Spelunker (Part 2)

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Spelunker (Part 2)

Lorelei had strange dreams. Caving dreams, as she often did, but more surreal. The rock shapes around her were much more organic and soft, the colors more alive than most stone. The walls reached out to touch her as she walked naked through the caverns…

She woke with a start, feeling as if something had caressed her leg. But that was surely an after-image from her dreams, as she was still alone on her flat perch between caverns. She sat up, and breathed the thick, wet air in. She felt heady, and not fully awake. As she rubbed her face with her palms, she realized that she was covered with moisture, like a warm dew had settled on her as she slept. The faintly glowing dial of her watch said she’d been out about six hours.

“Good thing I kept the dry things in their bags,” she said to herself. She turned on a lantern and checked on the clothes she was trying to dry out; they were little better than they had been, still soaked through. Lorelei sighed, but now that she was mostly awake and had some time, her explorer’s inquisitiveness began to pull at her.

First, she investigated the pool. Putting on the spare battery powered headlight that had been dropped to her, she slipped into the warm water that had broken her fall. Skinny-dipping in an uncharted cave – now that was a first. And it had a delicious, forbidden feel to it. Knowing Colin was sleeping close-but-far away added another almost-naughty element to it, and Lorelei let herself undulate a little more provocatively, secretly, in the water.

Near the center of the pool lay the heavy gear she’d jettisoned – her own headlamp still shining on the bottom for now. At the far end of the pool, a small vent broke through the floor. This was surely the source of heat for the cavern, as Lorelei found the water getting increasingly hot as she floated towards it.

Over the next half-hour, and with a series of ear hurting and lung straining dives, Lorelei managed to retrieve her heavier-than-water gear, including her hammers. She now had more batteries, food, and stove fuel. She still opted against breaking open any bagged clothes for now. Their dryness would be short-lived, and she didn’t want to waste that. The salvage efforts had tired her again, and she curled up for another rest, thinking she would explore the upper cavern next.

She dreamt again; more caving, but also more unreal. She was exploring a living cave, tunnel walls soft and giving, almost like skin. The flowing air around her was like breath, changing direction as if inhaling and exhaling. She touched the walls, and they moved in response, shivering or shuddering. It was spooky, but beckoning, even sensual in a weird way. Exciting… Lorelei woke again with a little start. She was curled up in the dark, with her hands tucked between her legs, but her right hand had stolen up against her cleft. She’d been touching herself in her dreams. That did happen sometimes, but here and now it was extra weird, and the thrill different. She could feel she was wet inside as well as outside.

She looked at her watch, only another hour had passed, but maybe she should check in with Colin. Funny how thinking of him sent a little thrill through her now. They’d caved together before, of course, but hadn’t done much hanging out other than that. She’d fantasized about Dave (who wouldn’t?), and Chris (and heck, even Theresa, she blushed to herself), but not Colin or any of the others in the club. So why think of him now that way? Maybe because she’d agreed to a date with him to Commencement (had that been wise?). Maybe because of the current situation. She imagined him perched by the hole she’d fallen through like a gargoyle or sentinel, ever alert (even though he was probably asleep now, too). She looked up in the darkness to where the hole in the ceiling should be and startled as she realized that there were other faint light sources in the cavern. Patches of phosphorescent lichens gave off a tiny illumination. Not enough to make out any details, but enough to outline the general shape of the pool cavern, and some interesting patterns in the upper cavern. Lorelei sat still and looked in wonder for a while. It really was beautiful. After some minutes, she called up to Colin. No response, save the quiet bubbling of the pool’s spring. She called again, but he must have been sleeping. So much for the sentinel image. Hearing her voice die out made Lorelei a little uneasy, so, a little reluctantly, she snapped on a lantern and headlamp.

The change in lighting was dramatic. The soft curves of the stone reminded her of her dreams, but the sharp shadows cast by her lights carved a comforting reality. She still couldn’t shake the warm, punchy feeling in her mind and body. Like she’d slept too long on a lazy Sunday. Fuzzy or not, though, curiosity brought her attention back to the formations of the upper chamber, especially the grouping in the center. She wanted to explore.

The sloping bowl-shaped floor of the upper room was smooth and wet, thus potentially quite slippery to her bare feet.  It wouldn’t do to be stranded even further away from the opening. Lorelei tied rope to a column on side of the neck entrance, tested it with her weight, and played it down the sloping side; a safety line she could use to pull herself out if need be. After some thought she also donned her climbing harness, and clipped the rope onto it. It briefly struck her as odd that she had on her harness and no other clothing – not even boots. But the air was still damp and warm, and the same logic seemed to apply.

‘Besides,’ Lorelei thought, ‘how often do you get to cave in the raw? It actually feels kind of sexy.’ She looked down at the sturdy padded belts around her waist and upper thighs, and her dark, damp thatch of hair visible between. She giggled a little, thinking there was no club at Uni that dressed like that. Carefully, she lowered herself into the cavern, half stepping, half sliding down the incline.

The floor sloped more gently after the first few feet, and she could slosh in the shallow water – carefully – about the inside of the whole chamber around the center formations. From her new perspective, she could see with certainty the remnants of cave paintings. Her eyes widened at the discovery.

‘What a find!’ she thought, ‘these have got to be the deepest paintings in the system. And old, too.’ She frowned ‘not in great shape, though.’ She could barely make out a few figures, and maybe a piece of scenery. They seemed to be in the same style as the oldest Chocquois Indian images in the higher caves – some were prize public showpieces, others the special rewards of the deeper explorers. But these – these were all hers for now. Of course she’d take pictures and show and tell everyone, and they’d have to come back, but later. The paintings were ancient and mostly destroyed by time and humidity. She could make out a few people shapes, maybe some depictions of tribal life and agriculture. No animals though.

The far side definitely looked like a caved in passage – perhaps something she could, or would have to, look more seriously into if getting out the way she came in proved too hard to do.  The rock floor itself was warm against her feet – warmer in this chamber than even in the neck, comfortable and smooth to the touch – almost like the skin of a body except for its hardness.

Then, pausing on the side of the cavern floor, Lorelei turned her attention to the formation in the center, the new viewing angle revealing more intricate and beautiful crystalline structures dangling from the middle of the cavern ceiling.

She moved towards the formation, slipping, a little bit literally, in between dripstone columns. She tried to be careful; the youngest living formations could be very delicate. Nevertheless, she brushed against the rounded forms of some stalagmites and ‘tites as she passed by and she stepped between them. They seemed sturdy enough, at least. Stepping gingerly over one conical stone, she glanced down at the rocky nub passing between her legs and teetered a bit, the warm smoothness brushed the inside of her thigh. Tingles spread from the point of contact up her spine and she exhaled a little, both self-conscious, and aroused. She realized she was actually pretty turned on. Maybe it was her nudity. Maybe it was her recent dream, or the suggestive shapes of some of the formations – the common fodder for dirty jokes among the club. But whatever the reason, she felt small thrills of excitement now when her body brushed against smooth and bumpy patches of stone. She stopped worrying about damaging the formations, and actively slid against and between them as she spiraled toward the stalagmite in the very center. Tiny droplets of water fell from straw-like forms in the chamber roof above her, almost like a slow rain. In the middle of the formation, above the center stalagmite, there was no corresponding stalactite hanging from the ceiling. That was definitely odd. The ‘mite sticking up from the floor needed a source – it was large and imposing, tapering to a rounded tip almost at her waist height. In fact, it looked a lot like…

Lorelei blushed fiercely. She’d seen phallic rock formations before, and traded her share of jokes and innuendo about them. Theresa had even whispered and winked at her about an experience she’d had in Marmot cave. Lorelei didn’t believe her then, but now, she wasn’t so sure. It looked so… imposing. Sturdy, up-thrust from the shallow water like that. A bead of water dripped down Lorelei’s cheek. A bead of other moisture tickled her inner thigh. ‘God!’ she thought to herself in disbelief, ‘I’m horny!’ Her left hand let go the column she’d been holding for support to slide down her belly, over the harness straps, to touch herself. A shiver passed through her, and she let out a little gasp. But her eyes remained fixed on the conical shaft illuminated by her headlight. She breathed the humid air, stared, and touched herself lightly for some time, the details of the room slowly to fading from her awareness.

Almost in a trance, Lorelei moved closer. The floor sloped up, like an inverted horn around the stalagmite.  Slowly, gingerly, she stepped forward, feet sliding to either side of the rise, until she stood over the very center of the formation, her arms out to the side for balance. Her feet rested on the sloped base, and stood poised with her cleft a couple inches above the tip of the formation. She was panting. Without conscious decision, Lorelei bent her knees little by little, lowering herself until the rounded tip of the stalagmite just touched her flowering outer lips. A hum escaped her at the contact – the rock was almost hot on her sensitive flesh. Looking around at the exquisite formations, unable to bring them into focus, Lorelei began to slowly rub herself back and forth across the rounded stone top. She brought her hands to drift over her body, her left coming up to grasp at her breast and rub her nipple, and her right sliding down her stomach to her pubis, a finger delicately tracing around her clit.

Lorelei sighed at the sensations, the sound echoing in the chamber. Distantly she thought of Theresa and her stories, and then, unbidden, Colin, and felt herself flush. She continued her masturbatory undulations over the stalagmite for some time, and the erotic feelings heightened. Daringly she dipped just a little lower, and let the warm rock push into her just a bit. Not enough to be uncomfortable – but enough to feel the presence just within her – to thrill her and make her shiver in the moist warmth.

Lorelei teasingly brought herself toward orgasm, the simultaneous openness and secretness of the location adding to the excitement of it all. Her breaths became more ragged and her sighs turned into low moans as her hips and hands moved more earnestly. Soon the familiar butterflies of impending orgasm began fluttering in her abdomen, and she tensed for the coming release.

“Unh! Shit!”

In her rising eagerness she’d become careless. Her feet suddenly slipped outward a hand’s breadth each way on the slope of the stalagmite base, causing her to sink downward about two inches. The rounded stone tip of the stalagmite forced her pussy lips open as she sank down on it. Lorelei cried out at the sudden motion and penetration of her most private place, her hands grabbing at the slick rock jutting between her legs.

Cautiously, Lorelei tried to bring her feet back under her. She couldn’t seem to get a grip with her feet on the smooth, submerged floor, and her hands kept slipping on the wet stone shaft of the stalagmite. Her reverie nearly broken, she cursed herself now for not at least putting on her boots. What had she been thinking? Each time she shifted weight to pick up a foot to move it higher, the other slid just out a tiny bit farther, causing her to sink fractionally lower onto the shaft. With increasing distress, Lorelei realized that her attempts were on the whole losing, rather than gaining ground. Even trying to keep perfectly still wasn’t going to work, as her feet inevitably began to slide further apart with the sideways pressure exerted trying to maintain her place.

The stalagmite was now pressed up into her as far as anything ever had been. Even when playing with herself with improvised ‘toys’ in the past, she had only once dared brush her own hymen. And certainly no boy. She’d never gone beyond clothes-on, if fairly impassioned, kissing and petting with a boy. She wasn’t saving herself exactly, but she didn’t want to be foolish about ‘giving’ herself away… But now the tip of the stalagmite gently pushed against her virginity and she felt chagrin along with her distress. She never thought to protect herself against the advances of the Earth itself… Lorelei felt the pressure, no discomfort yet, but still she began to edge toward panic. Carefully, she redoubled her efforts to grip the stalagmite for support, so she could stand straighter and remove herself from the rock. Right now, she couldn’t even shift her weight to fall forward, if that would have helped at all.

“Oh, you’ve done it know Lore,” she chided herself through gritted teeth.

The ‘mite was slippery wet – not only with water, but also with her own honey. She could scent herself in the heavy air, and realized she was still flowing freely, her physical arousal was unabated by her mental distress. Beneath her fear, she still felt the well of sexual excitement – the climax she’d nearly reached still beckoned to her body. Her hands now trembled slightly as they tried to get a good enough grip on the thing between her legs. She just needed to support herself a little… It was awkward, precarious, but at last she seemed to get some tenuous hold on the shaft. Slowly, she put some weight on her hands, just enough to allow her right foot to slide inwards a few inches, which she did.

She had just started moving her left foot back in, when both it and her hands slipped. She had placed a fraction too much weight in the wrong place, and once they started to go, there was no stopping. Instinctively she grasped with all her strength and struggled to get her feet under her, but this time it was no use.

“Fuck! OhhhHAUUuNNhhGGG”!

Slowly, inexorably, she sank down on the ‘mite. In a panic, she felt the rounded end press and slide up into her further, stretching her, pushing at her hymen, making her wince. Then, with a cry, she felt a sharp tearing pain as the ‘mite rose further up into her. And she kept sinking, the almost smooth, unyielding rock sliding against the nerves of her inner most, and until now untouched, place. The helpless, falling filling sensation blended with the sting of her accidental self-deflowering. The first-time sensations and stimulations dragged her distress-deferred pleasure to the fore. Suddenly, she lurched into orgasm. She yelped and squealed, and came on and around the invading stone phallus, crying out in pleasure and distress as her body stopped fighting for a moment, and simply wallowed and shuddered in bliss.

The rhythmic clenching of her inner muscles made her sinking impalement stop and start, each fraction of an inch boring deeper into her virgin pussy and prolonging her climax. This had not been in any of her imagined ‘first time’ scenarios. But God, however weird or stupid it was, it felt good!

Her shuddering downward slide stopped only when the ‘mite pressed up against the end of her passage, and her climax ended soon after that as the hard pressing against her cervix verged on uncomfortable. At least now, now that the worst had happened, Lorelei could finally get her feet under her. Slowly and very carefully, she lifted herself off the stalagmite. She winced ruefully at the almost-scraping pleasure-pain of the departing hardness, then, finally free, stepped away on slightly unsteady legs. Her body was fairly pleased, but she was now angry with herself. What was she going to tell Co- the first boy she really slept with? She’d lost a little gift she’d hoped to give. And it was her own fault.

Lorelei looked irately at the stone. Her own fluids and a smear of her virgin blood coated the smooth rock. As she watched, however, the glistening drips were… disappearing, as if being absorbed. She shook her head. She thought she’d been getting more clearheaded, but she doubted her eyes now. She shook her head again, making her headlamp light skitter crazily all over the cavern. She swayed a little, as if dizzy, or exhausted, and decided she needed to get back to the neck and rest again. She’d clean herself up. Maybe she’d put on some clothes even if they were wet.

Lorelei squeezed her way out of the center formation, and step-splashed to the bowl edge, carefully pulling herself up to her little camp. Here eyes played tricks on her as she moved. The dancing shadows from her lights made it look like some of the formations were moving. That wasn’t an uncommon illusion either, and she instinctively ignored it. She checked her watch. Just over an hour had passed since she’d started her little adventure. Colin could be awake, or wake-able now, she suspected. But she didn’t call up yet. She needed a little private time to rest. To think.  She peeled off her harness, and freed a dry, multipurpose bandana from the clothing bag to gingerly dab at and clean the soreness between her legs. ‘Now there’s a new use for these things,’ she thought. After that, she felt she needed to collect herself. She laid again on the floor, head resting on the clothing bag, turned her lights off, and closed her eyes. A rawness, a tiny echo of pain inside her body distracted her even as it faded, and sleep did not want to come. She looked up to the cavern ceiling as her eyes adjusted to the darkness, the glow of the lichens emerging like stars in the night.

(Continued in Part 3)

– Monocle


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