• Asking For It

    “What’d he say?” Jamille asks. “So he calls us all into the chapel. He just says: I’ve heard enough complaints. Then he launches into this lecture about women and a woman’s proper attire.” She makes air quotes around the word ‘proper’. “That our families sent us to a Christian school because they believed in a… Continue Reading

  • Bluebeard

      This is my second effort to retell the famous fairy tale of Blue Beard, and I think I’ve hit the right note. I was always dissatisfied with my first effort. The impetus to try again was my continuing effort to edit the Daydreams & Distractions—this retelling belonging to the third book in the series.… Continue Reading

  • Little Cruelties

    So, she said to me, do you do nothing but think about sex? Not if I can help it. Really? I mean, I said, rather be having sex than thinking about it. She bit the tip of her thumb and leaned on the café’s table. Make up a story, a little cruelty Will. Right now.… Continue Reading

  • An Innocent Mistake | Complete

    I’ve had a wonderful helper who has been reading and correcting all my Daydreams and Distractions. She’s close to half way through and has asked me to finish Innocent Mistake, among the first stories I wrote, and so I have. I’ve completely edited the original portion and have given it the ending which, I think,… Continue Reading

  • Che Bella

    This is for Stephanie, inspired by one of her comments. Consider this, as always, a first draft. That’s what my blog is for—first drafts. So offer corrections if you see them. And don’t gobble this up too quickly. I don’t know when I’ll have the time or opportunity to write another in the near future.… Continue Reading

  • The Birdhouse

      My lover told me a story that when she was young and innocent, dilly-dallying in the dark woods with her basket of flowers, she spotted a very strange thing. She saw a man, not so much older than herself, leaning against a tree. In one hand he held a paper and in the other,… Continue Reading