Angel In A Centerfold

While watching the Oscars last weekend, my friends and I enjoyed looking at all the fashions, but in the midst of drinking martinis and acting as fashion judge and jury one of the more outspoken ladies asked a good question. Where are all the thick ladies at? I know that the pressure to be perfect in Hollywood keeps everyone thin, lovely, and sometimes miserable… but whether it’s a good thing or not, the thin and tan look isn’t the everyday reality for most. After that, another one wondered about the exact percentage of men in the entertainment business (and elsewhere) who are ‘chubby chasers’. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and some men like to behold a little more than what is generally accepted as the set standard of beauty. Exactly how many pretend to like what they don’t for the sake of the status quo?

It’s a pity, because liking a little meat on a woman’s bones shouldn’t be a crime punishable by banishment or humiliation…or should it?

♦          ♦          ♦          ♦          ♦

He was angry at her…furious even, for not wanting him.

How dare she reject me, when other women would maim to be in her place?

He looked at his reflection and made a face.

I don’t even know why — I’m no Adonis. What a strange form of slavery I’ve chosen, he thought, and he rolled his eyes. He turned and studied her as she bent over a pile of photographs. Her ample hourglass figure was almost pornographic in that position, and he felt his cock twitch in his jeans.

Fame ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Pretty’s great, but what of substance?

He sighed with frustration, and heard his PA’s slightly lispy voice echo in his head. It’s ironic how that talented photographer is far from perfect — she could stand to lose some weight, and her features are a bit too sharp to be photogenic.

He tried to pretend that he wasn’t incredibly attracted to her generous curves, and that he didn’t want to cradle her imperfectly gorgeous face in his hands, but failed miserably.

He wanted her. Badly.

She put one of her arms on the lighted desk and continued to look at the prints of the photos she’d taken of him through a magnifying glass. She acted seemingly oblivious of his intense scrutiny, but she was very aware of his conflicted gaze. If someone had asked her, she wouldn’t have been able to tell them what she’d been looking at with such perfectly feigned concentration for the last twenty minutes — her whole being was focused on his presence.

I should despise him, but I can’t — his puppy dog restlessness is becoming steadily more irresistible the longer I’m around him. He’s been with models and actresses, who am I to compare to them? If he only know that’s the real reason I rejected him…

She felt both insecure and powerful as he walked back and forth behind her, knowing that regardless what he told her, he was eating his heart out over her rejection. He suddenly walked up next to her and leaned forward, and his face was just inches from hers.

“Have you picked out what you want to use from what I’ve approved? I’ve got places to be,” he said, wincing internally at how dumb he sounded.

Did I just say that? he thought. I can be any place but where I really want to be.

He crossed his arms over his chest and paced behind her. She fidgeted but she didn’t look up from the magnifying glass.

“I told you that you didn’t need to stay here for this. You can go if you need to, and I’ll email you the mock-up when it’s ready,” she said, wincing internally at how chilly she’d sounded.

Why the fuck do I care so much? He thought, while looking at the naked expanse of skin between the bottom of her plain white t-shirt and her jeans. Her firm skin shone, and as she shifted weight from one  leg to another,  he smelled a faded flowery perfume that made his groin muscles tight.

“I’ll stay. I want to see how this is going to look like before I leave the country,” he said, and she shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly.

“You look bored and fidgety, so you’ll just get in my way,” she said, but she took a slow, quiet breath to take in the smell of his aftershave.

Jesus, he smells amazing, she thought, and saw a flash of flat belly as he used the bottom of his black t-shirt up to wipe some dry erase marker off the desk before leaning beside her. The skin of her ass began to tingle like it did whenever she was really aroused, and her tongue rubbed fruitlessly at the top of her closed mouth. She saw herself licking slow, firm circles on his belly that got steadily lower until she reached the root of his cock. His hands were in her hair, and when she looked up his lips were parted  and his eyes half-closed with desire. He was hard, and she was hungry…both sets of lips tingled with blood now.


After wiping off the table, he leaned in close beside her and pretended to look at some photos, but if anyone asked him, he wouldn’t have been able to say exactly what he was looking at — every iota of his being was focused on her presence. He just smelled the lavender in her hair, the hint of magnolia in her perfume and admired the small beauty mark at the top of her left cheekbone and at the small of her back, half covered by the waist band of her jeans. He ran his tongue fruitlessly on the roof of his mouth. He saw himself licking slow, firm circles around that little mole at the small of her back until he got to the top of her ass. Her hands were in his hair, and when he looked up her full, red lips were parted and her eyes were half closed with desire. She was wet, and he was thirsty…his cock was so hard it pointed toward his bellybutton.


She was so focused on his presence beside her that she noticed a subtle change in his breathing.

It couldn’t possibly be that, could it?

She pushed the magnifying glass towards his face, and he looked at her. Regardless of his closeness to the bright white of the lighted table, his pale pupils were dilated. She looked down quickly and picked out a random photo, hoping he didn’t notice her hand was shaking.

“What do you think about these? she said, and he blinked and then looked down. She grabbed another magnifying glass to look along with him, but he looked up before she could use it.

Fuck it — I can’t wait a minute longer.

I don’t really like my jaw in this one,” he said. She bowed her head to give it a closer look. He leaned into her and put his hand on the small of her back. She arched and exhaled very softly, but she didn’t look up from the photograph.

His touch burned and her nipples poked obscenely through the thin, nearly transparent fabric of her bra. Every alarm was going off in her head but instead of pushing him away, she remained perfectly still.

Maybe it was just an impatient touch.

Their faces were so close that he could feel the warmth emanating from her cheek, and his lips tingled because he knew that her mouth was just inches from his. His balls tightened in his jeans, and he was wet with precum. Before he could lose his nerve, he rubbed his lips against her cheek.

She felt a prickle on her cheek and momentarily thought that he’d accidentally shocked her…but then she realized he’d rubbed his bristly chin on her face. His warm, smooth lips kissing her skin, then he licked at her beauty mark. He tried to kiss her lips, but she refused to turn toward him.

If I kiss him, then he’ll know for sure what I feel and he’ll have me by the heartstrings.

He kissed the side of her face and licked lightly at the trembling corner of her mouth. She wanted to taste him so badly she was shaking, but her pride wouldn’t allow her to give in.

As if he even cares to kiss me — I’m just another exotic pussy to him, she thought, but her mouth fell open as his fingers slid underneath her jeans and down the crack of her ass. He tugged at the buttons of her jeans and then found the soaking wet cleft of her cunt. He moaned so hard into her cheek it vibrated, but she was so aroused she was mute. He pressed a finger into her winking asshole, and then slid two from his other hand into her pussy and started to tease her clit.

“Look at me, please — look at my face,” he begged her as he fingered her, but she couldn’t do it.

He won’t make me into another anonymous notch on his bedpost, she thought, but she arched her back as he slid another finger into her pussy. Maybe I’ll be the one selfishly taking my pleasure this time around.

His cock ached as he fingered her, and he didn’t understand why she wouldn’t look at him. He kissed the side of her face and tried to lick her mouth open again, but she turned away slightly. He observed her as she nearly squinted at the photographs of him that were strewn underneath her, and it stung him in a way that he’d never felt before.

She can look at my photo, but not my face?

Her eyes focused on her a photograph of him lying on a sofa barefoot with his legs open suggestively, and he felt her pussy grip him. His eyes burned a touch of humiliation.

“Look at me. I’m right here,” he whispered hoarsely as he finger fucked her in both holes, but even though her eyes watered with emotion and she moved her hips to the rhythm of his thrusts, she wouldn’t turn her head. He looked at her breasts straining against the lighted table and groaned as he imagined his face in between them as she rode him, her face glossy with sweat. He shivered with pleasure, and realized that he was slowly humping her hip as he fingered her.

I’m going to come in my jeans while fingering her like a teenager, and still she won’t give in.

Almost as if she could read his mind, she reached toward his fly with one hand, undid it deftly, and pulled his precum-slick cock out of his boxers. They groaned in unison as she stroked and squeezed the base of his cock and caressed his balls. His fingers lost strength and slid out of her pussy as her strokes gained a rhythm, so he put his mouth near her ear so she could hear his pleasure.

“If you won’t kiss me, then at least look at what you do to me,” he breathed in her ear in between sighs. She looked down at a beautifully done photograph of him and her vision blurred.

He’s right here, breathing so sweetly in my ear and hard underneath my touch but is he hard for me and not only for what I can give him?

Her insecurity made her let go of his cock.

“Nooo,” he whispered gently, but he pulled down her jeans past her hips and started to rub slow circles over her clit again.

Her smell and the sweet taste of her skin are enough to make me crazy, he thought as he touched her, and then he brought the hand that had been between her legs to his mouth and shamelessly sucked on his fingers.

She finally turned to look at him incredulously, and her mouth fell open again as she saw his tongue lick eagerly between his fingers. He wrapped his lovely lips around his three fingers and sucked one last time with his eyes closed, and he imagined parting the plump lips of her cunt with his tongue and tasting her as she filled his mouth with her juices like he knew in his heart she would. He felt the hot press of her thighs on his cheeks and smelled her musk mingled with her perfume and his cock pulsed once, releasing a warning spurt of semen.

He heard a sharp sigh, and opened his eyes.

Her eyes were focused on the pale puddle of come covering one of the photographs, and her face was rosy with a strange mix of indignation and lust. She pulled the photograph near her face and made as if to wipe it off but he took it, crumpled it in his hands, and threw it over his shoulder angrily.

I’m right here,” he growled, and grabbed her by the hair on the nape of her neck and kissed her forcefully. They stood in front of the lighted table pressed together so tightly that light didn’t pass between her body and his, and her hands were clenched fists at his back, balling up his worn t-shirt.

She stopped kissing him, and he gave her hair a warning tug that only made her smile. She shook her head and let go of his shirt and moved one of her hands down to his ass, and the other one grabbed his cock and slid it between her tightly clenched, slippery thighs. As he throbbed on her slit, she reached up and took off her t-shirt and bra in one smooth motion, and her heavy breasts settled near his face. With a grunt, he thrusted into the hot, wet space right underneath her cunt and licked her exposed breasts. Her hips and breasts were full, but he could still wrap his hands around her narrow waist… it was fascinating to him how he’d never felt such desperate lust before. He wanted more sets of hands so he could squeeze her ass and her tits and her thighs all at the same time. She tweaked a canine with her tongue then licked saliva from the corner of her mouth. As he greedily squeezed her ass and looked into her eyes, he realized that she was concentrating on his face, her gaze intent on taking in every manifestation of pleasure in his expression.

Scrutiny has never felt so good.

His lip curled into a silent growl and he sunk his sweaty face into her breasts, licking and sucking artlessly as he rubbed himself against her. He didn’t even feel the pain as his cock rubbed at the rounded plastic edge of the table with every thrust.

She stood up on tip toes and rubbed his cock against her clit, watching him with an irresistible mix of wonder and desire. He moved his hands to her ass and grabbed her, sinking his shaking fingers into her flesh and separating the lobes so he could get a better view of her cunt. She was so wet her naked lips were creamy, and he saw her firm belly tremble as he thrust the head of his cock between in her lips and tried to sink into her pussy. She pushed his cock down, grabbed his balls, and gave them a knowing tug. Her expression was pure sex, and as her hand moved up his shaft and squeezed the head of his cock his orgasm rocked him on his feet.

With a long groan, he spurted rope after rope of come onto the table. She gasped with pleasure, but without a sound he lifted her onto the table and tugged off her jeans. He spread her legs wide and pressed his still pulsing cock on her opening and managed to make her belly slick with come…

“You’re not who I thought you were,” she said as her head fell back onto the desk. He smiled tenderly as he reached up and caressed her blushed cheek, and then his face moved toward her cunt, tongue-first.

A couple of prints flew off the table and fluttered gently down to the floor, the faces already blurry and indistinguishable with come and sweat.

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I undulate in your vision
A strange beauty
in a world of plastic, collagen and steel
The endearing oddball
the living, breathing Picasso that you want to figure out
but too afraid to venture into my penumbra
you cower at the gate, fingering the knob on the door to my most secret place
wishing you could find the courage to walk with me
love me, just as I am


  1. Squeaky

    Oh, X! That was hot as hot could be! I read it on my phone at my desk at work… I only meant to glance, and save it for later…but i couldn’t put it down! Christ… I hope my boss hasn’t noticed the short breath and…fidgeting… XD

    • ximenawrites

      Thanks, Mehry.

      I was tempted to go on a literary tangent after writing that line (since it’s my favorite in all of the story), but it might’ve ruined the ‘thrust’ of the story.

  2. nilla

    ok, X, the sex was hot, steamy, molten, even…but this was so much more than that…deep, heartwrenching, the pulse of insecurity (even the beautiful one)….so fucking beautiful.

    i loved this. likely my favorite story you’ve crafted so far….simply divine…or perhaps i should say…..gorgeous?!


    • ximenawrites

      Wow, thank you so much for your compliment : )

      I was a bit hesitant to share this story, since it didn’t really contain a lot of actual sex… I concentrated more on the thoughts of the two of them as they began to get to know each other. I’m glad that you appreciated the direction I chose to take.

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