Committee Decision

I was almost ready to head down to the hotel’s ballroom for the award ceremony. My husband was in the running for top honors – a career making, life-changing opportunity for us both, and was already down gladhanding and fielding press questions. I was putting my earrings on when the knock came on the hotel room door. I knew right away was the head of the Committee because my husbands description of “a 200 pound rat” had been eerily perfect. He was flanked by two other men.

“We have a serious problem you can help us with,” He said, without introducing anyone. He sounded like a 200 pound rat.

He held out an envelope, and four cards with names on them. One of them was my husband’s.

“The committee is deadlocked, you can determine who wins. There were six cards, here, but the offer we made to the first two candidates representatives was turned down.

“W-what is the offer?” I asked.

One of the men accompanying the Committee member set up his cameras – two stationary, one handheld, while the other undressed to his boxers. The big, bodyguard-looking man eyed me hungrily, a massive bulge growing behind the fabric as I stood breathing shallowly. At a nod from the camera guy, he stepped forward and took hold of my dress at my hips, and drew the whole thing up and off me in one smooth motion. I automatically raised my arms like a little girl to let him do it, blushing at the association.

He directed me to pull his boxers down, and despite myself I gasped at the massive cock that sprang up in front of me. He told me to get it nice and wet “for both of us”, and I gulped and hesitated, but remembered the stakes and started sucking. When the head of his cock first touched the back of my throat, I heard the first rip of paper. One of my husband’s remaining rivals was out.

The big shaft had already been hard, but the attention of my mouth had made it like flesh-wrapped steel, and when its owner pulled me back, and then pointed to the bed, I my legs were unsteady as I moved.

“Time is short”, the Committee member said, as the big man bent me over the mattress. I shivered as big fingers took my underwear – the sexy pair I’d gotten for my husband just for tonight – and pulled it to the side. There was only a moment’s shivering anticipation before the fat, hot head of his cock pushed against my entrance. It met with some resistance, my pussy seemingly not wanting to let something that big in, but my saliva, and his pressing, insistent weight were enough to do the job.

I gasped, and then groaned as the cock forced me open and began sinking in. My groan turned to a low wail as he stuffed me more and more, ending in a strangled grunt as he pressed fully into me, filling me more than I’d ever been before. I heard the rip of a second piece of paper.

Strong hands took hold of my hips, and the big cock started fucking me. Only the first few strokes were slow, the pace accelerating quickly, until his body slapped hard against my ass, and his shaft brutally slamming deep into me again and again. I was dimly aware of the camera guy moving to catch different angles, and the Committee member standing stock still, watching impassively.

I wasn’t able to think at that point. The fucking was so hard, so thorough, that there wasn’t any room in my mind for anything but the giant stranger’s giant cock invading me. I didn’t know when or how it was going to end until it did. The man fucking me started guttural sounds, the thrusting of his fuck getting rougher, until with a bellow and final slam forward, he froze, massive cock hilted in me. I cried out at that ultimate sensation, and the jerking pulsing inside me that said that massive, bare cock was cumming. I hadn’t realized how overstimulated I was, because at that moment, my back arched by itself and my inner muscles clamped down on the throbbing shaft and I crashed into climax myself.

As his cum flooded me, and my pussy milked it for all it was worth, I heard a third final rip of paper. I don’t know how long that cock stayed pumping and pulsing inside me, but I didn’t top shuddering from my orgasm until after it had withdrawn and the man was getting dressed. The camera guy was also packing up, leaving the stationary camera that had been focused between my legs for last.

“Thank you for helping the Committee reach its final decision,” the member said, stuffing my husband’s name card into the envelope, leaving the scraps of torn cards on the floor.

“We’ll see you down there soon. The program begins in just a few minutes.”

They left the suite without further word. I lay in a daze for a minute or two more, then hastily got myself cleaned up as I could and nearly ran down to he ballroom.

I stood with everyone else to applaud my husband’s victory, and he beckoned me to the stage to have me by his side as he thanked the Committee and everyone on his teams. As I climbed the stairs, I felt the sticky-slickness of cum between my pussy lips, and as he spoke I felt it dampen my panties, but I stood next to my husband and beamed. To the side, I saw the Committee head watching, nodding slowly to himself, whiskers twitching.

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Cassie Andra

Old enough to know better and not care. Vanilla on the outside. Vanilla through and through, except for the mind. You don't want to go there, but I'll give you peeks. Be warned: erotica themes include standard fun, but also the taboo-est of the taboo. Coming of age, infidelity, family relations, dubious and non-consent. Every throbbing inch of it is, however, fantasy, and should be treated as such.

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