• Seeing You

    I wrote this as a short paragraph, but decided to break it up into a little free verse poem. Hope you enjoy it. The beginning of autumn always gives me more time to write. Seeing you in the kitchen slicing apples, kneading dough, wiping your flour-dusted hands on the back of your jeans, dress, or… Continue Reading

  • 川柳 · 282

    · She senses him. She becomes sleek and lustrous. She stands before the closet in blue cotton panties and bare legs. Her shoulder blades fluidly recede and her spine recoils, legs parted, with one arm in the sleeve of a sweater. The other pulls it over her head. She senses the change with the acuity… Continue Reading

  • Knowing Better

    An adaptation from elsewhere, but yeah, it’s new. – Raz Knowing better She knows better than to tease in public. But going commando on a warm summer day She has to tell me just a little whisper She has to show me just a little peek She knows better that I don’t care anyone else knowing… Continue Reading

  • Route 66

    You’ll find there’s not a better place, My girl. Let’s just undo your lace Unbutton and unzip. Turn round, Bend over, lightly touch the ground. Our reputation’s not so good But, knowing you, that’s understood. Hold still, you’ll feel a little prick— And squirt. As always, we’ll be quick. But a gal’s got reason to… Continue Reading

  • Pity

    Pity Erotica by Will Crimson I have spilled wine— colors and fragments. when you are a cunt (don’t think I don’t know) I think of the wine. the label, printed 1882, with the blood-red stains. I keep the label— Château Pichon Longueville Baron. you haven’t been there? Guilbaut was a covetous man. he noted the… Continue Reading