I had to write my response to Will’s last beautiful little story…


An Erotic Quickie by Ximena

She looked up at me with unfathomable eyes. I blinked twice because I saw her movements in slow motion – her, flipping her long hair, then twisting it into a one-handed braid. It shone black on her pale neck.

“You look drunk,” she said. Her voice had dropped to a register my cock recognized well.

“Wha-huh?” It was all I could muster at this level of arousal.

She sat up and spread my legs. I thought she would kiss me, although saliva still glistened on her lips. I wouldn’t have cared, but she stopped and looked at me again. She was so present it gave me goose bumps.

She scratched at the scruff on my face and sighed as it crackled.

“Time to shave.” She rubbed my nipple over my shirt.

“I thought you…liked it.”

She burned her lips into my neck before speaking. “It’s starting to sting when I wipe.”

Beard burn on her pussy. How ironic. My dick throbbed on her belly. She stroked softly up and down my shaft as we kissed. Her fingers barely touched me, but my moans were still desperate in her mouth.

What was it about her? It was as if something heavy and invisible sat crouched on my belly, making it hard to breathe.

She tried to unbutton my shirt with one hand, became impatient, and tore the button off. She giggled, then tore the rest off. Her hand tightened on my shaft. She rubbed her lips roughly against mine, then bit my tongue. I traced the valley of her spine and squeezed her ass. My fingers slid on her sweat. I didn’t care about her beard burn anymore.

I tried to lift her into my lap, but she pushed me away.

“I don’t want to fuck.” I pouted and looked at my dick, then up at her. “Stop it,” she said. “I just want to look at you.”

“You can look at me while you’re riding me.”

She smiled and settled on her haunches between my legs. My dick cast a shadow on her face. She traced from peeslit to balls. My skin shone it was stretched so tight.

“Fascinate: to hold an intense interest or attraction for; to render motionless…” She spoke in her classroom voice.

I gave her a strange look, but she was focused on my cock. She took the head in her mouth and swirled her tongue slowly, once, then stopped. She caressed the insides of my thighs and swayed to her own internal rhythm. It reminded me of images I’d seen of people in prayer. She dripped almond oil on me until it dripped off my balls. My cock curved upward, and my balls tightened underneath her intense gaze. She cupped them in her hand, then tugged until I touched her lips again.

“Fascinate: derived from the Latin fascinare, which means ‘to bewitch or enchant’…”

I didn’t know what she was getting at. I wanted her to talk less and suck more. She took me between her two palms and rolled up my shaft. It looked silly – she was rolling my cock like dough – but pleasure still make me growl. She grasped the base and cupped her other palm on the head of my cock and swirled it once as her fist moved up my shaft. Then, her other hand grasped the base while the other hand swirled. My toes gripped the floor, and I made a strangled sound. Her breathing was slow and deep as she worked on me, her movements fluid. She was…enthralled. Pleasure shot from the pit of my belly to my brain.

“A fascinator was another word for sorcerer, you know…” she said as she stroked me. Sweat make my scalp itch. Her eyelids were low to cover her eyes’ lewd shine, but I still felt their heat on my cock, urging. I lay back but I couldn’t relax my muscles. The slow, red pulses in the pit of my belly quickened with a flick of her wrists, but the warning drip of semen dripped down my shaft untouched as she watched. I groaned in frustration. Her smile made me pulse and drip again.

“Fascinate: derived from Fascinus, a Roman deity with the power to repel the evil eye. He represented life, rebirth. His chief symbol was a large, erect-”

“What are you going on about?” I’d lost my patience. She was crouched so low she was looking up at my cock, and so close I knew she could smell my come. Her slippery hands tugged on my balls again, coaxing them away from my body. She gripped the base of my cock firmly and pinched the skin of my frenulum. I shivered, thinking she would continue the swirl and stroke but her hands didn’t move. Her warm breath caressed me as she rhythmically pinched my cockskin right underneath the head. She moved up and her breasts were firm and warm against my thighs. Her specialized stroke was a single pinpoint of intense pleasure that began to spread up and down, head to balls to brain again. The tide was coming in. Her lips parted in anticipation and she panted on my sensitized skin. The rough rose of her tongue matched her cheeks and I exploded so powerfully I heard the pop! in my head.

I spurted on her chin and lips. She stroked and pressed her tits against my twitching cock and cooed as I painted her chest with come.

I was docile with endorphins. She’d drained me. She licked as much of herself clean as she could and finally climbed into my lap. She smelled like me.

“What was all that talk earlier?” I said.

She sighed into my neck and curled her hair on her oily finger. “Something I learned while researching a lesson recently.”

“Oh really?”



She groaned.

Interesting fact: The silver phalluses above are all cast from the 2008 Iceland National Handball Team for the Iceland Phallological Museum. The museum in Reykjavík, Iceland houses the world’s biggest collection of penises and penile parts.

Latest Comments

  1. paul1510 says:

    fascinating story, thank you.
    I love this sentence.
    “Her eyelids were low to cover her eyes’ lewd shine, but I still felt their heat on my cock, urging.”
    Very descriptive and effective.

  2. willcrimson says:

    I remember days like those; before the novelty wore off. :-) But I can see the little thread that ties these two stories together.

    “The tide was coming in.”

    • ximenawrites says:

      The line came very naturally. For a second, I wondered whether a masculine brain would find it feminine. Maybe so, but I love it.

      As for the ‘novelty’…pleasure doesn’t get old.

    • willcrimson says:

      //As for the ‘novelty’…pleasure doesn’t get old.//

      Couldn’t agree more, but I don’t think everyone is mis-wired the way we are. :-)

  3. vanillamom says:

    oh..so intensely erotic…and…fwiw? a fascinator is also a wee little hat (like in the opening scenes of Oklahoma) that ladies wore to dances.



  4. Wordwytch says:

    A lovely variation of the Tantric Lingam massage. :) Delightful story too. :)

  5. singlemamatalesitall says:

    “…….heat on my cock, urging” Ximena said what I was gonna say… loved that line, I could picture it vividly in my head. I’m new to this site and so far I keep coming back.

  6. singlemamatalesitall says:

    Ximena, said it before I could. That line was vivid and engaging. I’m new to this site, just subcribed and will visit more often.

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