Palm Pressed

This started with my senryū this time, and Dreamer (@Your__Dreamer) picked it up. Dunno where it all comes from, but I can’t say I don’t like it! –M

Palm Pressed

Mouth taken with breasts ✦ idle hand wanders downward ✦ Devil’s tool indeed

An invocation ✧ “oh god”, whispered, arching back ✧ mortal cathedral.

Your hand over mine ✦ piggy back ride, following ✦ toward secrets I know

Dip your fingers in ✧ anoint me, _us_, with passion ✧ savor the rapture.

Exploring your folds ✦ your fingers splayed top of mine ✦ light like feathers

Play your instrument ✧ strum sounds of pleasure from me ✧ my touch over yours.

Face against your breast ✦ palm against your mound, both slick ✦ from different springs

Lost. Will you find me? ✧ Lifted hips and arching back ✧ toes gripping the sheets.

You’re found, and held fast ✦ other hand slid down arched back ✦ dipped in from under.

A sigh and spread thighs ✧ an open invitation ✧ no, request, for more.

Between my pressed palms ✦ undulating, bucking hips ✦ fingers teasing need

Breathless precipice ✧ dangling, begging for the fall ✧ “please let me come now!”

Swirls and swipes slowing ✦ trapped ‘tween my hands, held on edge ✦ until need breaks you

So close, needing more ✧ “fuck me please” slips from my lips ✧ naked, raw with lust.

Those waited-for words ✦ bring a smile and a whisper ✦ “Not until you come.”

Cry of frustration ✧ fingers pressing you deeper ✧ hips rocking faster.

Desperate music ✦ strung tight, long… longer… until ✦ “Now. Come for me now.”

Passion fractured scream ✧ drawn bow released, quivering ✧ lost in pleasure’s fog.

Watching, feeling all ✦ surrender’s contorted cry ✦ just what I wanted.

Eyes opening, slow, ✧ dazed and boneless, watching you ✧ lick your fingers clean.

Perfection itself ✦ your realization of lust ✦ I’ll take _my_ turn…. soon.


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I am the little devil on your shoulder, stroking your neck with my tail, whispering obscenities into your ear, and looking down your blouse. One third of The Erotic Writer blog.


  1. vanillamom

    Jeeezzzzzuuuuzzzzz oh my fawking gawd!!!!!

    that was….oh….my….


    mmmm that was *just* want i needed…hella way to start the day!

    thank you both!


  2. I got sidetracked w/”Sunday Tease” last night. Promised Dreamer I would come back and read this. It was even better than I had imagined and worth the wait! You two really are magical together. I’m going to read this to DH in bed tonight!! Thank you!

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