This is a pretty straight-forward foray into device bondage for lovers of femdom – I think I’ll be writing more pieces on this vein from now on, to keep things interesting. The first drawing I used inspired the whole story… what a lovely image.


He writhed and groaned. Pain radiated from his ass to his nipples, which were pinched with weighted nipple-clamps. He concentrated on the sharp tap-scratch of her heels as she walked behind him to help with his discomfort. Her latex-clad hand felt cool on the hot skin of his ass.

“Do you like my new furniture, pet?”

He nodded before he remembered that she couldn’t see his top half, but it was still too late. She grabbed a handful of his assmeat and squeezed viciously. Her long nails bit into his bruised flesh.

“Silly pet!  I thought you were smarter than that.” She squeezed harder.

“Oh fuck yeah!” he screamed, and she smiled. It pleased her to see his hard cock making the varnished wood of the new stockade she bought sticky. She squeezed around his muscular waist and he wriggled his ass.

“Does it hurt?” He got even higher on his tiptoes as she traced the crack of his ass with a gloved finger. Again, he didn’t answer right away, so she raised her hand over her head and-

Whap! She gave his ass an open-handed slap that made the whole structure shiver.

“Yes Ma’am, it hurts! It hurts!” She wet her glove on the sweat pooled in the line of his back and then slid it down his crack and grabbed his balls. His cock was so hard the tip pulsed visibly.

“But does it hurt enough?” she asked lightly, although she already knew what his response would be.

“Never, Ma’am,” he breathed obediently. He was a perfect pet – an insatiable creature who could take as much pain as she could give him.  Her plump, exposed cunt lips wet the leather she wore, and the smell wafted up to her and gave her a second wind.

“Count how many I give you, or I’ll start again and give you double.”

She raised her arm over her head and painted his eager ass with a dozen crimson lines before he couldn’t keep count anymore for the pain…but he was still hard. She walked around the stockade and stood right in front of him so her pussy was right in front of his face; he trembled with pain and his face was sweaty, but his eyes were euphoric. She pulled his head up by the hair and rubbed the crop across the bony wings of his shoulders, which were still unmarked. He looked at her pussy lips and licked his lips hungrily. They both enjoyed it when he worshipped her pussy, but that’s not what she had in mind then. She gave his hair another tug, and his eyes rose to her face.

“What did I tell you before about losing count, hmm?” She tickled his nipples with the leather tab of the crop and smiled. He smiled back – a sweet, almost childlike smile that made her want to kiss him.

“That if I lost count…you’d start over and gimme twice as many as before.” He dropped his eyes.

“How many does that make?”

“24, Ma’am.”

She got closer so that her pussylips literally slid on his chin and let him bury his nose in it. Before he could extend his tongue she stepped back and bent the long crop in her hands. She saw some impatience in his eyes, and savored it. She wanted him to taste her and smell her during what was to come.

“I’m feeling charitable tonight, pet – where would you like them?” He didn’t hesitate.

“On my thighs and ass, Ma’am.”

She raked her fingers through his thick hair and pulled on it just to hear him sigh. He wasn’t classically handsome, but she had fallen head over heels with his brand of submission. Since he was still new, it was more difficult to remain cold and controlled with him – she wanted to let him part her pussy lips with his tongue and lick her until her knees shook.

She walked to the other side and looked at his ass. Some of the red was already darkening to purple, and she knew that he wouldn’t be able to sit without aching for a week. She looked at his ankles to see whether his feet were getting enough circulation, and he groaned as her hands moved up his calves to his thighs. He wriggled when he felt her lips on the skin of his ass, but cried out when she bit him.

“Mmm, mine,” she said as the crescent reddened amidst the crop slashes. She smelled a hint of his cologne underneath the smell of sweat and moaned. Without hesitating, she marked his other ass cheek. He grunted ecstatically. If she kept nipping at him he would come, and she didn’t want that.

She licked the shaft of the crop and slid it back and forth in his ass crack until the leather tab pressed painfully against his balls.

“I think I want to start here,” she said, and he groaned in protest. She pressed harder.

“Did you want to tell me something, pet?” She was pressing so hard the silky orbs of his balls separated against the tip of the crop.

“No, Ma’am,” he said, and then swallowed so hard it made her laugh out loud. She rubbed the shaft across his thighs, and it was just inches from the sensitive tip of his cock.

“Don’t worry, I won’t be bruising you there tonight – I want to use you.” Quick as lightning, she lifted her arm and cropped his ass.


Again, they only reached twelve lashes before he started to shiver with agony. His face was crimson and sweaty and his eyes were shrink-wrapped in tears. She used the handle of the crop to raise his face to her level.

“Do you want me to stop, pet? Can you breathe alright?” She wasn’t usually so magnanimous, but she didn’t want to render him useless for later.

“No…well…I…may I have the rest on my back?”

She looked at his muscle move liquidly underneath his shoulders and nodded once.

He held on to the sides of the stockade as she lashed a beautiful criss-cross pattern on the creamy skin of his back, and this time, he counted all the way to 24. She bent over to wipe the sweat and saliva from his face, and all she saw in his eyes was gratitude. What a strange miracle…

She let go of the crop and kissed him softly until he tried to slide his tongue in her mouth. She pinched the bruised skin of his back until he stopped.

“All this activity has made me a bit sweaty…” She stood up and turned around so her ass was exposed to him. “…Lick me clean.”

She pressed her ass into his face and he licked haphazardly, his eyes closed with pleasure. She shoved his face into it, and he sucked and licked and swabbed her with his tongue until she was only wet with his saliva. She turned around and put three pussy-wet fingers into his mouth and he licked those clean too. She’d been rubbing her clit while he cleaned her.

When she walked to the other side, she saw a puddle of come between his feet – he’d come from just licking her ass. She grabbed his cock and pulled it toward her until he moaned.

“Did I say you could come yet?” she asked while she shoved the tip of her pinkie into his peeslit. He wriggled beautifully and grunted.

“No, Ma’am.” Her glossy black pinky was cloudy with come. She started to stroke him hard and slow. She knew he was still sensitive from coming but since he didn’t ask, he would come again for her…until it hurt. She lifted him as she stroked until his cock was parallel to the floor and his balls dangled helplessly.

“Does that feel nice?”

“Very nice, Ma’am.”

She started to lightly swat the underside of the head of his cock with her crop as she stroked the shaft, and he shivered.

He liked it…but she wanted more. She got on her knees and jerked on him roughly. His calf muscles pulsed with each stroke.

“Ah, this is much better,” she said, and swatted the head of his cock rhythmically. His tight asshole winked at her, and she dropped the crop and slid two fingers inside him. He grunted and tightened around her fingers when she started to massage his p-spot. He dripped precum onto her boots.

“Ooh, you’ll have to lick that clean later,” she said more to herself than to him. She slid a third finger in his asshole and stroked him even more roughly – she was getting impatient.

“Come for mummy – you don’t want me getting tired, do you?” she said, and his leg muscles tightened with her rough assault.

“N-no…Ma’am” he sighed between thrusts.

“Then come now,” she said, and pressed into his p-spot until he let out a shrill cry. She slammed her fingers into him and stroked roughly. The wings of her nose were flared with sadistic pleasure.

“Oh, God!” he yelled. She growled in return. She suddenly wished she was sitting on his face as she jerked him off. She wanted to come so bad she wondered whether she’d come before he did, and it actually made her angry. She jammed her fingers into him to the knuckle and slapped his cock a couple of times before sliding those fingers into her own pussy.

Since he was taking so long, he’d have to come from assplay alone.

“I want to see your cock spurting for me,” she said as she massaged deep inside him. His ass wiggled just inches from her face, and she bit where the bruises were darkest.

“Come on, that’s what you’re good for – to give me come,’ she said, her voice reduced to a rusty hiss as she fingerfucked herself and him. His ass tightened in warning, and she cried out.

“Finally…” she punched her fingers into his asshole  and massaged his perineum until he gave a long, rough groan. He spurted over and over, his cock twitching against the wood, until her boots were covered in come.

Then, she stroked his cock with her pussy-slick fingers furiously until he came again for her. He was completely limp when she undid the restraints on his ankles and set him free, and he fell onto the floor like a sack of flour. She was about to help him to bed, but he got on his hands and knees slowly and crawled to her, his tongue already extended to lick her boots clean.

She sighed contentedly and nudged the tip between his sex-swollen lips.

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I undulate in your vision
A strange beauty
in a world of plastic, collagen and steel
The endearing oddball
the living, breathing Picasso that you want to figure out
but too afraid to venture into my penumbra
you cower at the gate, fingering the knob on the door to my most secret place
wishing you could find the courage to walk with me
love me, just as I am


  1. Squeaky

    Femdom isn’t usually my thing, either. However, here we have the caring and pleasure from both sides, beautifully balanced and written, and specs not just a birch.
    Delicious and delightful!

    • ximenawrites

      Thanks, Squeaky!

      here we have the caring and pleasure from both sides

      I wouldn’t do it any other way, since I have a softspot for male submissives… it’s a labor of love.

  2. Squeaky

    *she’s not just a bitch
    Sheesh! *headdesk*
    “it’s a labour of love”
    Indeed. Otherwise, what would be the point? Looking forward to further writings you may do in this area. :)

  3. vanillamom

    Well, femdom isn’t my groove either, yet i found this story to be highly erotic, beautifully written and …sweet.

    There was caring, and pleasuring…and the understanding that pain is pleasure give to one who craves it…

    Excellently done (and sorry it too me so long to read it!–Been a crazy 5 weeks in vanillamom-land!)


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