• Che Bella

    This is for Stephanie, inspired by one of her comments. Consider this, as always, a first draft. That’s what my blog is for—first drafts. So offer corrections if you see them. And don’t gobble this up too quickly. I don’t know when I’ll have the time or opportunity to write another in the near future.… Continue Reading

  • Sunday Tease

    Originally posted in December, 2009, taken down for Through a Silvered Lens. Reposted July 2016. Sunday Tease by Monocle A word about my wife. She’s beautiful, smart, sexy, kind, and funny. Her hair is auburn and she’s a half head shorter than I am. Her bright hazel eyes are the most expressive I’ve seen outside… Continue Reading

  • Fog

    Originally posted in November, 2009, this story was taken down for inclusion in the now-out-of-print Through A Tinted Lens. Restored here and now. I shift the authorship here from Monocle to Raziel, because this story is, I think, an early part of Raz’s emergence. (This vignette riffs on some themes and ideas I’ve loved from Will’s… Continue Reading

  • Gang Rave

    A flight of Fancy from Monocle, removed for inclusion into a now-out-of-print book, restored here in all its neon-strobe garishness. Gang Rave by Monocle Danielle’s skin glowed an eerie blue-white, the natural appearance of her pale, almost-white complexion under black light. She intentionally heightened the effect with white-ish makeup and powders that would look pretty… Continue Reading

  • In The Dark

    It’s both one of my oldest long stories, first posted here in November, 2009, and until I took it down to be included in an anthology, the most commented on story I’d written (even before the blog). A look at it shows how much I’ve changed as a writer. It’s definitely Monocle’s piece, even though… Continue Reading

  • My Turn

    This was originally posted here, in November 2009, one of my earliest pieces on the blog.  I removed it save for a teaser when it was included in the anthology “Through a Tinted Lens”. My Turn by Monocle Tonight is Friday, and it’s my turn, and I’ve been waiting all day. I dressed just a little more… Continue Reading

  • Deposit Slip

    Deposit Slip Erotica by Redbud This was originally written to be included in Foreplay.  I decided I wanted the focus to be on a single story with much shorter interludes. I gilded this a bit, descriptively. Enjoy. She’s at the bank. She stands in line. The line is one among five. The plate glass windows, at… Continue Reading