The Obsidian Lens

For access to Obsidian Lens password-protected stories, scroll down to Update, April 2021. For the reasons the Obsidian Lens exists, read on.

I’ve been doing some thinking. About writing. About our and my readers, and about the upcoming 2 year anniversary of this blog. We went live on Nov 12, 2009.

From the Own Your Dark Side poll, the results as  of this writing are for a sample of 50 readers. 58% percent of respondents have frequent fantasies involving non-con. And for over 1/3, that’s the dominant sexual fantasy type. That doesn’t surprise me very much, considering what we write, though my real non-con has been off site for about a year and a half. I’m thinking of changing that, at least part way.

The reason my non-con isn’t public anymore is due to a promise I made. I moved it all to a private blog accessible only by invitation, so that the audience would be limited and controllable. I intend to continue to keep my promise, while at the same time being a little more flexible and complete with who I am as a writer. What that means is I plan to reinstate the stories I’ve removed from this blog but keep them behind a password access. And here’s the catch. I’ll give you the password if you want it – but only if I know you. How do I know you? I know you if I interact with you. If you’ve written a comment or shared thoughts on any of my stories with more than ‘I liked it’, you’re in if you wish. If we converse on the interwebs (this counts twitterfolk), you’re in if you wish.

If that price of admission is too high; if you feel it’s capricious or arbitrary, I understand. But them’s the rules, for now at least. I’m going to start reinstating the stories in the next couple days and putting links back up to them on a new dedicated page. If you want in, post a request in the comments below, with ‘ObsidianLens’ (all one word) in the text. It’ll be held for moderation, and, if you fit the criteria and you include a way to contact you (preferably an e-mail) I’ll send you the access password. If you haven’t commented, and want access to these stories, well, why don’t you find something of mine you liked – or didn’t like – and say so now. It’s never, ever too late to comment on a posted story. Tell me what you think. And, yeah, a note saying just something like ‘send me the password’, or ‘Me me me!’ ain’t gonna do it either. If you think that makes me an arrogant, elitist prick, then you’re probably right.

Another reason I’m doing this is that some of the things I know I want to write would fall into this category too. Non-consent, and other  stories of the darker variety are on my to-write list.  That hasn’t been the case for a long time, but now that it is, I’d kind of like a place where it can be seen, even if by a small set of readers. Not that I can promise anything specific at any specific time. But, I want the avenue open for the if and when.

Now, if nobody is interested in this, that’s also fine. This post will just drift down and settle into obscurity, but at least I’ll have put things more the way I wanted to, and it’ll make my oeuvre in the blog a little bit more whole; something I think appropriate to start a third year.

If you have thoughts about this you’d like to share, you’re invited to. If you don’t put ‘ObsidianLens’ in the comment, it’ll post normally.

Note: Any comments with ‘ObsidianLens’ will remain private and not be published in the comment section.


Redbud’s Addendum

For reason’s of my own, I’ve also been reluctant to post stories with these themes. The Obsidian Lens gives me the opportunity. I’ll be moving some stories already written, and I’ll be writing new stories to be included in Obsidian Lens.  The same password will work for my stories as well.

Update, April 2021

So much time has passed since this post was originally written. It’s a cliche to say “so much has changed, but so  much remains the same.” But it’s true. We still value feedback and encourage comments and interaction, though the medium and its pace have changed. For the time being, the password to the Obsidian Lens collection of stories will  be posted here. If you’ve read this far, you understand why things are where they are:


Will’s protected stories have  a different pass, and he is the source for that.


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I am the little devil on your shoulder, stroking your neck with my tail, whispering obscenities into your ear, and looking down your blouse. One third of The Erotic Writer blog.


  1. Liras

    Ohhh whee! It is about to get filthy sweet, naughty bad and freak nasty! Alllll riiighht! ( double high 5!)

    All giggles and wiggles aside, many hearty good wishes and cheers on your project and letting your wings spread. I do like to see growth, be it up to the skies or way down, into the fiery depths of hell.

  2. vanillamom

    Well, “me me me me me” doesn’t fall in to the perview of “non consent” does it?


    That said, yeah. me me me.

    (i can’t help it, i’m just naughty like that!!)

    you know where to find me…

    • vanillamom


      My Master says “consider well before charging forward”…

      i won’t get my first “taste” until early next week. Tomorrow, work, no computer, and a phone date with the Man when i head to bed…Sunday…the very vanilla task of raking leaves, i’m afraid. (and then, churchwork, followed immediately by a face-to-face necking visit with M…isn’t that naughty??)

      Thanks for sharing your darkness with me. i will venture forth carefully…


  3. Squeaky

    Hi, chaps.
    First, congratulations on your wonderful two years! This is one of my favourite sites, and I’m thrilled to see you look like continuing and evolving.
    I know I comment more on Will’s writings than Raz’s. There are reasons for this that are, frankly, dull and a little pathetic, so I shan’t bore you. But i (think I ) have commented on both, and the ObsidianLens intrigues me. If you think it OK, I’d like to keep reading. Everything.

    • Monocle

      Hey there Squeaks. I know we’ve both appreciated your comments for a long time. Welcome in. (I deleted your mail addy from your comment, just to let you know)

  4. Peter

    My Dark Side of the Obsidian Lens. Well, about 55 years ago, I read a passage in Kipling’s Stalky & Co.where they trussed Beetle up for “cockfighting” to entice the two bullies next door into joining the fight. My copy of the book, the 1929 edition, shows Beetle’s hands tied in front of his shins, and a cricket stump above his wrists and behind his knees.

    My fantasy was to be tied in the same way, but naked, and challenged to penetrate, or be penetrated by a female tied in the sme way, by means of the cricket stumps. That fantasy is with me still.

    I still have the book and can send you the illustration, if you want it. Oh, Stalky & Co? 1899.

    On a contemporary note, the book’s final chapter has Stalky’s contemporaries regaling themselves with Stalky’s exploits in Afghanistan!

    Sorry I did not comment immediately, but I was distracted by the prospect of a very unpleasant hospital visit today.


  5. Anonymous

    Writing is painting word pictures and you paint sexual word pictures that we can see and hear and smell and watch stuff drip out of and feel the hunger, fear, apprehension, pain and raw oozing need. Very few times in our lives do we ever experience such things but in those moments you are gloriously alive with the sexual volume knob turned all the way up! You write erotica like Michaelangelo painted! Keep it up

  6. Mel

    Hi Monocle. I’ve been a lurker here for a long time. I’ve left a couple of comments, and I’d really like to keep reading? Thanks for writing, everything.

  7. Monocle – Just arrived a week or so ago to find the door has been closed so to speak to a section of the library. Undoubtedbly as a writer you can understand the frustration as you hear or see part of an intriguing scene only to have the elevator ascends to the next floor. Naturally, I’d like the password to roam the corridors at will, but I best leave matters to those who man the front desk.

    • Monocle

      Hi Matlock. This section of the library’s actually been totally closed for most of two years, and I’ve re-opened it with fairly easy entry requirements.

  8. The Waiting Patient


    I’m practically a lurker here (mostly on Redbud’s stories, but I do love some Monocle heat some times!) and would love a pass behind the door. I’ll try to leave more comments for you in exchange, and I don’t promise that lightly. I know the sort of punishments that you write about! ;-)

  9. Peter

    Dear Monocle, Redbud and Ximena,
    Oh dear, I’m guity. Guilty of not better communicating my appreciation. From the first Nightmare, I have been an assiduous collector of all three of you. I’m so unhappy about the lock-out.

    Please, please, please, let me in through the Obsidian Lens.


  10. Monocle

    Hey Peter and Paul, take a quick look through the body of the post above for the entry requirements to Obsidian Lens. I promise they’re not too onerous. -M

  11. lunadear

    I have to admit more of a lurker and a reader than a commentor. But I get very disappointed when my daily email is password protected. *ugh*

    I’ll try to comment more and more and look forward to peeking behind your password protected door.

    You have prompted me to start writing again as well, thank you.

  12. Shaf

    You write some extraordinary stuff. Prose you can see, taste, touch, smell and hear of sweaty people out on the ragged edge of sexuality dancing gloriously on the edge of the cliff. Those moments of our lives where we experienced that feeling are indelibly etched in our memories forever. We relive that feeling in what you write. Great job!

  13. ObsidianLens

    Most like it dark, as in noncon huh? Well Monocle, I’ve been a fan of your stories ever since you were writing on the old Gotfanart Site, and I must say that your erotic horror is top notch! Unfortunately given the nature of many of those couplings, like in “Perimeter Violation” or “Spell Failure” they are mostly if not all noncon stories.

    Well, as far as erotic horror goes, I tend to like it when it ends in pregnancy, especially when the pregnancy runs its course and the woman gives birth to her unnatural offspring.
    My two favorites in that regard are Perimeter Violation and Spell Failure. But I must say that there are at least two of your consensual stories that I think can go toe to toe with the two aforementioned non con stories.

    “Spooning”- Sure, the female initiates it while the male is asleep, but I think it was definitely consensual, not to mention erotic as hell! One thing that connects both the noncon and consensual stories that you write is the imaginative scenarios you come up with. Another thing is the level of detail you put into it.

    “In The Dark”-I read this way back at your Monocular Vision site. If memory serves, it was technically consensual because Sandra’s lover gave her a chance to say go away on many occasions. I compare and contrasted this story to the non con stories “Exhaling” and “The Garden”. Its just as sexually driven and explicit, but the female party is given the option of how far the love play should go, unlike in “The Garden” and even more so in Exhaling.”

    Any who, the fact that I liked “Spooning” and “In The Dark” as much as “Perimeter Violation” and “Spell Failure” even though there is no pregnancy or birthing in them should tell you where your consensual stands when compared to the ultimate of the nonconsenual that you write.

    I just bought your “Through a Haunted Lens” a couple months back and loved it, even though I think it was missing “Ghosting”. That was a good story and though unfinished I could not help picturing that the ghosts were going to use the woman to try to be reborn. But that’s just me. I was exposed to and corrupted by movies like Demon Seed and Rosemarry’s Baby at a young age, so the birth of something unnatural is the ultimate climax to an unnatural coupling between monster and woman IMHO. Thank you for your time.

    • AndyCirrus

      Oh Thanks ObsidianLens.. I remembered ‘Demon Seed’ ..loved it! But the name of the film had been irretrievably lost from my memory. now I can look it up to watch again!
      I’ve been ‘lurking’ for a while, reading up from the beginning on the ‘main’ thread, after seeing your writings recommended by Remittance Girl ( I’ve left a couple of comments, but as they are to VERY old stories, I fear you may not see them (?). I’ve noticed the ‘protected’ stories and wondered about them figuring they may be ‘private’ stories.. ones that were personal or written with or about a particular person, as I have heard some writers do. now it makes sense, reading this. There’s so much that makes me love the way you two (three?) write; the detail, the original angles and ideas, the genuine feelings portrayed and evoked. I’d love to see how this translates into the non-con. I hope you may consider allowing me to find out… you have my contact details, I shall leave it to your discretion.

    • Monocle

      Thanks very much! Send along your mail contact to TheEroticWriterBlog ( at) gmail (dot) com and I think we can hook you up.

  14. Sunday Tease (and I liked the opening so much I bought the book). Because the woman is no-one and anyone, or my wife in an ideal, best-possible world. And because, for me, married sex should be the most passsionate, violent, dangerously fulfilling and sacred possible. And I’d love to read some of the ObsidianLens stories.

    • Monocle

      Thanks, David! I appreciate your comment, and I hope you found the rest of the book as enjoyable as Sunday Tease. An e-mail is coming your way.

  15. Anonymous

    Considering the Internet is an open and if needed; blind forum, restricting the readership of your stories to “your chosen few” is reader segregation. To suddenly make the decision to censure your own work because it might be too severe is non-sensical. Readers don’t come to you looking for stories about puppies and butterflies. By this action, you’re telling anyone that comes here, “you can read my work, but only those that I know and like can have what was available to everyone not so long ago”. I can see you’ve put alot of thought and effort into this and I very much doubt that you will forgo your little club anytime soon. So I’ll leave you (and this web site for good) with a comparison. You complain that Paypal is restricting your writing from reaching readers because of new censorship rules. You have done the exact same thing.

    • Monocle

      You have a valid point, and if my situation were as you describe, then it would be a compelling one. It is not, however. I removed my OL stories from free public view by the request of the only person in my life with the power to make that request. I did it to honor and respect that person’s desire, even if it wasn’t something I particularly wanted to do. Does that make me hypocritical? I can only put it to you, the reader, to decide. The stories are still available, and the ‘fee’ for accessing them is extremely modest (and, I note, utterly non-monetary). If you actually read the requirement, becoming one of the ‘chosen few’ is about as easy as writing a critical comment on a blog post. In fact it is exactly that easy. Please note also that nowhere does it say I have to like you personally to let you in – that’s you reading something into my post that’s simply not there.

    • Well, I’ll tell you what: when you stop posting comments as Anonymous and give me the login and password to your email account, I’ll agree with you that the internet is ‘open’.

      In the meantime, it’s HIS writing and he can do what the fuck he likes with it.

      And NO it is nothing like paypal. Paypal doesn’t write books or sell them. It’s an online transaction processor.

      And you, my friend, have the critical thinking skills of a newt.

    • fairerhiannon

      Do you not read for content? He restricts access to honor a promise that he made.

      And he does not ask that much to gain access to those stories: comment on stories to “introduce” yourself, then ask for the password.

      Seriously, nothing like the PayPal bs.

    • Hi Anon, the analogy doesn’t quite work. Here’s why: Monocle isn’t refusing to give you access to these stories. Paypal, on the other hand, is. But let’s say Paypal changed its mind (again). Even so, Paypal (as with any similar service on the internet) would still require that you provide identifying information — like a credit card number. What Monocle is doing is analogous to that. He’s not asking for identifying information, only that you participate and have a relationship with him and us if you want to read these other stories. Also, Monocle isn’t censuring his work (or censoring it for that matter). It’s still available.

      RM: //And you, my friend, have the critical thinking skills of a newt.//

      My newt is not talking to me now. Thanks a lot, RM. She’s taken down your avatar from her tiny little room. She’s distraught. That’s all I can say. She worshiped you. I hope you’re happy now.

    • vanillamom

      @ Will…laughing…seriously feel like shit today, and this one wee comment regarding your ‘newt’ made me giggle out loud…

  16. paul1510

    Anonymice are a pain, but are they worth all this hassle and indignation?
    I love RG’s comment, but don’t you think she is insulting the little newt!
    I agree that it is impossible to justify Pay-Pal’s BS, I believe that RG and you three have covered that ground more than adequately.
    You have many loyal and intelligent readers.
    In this case one bad apple does not spoil the lot.

    • vanillamom

      I totally agree with paul here…anonytroll is getting tons of jollies out of this, I’m sure. If s/he is truly a reader (with the skills of a newt? gosh i kinda like newts…) then s/he knows how to get linked to the naughty dirty FREE stories, as Mon was very up front on how to get the password. Mon’s is not the only password protected blog. I myself have one. If all anonytroll can do is have a hissy fit about “censorship” rather than leaving a decent comment, then tis their loss. . .


  17. I think newt was a polite way of saying something else.

    It’s not rocket science to figure out a polite email or a comment or six somewhere here will gain access to the wonders of those painted word pictures as someone so eloquently scrawled.

    As we say in this household when someone is being silly … “Dear Anon. Don’t be a dick.”

    I too have censored posts where I write. It’s no biggie, ask and ye shall receive, yes it’s really that simple and in this case it’s pretty much the same. . Normally there are valid reasons as to why a writer may have a need to create an extra level to access work … ask first and don’t judge.

  18. April

    I am a recent fan of the authors here. I started with Will’s Tentacle stories and began exploring deeper. In the past week or so I have come to appreciate the work of all three authors.
    I would very much like access to the locked posts. According to the rules however I need to interact more. I fine with that, except I feel a little odd commenting on stories/posts written a year or more past. Some that I have read and wanted to comment on have not had a comment posted for many months. So, shall I continue to comment on whatever I read, old or new?

  19. If the work I have been reading lately is any indicator, I could only hope to get to get on the VIP list for the shudderingly intense new series or works. Where can I comment and get to know you?

    • Monocle

      Hi K,
      I’m glad you’re liking what you’re finding here.
      As for Obsidian Lens, just find one or more of my stories on the site and let me know what you think, good or bad. The more the merrier, we sincerely appreciate -all- comments from readers, but one is all you need.

  20. Monocle,
    I stumbled on to your website years ago, and loved a lot of what you wrote. I have recently re-discovered your stories and the new website. I like how there are now more writers participating and it looks like you have added quite a lot more juicy stories to the list. Thanks for sharing these incredible works of story-telling.

  21. Kate Catastrophe

    Sadly, I can’t currently leave a comment on Lifetube, which is simply heartbreaking since it’s one of my favorite erotic stories of all time. I’ve pleasured myself many times dreaming of being the (un)lucky woman in those straps. I don’t suppose expressing the joy that story brought me here would be comment enough to access your darker delights, which have long been my favorites among your work?

  22. Scrappycruiser

    Nightmares and Visions have been a favorite for years. The link to Republica Press goes to a Go Daddy page. Are they out of business? How could I access more Nightmares & Visions?

    Thanks, and love your work.

    • Monocle

      Hey, Thanks! It’s true Republica went off line a couple years ago. If you look to one of the columns on the right -> You’ll find N&V is back for sale at Burning Book Press.

  23. RAJ

    This is a good way to get some atention…. That was my first thought for what is more interesting then what is forbiden and we are not allowed to have. my next thought was… is it snuff were peaple are tourtet and hacked to tiny peasses then I do not want it.
    I remember a story I really liked many years ago the ending was a Little weak but the rest was awesome better written than this litteratur normally are. It was about a evil roommate that bond another girl to a bed and collected sperm from the party Down stairs to impregnate her if she could make her ogasm. then I read Quickie • Thievery and thought could it be the same monocle that wrote them? Then I must get my curosity covert and see deeper into that dark soul that sparked my interest so many ears ago.

  24. FancyPants

    Okay, now I see my mistake. ObsidianLens is what you required. I do love your writing, though I naturally tend towards lurking. Non-con is my favorite, and I feel like you just get me, even though we’ve never met. I visit the blog often, even though I rarely comment. I understand that comments are your payoff, though, so I’ll try to do better.

    • Monocle

      Hey Anon,
      With the demise of Burning Book Press, N&V is currently out of print. I am considering doing two things – one is making some or all of my former Burning Book and Republica Press books available and downloadable for free, maybe with a tipjar, and the other is putting some of the stories I took down for those publications back on the blog, either on the main blog or in Obsidian Lens, as appropriate. I haven’t quite decided yet. In the meantime if you send me your e-mail address from the same IP, I can get you an N&V pdf. You can send it in a comment with the word ObsidianLens, and it won’t autopost.

    • Monocle

      Not quite the way it works. A comment on one of my stories is the price of admission. Hopefully that’s not too great – hopefully there’s something comment-worthy in the open stories.

  25. Ana

    Monocle, I am a huge fan of your work, and I had the luck to be able to read it on the asstr link before the posts were taken down. My favorite story of yours is the one where the masturbating girl is taken from behind in her dorm room, and cannot see the face of her assailant through her tears at the end of the story. However, I love everything of yours I have ever read, and I love sharing your work with others. My husband became a huge fan of yours shortly after I met him, in fact. Thank you for making the world a little hotter. If you would not mind, I would greatly appreciate the password to the obsidian lens so that we can enjoy these stories once again.

  26. Serious Reader

    I have enjoyed your stories and particularly your polished development of plot. My comment is directed more particularly to your “tentacle” stories, which is an area that I would not have expected to be of interest to me. However, I like your satirical, and subversive, approach to the erotic in this context. You have a gift for making the unusual erotic angles identifiable as a more commonly expressed eroticism (in other words, you can take an absurd sic-fi type of plot and present it in a way that has all the elements of more conventional eroticism). Your satire of male-female relationships is humorous, but also has a particular bite and insight that’s usually lacking in this kind of thing. There is a cartoonist who identifies herself as Rebecca who does this sort of thing with lesbian relationships counterpointed to suburban living, and that work is among the few that seem, along with you, to get it right…not so obviously jokey as if trying too hard to inject social value (which is what lazier writers would do), but instead letting the story and the funny digressions and asides do the commentary. It’s all very post-modern, self-aware literary type of stuff, and it’s well executed and highly entertaining. I’d be curious to see what it is you keep as password-protected writing. I’m guessing the darker stuff is also thought provoking. I’d appreciate receiving the password, if you’re still doing that.

  27. ObsidianLens
    First just want to say that you’re an inspiration and I don’t mean that cookie-cut coddling way. I’m a writer and I’ve intended for some time to try my hand at writing erotica but have had difficulty getting past that first stumbling block, which is that as much as I can feel there is much to be found in ourselves and one another through writing erotica, I don’t want to write “porn”. Where erotica is art, porn is… not so much. And like all art, as ambiguous as the distinction may be at times, we know the difference when we see it.

    Enough beating around the bush. You took one of the oft most empty of erotica genres, cuckoldry, and made it into something else altogether while still maintaining what made it cuckold and keeping it’s core intact. You did this, I think, mostly by way of Anar. It seems like she’s the supporting actor who, like Othello’s Iago, is the driving force behind much of what happens. Or is she The Fool? Telling us all what we don’t want to believe and already know.

    I dunno. I apologize if I sound pedantic. I’m late and it’s tired, and I sometimes substitute poetry for substance when I’m in this state.But I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of the above, or any tips/advice on writing erotica


    Ahem. Well. I’ve uncovered my duplicity. My real reason for msging you.

    I stand here before you with bowl extended in grubby little hands.

    “Please, sir? Can I have some more?”

    Ugh. Didn’t mean to go kink with it but that definitely sounded it didn’t it? Heh. First tip to self: Be careful.

    • Hey Foolforfun,

      Raz forwarded me your comment. Glad you like “Orc Anar”. That was originally a commission. Anar is exactly what you describe: the fool and the wisewoman who opens the door between the reader and the story’s goings on. I’ve been meaning to get back to the story but most my time has been taken up with my haiku cycle — will be complete on March 1st. After that, I have requests to write more in the Hitwoman series and more Anar. It would be great if I could crowdfund, provide me more of an incentive.

      As to tips for writing erotica, I always find the best erotica, even when writing outlandish fantasy, makes the characters’ choices believable. The second tip would be that every erotic story needs some resistance, something that runs counter to the grain—a surrendering and a discovery. Without that erotic edge, erotica is just sex. Lastly, the sex in erotica is best when its character/plot driven, sex that reveals something about the character (that helps define them): what they want, how and why. Porn doesn’t concern itself with any of those niceties. Porn is sex for the sake of sex. Erotica, perhpas, is sex with purpose, defined by the inner life of the character.

      I’ll consider adding another chapter to Anar. :)

  28. Hello Raz and Will,

    Thank you for sharing your writing. I’ve been mostly lurking for a few years. At the beginning there was some technical glitch and I could not post a comment and that became a habit. I will comment more often now.


    Thank you again.


  29. Ana

    I posted a comment a few years ago asking for password access to the stories, and I lost the email with the password. I do love the lifetube story, and would love to read it again.

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