12% of a Plan: Site News April 2021

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden Master Plan

After a few fits and starts I have a something of a plan (cue Gamora for the Guardians of the Galaxy fans out there). Tomorrow the third and last of the long removed short pieces will be restored, and then on Sunday (4/18/21) I’ll post my first new piece (to this blog) in a couple years. After that, a new Obsidian Lens story next Wednesday, and another new story next Sunday. After that… we’ll see. I have more waiting in the wings. Most of it is Monocle rather than Raziel, and a lot of that would likely go into the Obsidian Lens. Some of it has seen light of day in earlier/experimental forms as unattributed guest pieces or other pseudonyms elsewhere like Marie Rebelle’s Smut Marathon. I’m also working on getting permission to post a few pieces from one of my hosts of the last few years, who has a Monocle-like approach, but a different set of itches to scratch, kink-wise. That’s still iffy, though.

I’ve done extensive cleaning up of my author pages and back-end organization. The Monocle page should now be current, with links fixed (including all the broken repost links from years ago), and new stories appearing in the right places.

Regarding the Obsidian Lens stories (it’s funny how I’ve begun to consider that title pretentious. The things a decade does…), they remain password protected, but if you are interested in them, and check out the page, I’ve temporarily made it less onerous to access them.

So, while a plan’s collision with reality is often bloody, let’s see how this goes.

Monocle | Raziel

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