• The Girl from Montrose

    There once was a girl from Montrose Who was stuck in a Sutra-like pose ····She said — Christ, get a clue! ····And she sneezed — ACHOO! You’ve put the damned thing up my nose! Any attempt to trace this to its original author will be met with stone-walling and categorical denial. This was found in the third… Continue Reading

  • Daydreams & Distractions ☼ Pink Pussycat

    Pink Pussycat A Daydream and Distraction by Redbud I wrote this one for a fan ~ Pink Pussycat at Pink Pussycat Corner. “Where are you?” “In the bedroom,” she answers. “Are you ready yet?” “In just a minute.” “We’re gonna’ be late.” “I –” He waits, then loses patience. “What? What?” “–can’t go.” “Why?” “Something happened.” “Can… Continue Reading

  • Madame Pierrette du Châtelet

    Madame Pierrette du Châtelet A little erotica inspired by erotic art by Redbud    OK, here’s the story behind this. I first sent the image in the story to Ximena. There’s something about the posture and look on this woman’s face that’s just irresistible. Ximena thought so too and sent me a story right back.… Continue Reading

  • 45

    45 Erotica by Redbud This is the last of the rewrites I’ll be posting (the last story for the Erotic Writer anthology). I’ve got more editing to do but that will be for my next book — all the Daydreams & Distractions. Anyone interested can keep track of which stories I have edited by visiting my page (see above). 45 was one of… Continue Reading

  • Daydreams & Distractions ☼ Orgy

    Orgy A Distraction & Daydream by Redbud Following up Swinging. The Interviewees: A young woman. Early twenties. Thin. Attractive. Brown Eyes. Her boyfriend. Later twenties. Fit and muscular. Brown Eyes. Shaved head, smile lines and full lips. Q: So, a lot of people read your last interview and liked it. Woman: I liked the comments.… Continue Reading