Not two, but all three of us, me William Crimson, Raziel Moore and Ximena are happy to be a recommended site.

Vamp quoted one of my stories in the review. For those of you coming here from JanesGuide, the story was Thanksgiving. I wrote it for the holiday round about last year.

Take a look around. Subscribe if you like.

We especially love and appreciate comments. It doesn’t matter how old the story. Your participation makes us better writers, gives us new ideas, and sends us off in new directions.

Categories: Miscellaneous, News - Sex & Erotic, RedBud


    • I speak for myself but if there’s one thing I would like reader’s to say about my erotica it’s that it’s joyous. I never want to write erotica that isn’t. Thanks, Thalia. Your comment made my morning. :-)

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