without another word. She leaned forward, but I gently pushed her back. I wanted to see all of her. Her tits bounced with each snap of her hips. Thighs to hips, belly to breasts, I pinched, caressed and squeezed my way into near desperation again. She fucked so hard I began to slide on the tile. She made my hip bones ache  as she came on top of me, shaking us both. I smiled slowly at her, exposing all my teeth.

“You’re high,” she said, referring to my pre-orgasm haze. I was docile with lust. She unbuckled the strap and threw the rubber dick aside. It was virulently bright against the white kitchen tile, looking like a licked gummy worm. My giggle turned to a moan as she sucked my clit into her mouth. She was so eager her cheeks hollowed against my cunt.

“W-wait! The word came out a gasp. I wanted to enjoy the quiet before the storm, but she never let me. How could blame her for what she did to me? If anything, I was cruel for trying to pretend she didn’t have me so firmly in hand. I squeezed her head between my thighs as I filled her mouth. She didn’t panic, but sucked the sweetness out of me until my throat was hoarse with moaning. She moved up my body, sliding on our mingled sweat. She looked like she’d just stuck her face in a watermelon, goofy. My laugh came out a wheeze.

“Why’d you just get up earlier?” She knew that I wouldn’t be able to move, much less get up for a couple of minutes, so she settled on the floor and wrapped her legs around me. I nuzzled the top of her head as my heartbeat slowed, but remained silent. “Seriously, Mal. Why?” She slapped my hip.

I took her face in my hands. “I’ll be blunt. Being with you can sometimes be…overwhelming.”

“What do you mean?” Her mouth twisted and my heart sank. Try as I might, I still wasn’t so good with my words.

“I don’t mean our relationship. I meant fucking like this. It’s new.” I was only scratching at the surface of the truths I’d yet to share with her. But I would. She deserved it.

She chortled. “You’re hardly a virgin. Not with the way you…er…handle things.” She curled her hips into mine and shivered.

I gave her a crooked grin. “That’s not what I meant.” She wasn’t listening. Her hand was already between my legs, spreading them open again. I sounded far away to myself. “You’re different. I feel myself with you like I never have before, and I needed a little break – a pause before the top of my head blew off…” I held my breath for a laugh or a scoff, but three fingers stretched me open, curled and pressed into me in all the right places. My whisper turned into a long, loud moan.

“I feel you just fine,” she growled into my neck.

She did.

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I undulate in your vision
A strange beauty
in a world of plastic, collagen and steel
The endearing oddball
the living, breathing Picasso that you want to figure out
but too afraid to venture into my penumbra
you cower at the gate, fingering the knob on the door to my most secret place
wishing you could find the courage to walk with me
love me, just as I am


  1. My favorite sentence: “She unbuckled the strap and threw the rubber dick aside. It was virulently bright against the white kitchen tile, looking like a licked gummy worm.” What a virulently striking image.

    Not a wasted word and your writing/erotica is always so passionately introspective. Beautiful. Even in so brief a glimpse, their relationship feels full. There’s a sense of depth to it.

  2. vanillamom

    The *real-ness* of your writing always gets to me…like Will, i loved the sentence about the ‘licked gummy worm” …hell of an image…yet immediately we *knew* the picture you painted with a mere 26 letters at your disposal!!

    You’ve been missed (all of you have been missed here…fwiw)…but what a hell of a comeback!


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