The Girl from Montrose

There once was a girl from Montrose
Who was stuck in a Sutra-like pose
····She said — Christ, get a clue!
····And she sneezed — ACHOO!
You’ve put the damned thing up my nose!

  • Any attempt to trace this to its original author will be met with stone-walling and categorical denial. This was found in the third stall from the left and is to be attributed to that great limerick genius — Anonymous.

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  1. vanillamom

    mwhahahahaha! You are the best at being the most smartassed…gods…*laughing* Who doesn’t love a good limerick?


    • vanillamom


      (falls over on the floor, making much snorting, sniffling noises. Occasionally, a wild hooting sound emanates from the writhing (and scantily clad) body on the floor…)

  2. paul1510

    Written by annoy-a-mouse, published by Dewem, Cheatem, & Howe.
    Where is that scoundrel Will Crimson.
    Love a good limerick, but really, Achoo!
    Doesn’t say much for “that thing”.

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