• April 14 | Spring

    if outside the window and a few feet below is a midday’s sidewalk with men and women passing by; and cigarette butts and candy wrappers coloring the sandy, gravelly corners of brick and concrete, red fire hydrants and around the corner a playground echoing the shouts of children; and if across the street is a… Continue Reading

  • singing

    I when we were in high school my girlfriend was too shy to sing with me though we both wanted to. I often sang alone imagining what her voice and mine would sound like together. II we sang our first duet at her parents’ house. the duet was quick and awkward. and we had to… Continue Reading

  • jealously

    after e.e. cummings your con tinualcunt, that I mornings (seduced by your not quite unready ready ness) see archly rise above the sheets as if you on your belly str etched your desire for me, I will descend my shaken drops into your sweet utterance and I will wear the daylong odor of you, the… Continue Reading

  • Taken

    I took you— that’s how I started my poem, but then those three words are almost an erotic poem in themselves. I can think of so many places where I’ve taken you and so many where I will. to be sure of meaning I looked up ‘took’— to lay hold of; to seize with the… Continue Reading

  • Air & Water

    the girl’s mother waited by the lake on an evening when the waters were dark with night and the village lights were like a hundred malevolent eyes. the girl’s mother asked what she carried. the girl replied that she carried two loaves of bread. her mother said: you bring no such things. those are stones.… Continue Reading

  • Tributaries

      the way a brook runs under snow on a winter’s night as if I wouldn’t know what lies hidden in plain sight is the way I find you under a winter’s slate of sheets and a pillow or two (uncovering you is bittersweet); but I am drawn and must like a tributary and with… Continue Reading

  • All Day

    Sorry I’ve been gone so long. I’m backdating this post to last Sunday. That’s cheating, but I’d like to write one erotic poem every Sunday through the end of the year, starting February. I wrote an erotic haiku every day for a year, so I thought maybe one poem a week might be doable. •… Continue Reading