This flash was originally published over 11 years ago, and was taken off line for inclusion in an  anthology. It’s now restored.

I’m ticklish below my bellybutton. The only place I am, really. She knows this. She’s using it against me. With her tongue she’s teasing that line of hair that leads down, slowly tracking, leaving my clenched stomach muscles wet. It actually makes me squirm. Me! And she likes that. I can see the quirk in her lip, the arch of her eyebrow as she crouches over me. She likes doing that to me. Turn about is fair play. I see the thought in her eyes.

She knows what she’s doing to me, not just from the jerking of my abdomen under her touch. My cock prods the space between her breasts, achingly hard. Another tease, surrounded by heat and softness.  Teeth gritted, I think about grabbing her by the hair, tight, and lifting her from me to force her wicked mouth down on my shaft. But that would be admitting a limit to control; that there was something I couldn’t take. Something from her.

So I concentrate on relaxing, will myself to feel her touch as a caress, as the smooth and sensual thing it is. I work to let the defenses rest and let her in.  I’ve managed it before. I recall the tentative hands of exploration from long ago, a different life. She was sweet, and we’d melted together, once. I seek that peace, that trust, once again, ignoring what came after in a different life.

And I find it. Spreading from her darting tongue, a warmth, a thawing of the body. I feel myself relaxing, unclenching under her, settling and exhaling. I’m incredibly aroused, but at peace.

She knows this. She’s waiting for me, patiently, biding. Because when I do sigh, and sink into the feeling, she moves her head lower, mouth finding and engulfing my cock hotly, wetly, completely. It catches me off guard, instantly overwhelming. I jerk, body controls short-circuited. Limits shattered, I come, suddenly, violently.

I see her through my dismay, trickster, smiling around me as I gush down her throat. My sounds startle even me. For this eternal minute, I am utterly helpless to her. She tames, consumes the monster in me. For the moment. And, for the moment, I don’t care. As I empty into her, all armor, all tension gone, I’m glad for it, lost to it.

I close my eyes, twitching in her mouth, wallowing and empty for a few ragged breaths. Then I open them and look down. She’s had her fun with me. My spines flex and awaken inside me. I want the same and more back. She knows this. The gleam in her eye reflects mine. This was her plan, I know now, all along. I take her head in my hands, and pull her, sucking obscenely, off me. Cunning, fiendish, she smiles triumphant as I shudder and pull her up to crush my lips against hers, tasting myself. I’ll show her the full measure of her success. Right now.

You bait me, knowing.
And I oblige.
Monster I am,
but yours.
Oh, so yours.

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I am the little devil on your shoulder, stroking your neck with my tail, whispering obscenities into your ear, and looking down your blouse. One third of The Erotic Writer blog.


  1. nilla

    Finally i got to finish this! OH, wonderful (sounds of nilla, clapping!)

    I so enjoyed the interplay. He, knowing, but caught anyway, to become hunter once again…wonderful weaving!


    ps…i did write another tentacle story (*damn* You!!)…it will be on my blog on Monday 2/15.

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