Tentacle & the In-Laws

Tentacle & the In-Laws
Yet another tastelessly terrible tale of Tentacular transgression by Redbud

  • Warning: This story is only for seasoned readers of Tentacle erotica. Beware. And those bookends, you can own them. Yes. You, and we both know who you are. You want them. The Tentacle is everywhere. Just click on the image.

July 21rst 2012: I make this personal entry regretfully. I have breached the sacred and inviolable trust between physician and client. I am not naïve enough to assume or posit that I am alone in having done so, and yet the shock of my own transgression is all the more disappointing and disgraceful given my age and position. I disappoint myself and roundly condemn myself and I harbor and will brook no exculpatory explanation. I have disgraced my profession and I have disgraced myself. However, I attempt to reassure myself, as others surely have done before me, that the future good I may do outweighs the harm I have done; and that the future good must now be my sole reckoning and expiation. I proceed with humility, but first I record here, to remain locked in my personal journal until my retirement or death, the circumstances that so compromised my professionalism. On June 8th of 2012, a young woman and regular client, came to me after hours, after many frantic calls to my secretary, extremely agitated and nervous. I demurred, instructing her it would be better to wait until our regularly appointed session but, because of whatever neuroses had frayed her, I agreed. She came to me in her usual provocative attire – a mini-dress, a tight top and sandals. She is a young woman, thin, well-proportioned and attractive. Her black hair is short. She is not oriental but Turkish in extraction. She is an exceedingly attractive young woman. I have tried to reproduce our session as a warning to future physicians so that they may learn from my error and be warned. She entered my office after-hours and trembled with emotion. She was pale. I hastily invited her to sit in my office and to explain the reasons for her discomfiture. Her first words were an inarticulate tumble. I will call her Asiye and refer to myself as D:.

Asiye: Thank you, thank you, thank you for seeing me.

D: Please. Asiye. Catch your breath. Breathe deeply. Relax. Calm down. Tell me why you’re here.

Asiye: Oh my God. I was visiting my Aunt and she married this immigrant –

D: Immigrant?

Asiye: Yeah, it was the fourth of July and you know how families get together –

D: You said he was an immigrant?

Asiye: I’m getting to that. So – I was there – there was this really cute guy. I guess he must be a family friend –

D: The “cute” guy was the immigrant?

Asiye: No. [She rolls her eyes.] My Aunt’s husband. He’s weird. He’s like – I don’t know. [She whispers.] I don’t think he’s from here.

D: From here?

Asiye: You know – Earth!

D: Earth?

Asiye: No. Really. Don’t look like that, Doc. Really.

D: Ok, Asiye, please continue.

Asiye: So, you know, that whole side of the family is kinda’ strange. There’s just something weird about them. I was up, you know, in the middle of the night.

D: Why is that?

Asiye: I just – I don’t know – I heard voices.

D: The noises woke you?

Asiye: No. Voices. The guy – the cute guy – he sounded like he was arguing with somebody.

D: Go on.

Asiye: So I got up and went into the hallway.

D: You eavesdropped, Asiye.

Asiye: Fine. I eavesdropped. The door was open so I looked.

D: I find it hard to believe the door was open. Asiye, we’ve had this discussion. I cannot help you if –.

Asiye: Fine. The door was cracked, but it was her. My Aunt’s husband’s sister and oh my God, Doc, she was – she was crawling on top of him – the cute guy – and stopped just above his knees so she wasn’t, you know, all the way.

D: You were eavesdropping and a voyeur.

Asiye: No, Doc. I mean, I’m not into that stuff. Doc, I mean, she didn’t have legs!

D: She – excuse me. What?

Asiye: From the waist down – oh my God, Doc – she had tentacles.

D: Ah, I see. And this was the first time you noticed her condition, Asiye?

Asiye: Doc, I can’t explain it. She was walking around – all day – and then it’s like her legs changed into tentacles.

D: And it didn’t occur to you, Asiye, upon seeing this alien creature that you should perhaps, at minimum, call for help? You might have dialed 911. I’m sure there are elements of the government, the men in black let’s say, who would have been eager to learn of your sighting. Really, Asiye, I find this whole story preposterous.

Asiye: Doc, do you really think I should? I mean – what if they are? It would totally ruin my Aunt’s marriage.

D: [I sighed.] No, Asiye, I think our conversations should remain confidential. Please, continue.

Asiye: So, when he saw her legs change into tentacles, he took this deep breath like he was going to scream and zip, just like that, one of her Tentacles was around his throat. He reached for the tentacle and two more were around his wrists, holding them down. Tut, tut – she says. I can’t have you waking the household. I need to feed and you look so – fresh and virile. Extracting more than one helping from the older of your species can be so time consuming and exhausting. Doc! Oh my god, I didn’t know a Tentacle could be a girl!I mean, in the stories and stuff, they’re always boys!

D: Well Asiye – entertaining your conjecture – we must assume that sexual differentiation is most probably not unique to the planet Earth.

Asiye: I knew you would understand, Doc.

D: I – Asiye – you misunderstand –

Asiye: Oh no, Doc, she was a girl. I’m sure of it. He started kicking and just as quick she holds down his ankles – like, she was way stronger than him. So now she’s got – [she pauses, looks at her hand, and counts on her fingers] – she’s used 5 tentacles: one for his neck, two for his wrists and two for his ankles. That’s four –

D: Five.

Asiye: Five, and she’s got three left. It’s like – it’s weird, Doc, if you think about it. A Tentacle has totally got us covered, right? Two wrists, two ankles, your neck, your mouth, your pussy – if you’re a girl – and your ass. We’re goners, Doc, especially us girls. There’s like, no escape. They got us comin’ and goin’. They’re ultimate and total penetration, Doc. They’re, like, [Asiye leaned forward, wrinkled her nose, and whispered.] the perfect sexual predator. They can just, like, pump jizm into every opening until jizm is swimming in a girl. They’re soft and hard, they’re strong and they give. There’s just no escape.

D: [I confess, reader, that my patient’s demeanor and description was affecting me – I should have terminated the session until a more appropriate time but, I am ashamed to say, that the lateness of the hour, my patient’s provocative demeanor and colorful fiction was one that I began to take a prurient pleasure in.] You said your Aunt was female?

Asiye: Yeah, so, instead of, like, plugging a pussy with a tentacle, she pulls down his shorts and wraps one tentacle around the bottom of his cock – and he had a big cock, Doc – like his cock was in a noose, you know? She’s gonna’ strangle it and it’s turning all red and swollen and – when you strangle a guy’s cock like that, Doc, it gets bigger and longer. So his eyes are bugging out because she’s choking him and choking his cock, and he’s arching and all of his muscles, Doc – Wow.

D: May I ask, Ayise, what you did as you observed the presumptive murder of this young man?

Asiye: [At this, reader, she gazed at me as though she wished to speak but could not will herself to do so.]

D: Ayisa? What were you doing?

Asiye: [She finally spoke in a very small, mousy voice.] Touching myself.

D: Touching your – Ayise, as you describe it to me, an alien creature is about to murder and feed –

Asiye: Oh no, Doc. If you’d been there, you would have seen. She – no, Doc – she was smiling – a wicked smile, Doc. I could – anybody who was there would have known – I could tell she wasn’t going to, you know, hurt him. I mean, not like that.

D: And how, Ayisa, did you surmise this?

Asiye: ‘Cause – I – you know – you gotta’ see it from a woman’s perspective, Doc. I can just tell. She wasn’t touching him that way. You could just tell she wasn’t going to hurt him. That’s not what she wanted. She was, like, toying with him. She was just tasting him.

D: I see.

Asiye: She was squeezing him like an orange before you poke a straw in it. Like there were all these juices in him and she was just getting him ready, softening him up, so she could squeeze all those juices out of him.

D: And during this struggle the young man had nothing to say in the matter?

Asiye: Oh, no Doc. She made sure and told him, before she loosened his throat. She said – Not a word. Be a good boy. I’m just going to squeeze a little sweetness out of you. I just love a midnight snack – fresh, juicy boy. Your little swizzle stick is sticking straight up and I know just how to stir it. Nod if you understand.

D: Did he?

Asiye: Oh, yes he did, Doc – he didn’t make a sound; but when she loosened the tentacle round his throat he clenched his jaw like he wasn’t giving up. She got that wicked smile and licked her lips. She said to him: Oh, yes, I like that. I like making you. I do so like to break a boy. Yes, make me force it out of you. Make me take it without your consent. And then [the subject lasciviously licked her lips] he struggled. He was so – strong. I could see the knots and lines of his muscles. He was flexing and sweating. I could see the sheen of his skin and, I don’t know Doc, but there was a smell, like sex, fear and toil all together. I don’t even know how to describe it – a man’s smell when he’s sweating and hard. It’s like cut grass and rain on a hot tin roof.

D: Asiye, by the sounds of it, you are describing rape.

Asiye: Rape? I – it was – I mean – no, I don’t think so.

D: Asiye. Really. I do hope this is a figment of your imagination.

Asiye: Oh, no Doc. You have to believe me. She was so much stronger than him. You could tell. He was struggling like crazy but her wicked smile never changed. She was still sitting on his legs, above his knees and his cock was all hard, red and angry. It was
troublesome tentacles by anokilike she’d let him get his arms off the beds, like he was trying to grab her or something, then she’d just push his arms back down so that his back would bend up off the bed with fighting. That’s when she holds up the first of her two front tentacles, long, skinny and pointy. The tip is glistening and slippery. He’s fighting really hard now and she just calmly waves the end of this tentacle in the air, twisting and gyrating like a snake. She says – Do you know where this goes, my dear? I bet you’ve never been penetrated before. This goes up your ass and this little tip – oh, don’t worry, it will feel goodis a – think of it as an aphrodisiac. It will keep my little victim good and hard until I’ve drunk my fill.

Then he’s going to say something and her tentacle tightens round his throat. He starts thrashing like crazy and she calmly lowers this tentacle down between his legs; she aims, and then Pow! – just like that! She drives her tentacle right up his ass. His back goes right up off the bed and he gets all stiff, Doc. His fingers and toes are all spread out wide. Then she says – Are you ready? There it is. Do you feel it in your prostate? Just a quick little – and when she says prick, his eyes roll straight back in his head and his cock gives a sharp jump and this beautiful white arc of come shoots out of him, straight up his belly and chest, on his lips and in his air; but just one spurt. He’s as tense as a board, like he’s trying not to do it agian. His back isn’t even on the bed. He’s just holding really still even though the tentacle on his cock starts this low moving up and down. It’s like she didn’t even notice he’s struggling. That’s it – she coos – fight it.

I can see her tentacle sort of moving in his ass, like she was stroking him from the inside. She tightens her grip on his throat so he really starts thrashing. Fight it – she says – fight it. Then he starts to shake and his eyes roll back again. Come starts to burble out of him in these small little spurts, in time with the stroking up her ass. It’s like she’s in total control of him. No more, she says. You’re juice smells so good. And see? The venom keeps you hard. But keep struggling, my dear, the fight makes the juice come out so much harder.

D:Really, Asiye, do you really remember conversations so well?

Asiye: Doc, I remember it like I’m seeing it right now. You have no idea. It’s burned into my memory. He wasn’t moving. Then he groans and squirms like you can’t tell whether he wants to escape or wants more. She wiggles the tentacle in his ass and his mouth opens wide and his semen sort of gurgles out of him again, like she was sqeezing a sponge somewhere deep inside him. It just flows down his belly, over his nipple, and drips onto the sheets under him. She says to him – Look how easily I can make it come and go. Then I see her rise up and – oh Doc, just for second I saw her – her pussy. It was in the middle of these eight arms, like the mouth of an octopus, only it wasn’t a mouth. It was her pussy, pink with folds and everything; and then she closed her eyes, leaned back her head, and lowered herself on his cock; and I swear his cock was almost twice as long and just kept going up and up and up inside her. It was like the venom had made him bigger and longer.

D: Asiye, a venom that makes men erect, multiply orgasmic, bigger, and Longer? You can’t possibly expect anyone, let alone me, to believe such a fabrication.

Asiye: I know, Doc! [The subject bit her lip and whispered.] If we could just catch one. Just one tentacle, we’d be millionaires!

D: I’m afraid you have more to tell? [I confess, the story itself was like a venom, and I was inappropriately aroused.]

Asiye: Oh yes, Doc. You know, she’s got five tentacles round his wrists, ankles and throat, one around the bottom of his cock, one up his ass, and now she tells him to open his mouth and suck. You see, both her front tentacles can spurt venom really hard. Once the venom is in the prostate, she can just pump a little extra, every now and then, straight up the ass and his mouth.

D: Asiye, I find your detailed knowledge of this creature suspect.

Asiye: Doc, I leave stuff out. She took – she took a sort of pleasure in telling him everything – like everything she was gong to do to him. It was sadistic. She was riding him, stroking him, pumping all those secretions into his mouth and ass. He would struggle, his muscles all tense, and then he’d just groan, stiffen and his back would rise straight off the bed. She would smile and say – Yes, you’re shooting so deeply. And he would stay like that, Doc. It wasn’t like he was just spurting. It was like she could make him pee it out in long spurts, like his orgasm would just clench, without releasing, for a full minute while his semen gushed out of him. She would squeeze him and hold his legs and arms tight against his sides. She did it like he was a sponge. Her eyes would roll as his spurt was being squeezed out of him. Then, maybe after a minute, she’d release him and he’d go all limp. Then it would start all over again and there was nothing he could do to stop the orgasms. His head was bent back and his lips were stretched around the tentacle in his throat.

By the time she was done, all the fight was out of him, Doc. She unwrapped her tentacles, took them out of his mouth and ass, let go of his cock and stood up. She was so – languorous. His eyes – they were half closed like he was in a permanent orgasm. He’d groan every now and then as these long slow spurts came burbling out of him, spilling over the side of his hips. It was like he couldn’t stop coming. His pelvis was all wet. His abdomen rose and feel and would shudder every so often. The sheets were soaked and come was on his lips and hair. The only part of him she didn’t let go of was his throat and then, Doc, and then, oh my God – Zip! – just like that, one of her tentacles was around my throat! I wanted to scream but I couldn’t. She knew, Doc. She knew the whole time! She yanked me into the room and forced me to go to the bed. She was behind me and made me kneel. And then, just like that! – she had my hands behind my back. She lifted me up off the floor and drew my ankles back against my ass, opening me wide. Did you like what you saw? – she asked me, talking in my ear. Oh, and feel that! – she said, running the tip of a tentacle through the groove of my pussy, you’re positively soaked. Perfect. You’re good and ready.

And then, Doc, oh my God, she explained everything. I mean, I’m not going to go into the whole spiel, but she said, like, that Tentacles made human beings, sort of, to be the perfect prey, and that they really like us and that some of them [the subject looked around the office nervously] even marry and interbreed with us. And, oh my God, Doc, I think my Aunt is married to one!

D: That’s who you refer to as the immigrant?

Asiye: [The girl nodded earnestly and whispered again.] I don’t think he’s from this planet!

D: I see. And have you finished your story yet?

Asiye: Oh, Doc, she said they tweaked us so we’d breed like rabbits, so there’d be enough of us; and that maybe they had gotten a little carried away but c’est la vie. And then she said I was old enough and she wanted to make more with me. Then that little Tentacle, the pointy one with the venom, shot up inside my ass and I felt it go higher and higher and deeper and deeper until I felt like I was really, really full and had to – [she whispered and wrinkled her nose] had to go. You know what I mean? My eyes were all rolling and I was trying to push it out. I was twisting and squirming and she was holding me like I was light as a feather. She made me curve my back said she liked girls too and that I would feel a little prick inside me; and as soon as she said prick I had one of those really powerful spasms, like that first spasm when you come, except it was like a ping way up inside me and I squirted, or peed, or something because I was helpless, and it was like she was hanging me – like a fish on the end of a line and something was squirting out of me. Don’t misunderstand me, Doc. She wasn’t choking me. It wasn’t like breath play or anything like that, even if that’s what it felt like. She had this tentacle around my throat and another one way up my ass and maybe it felt a little like I was hanging from my neck and I was going to come again.

Then she says – Girls are so different. You’re so much more obedient, sweet and submissive. Let’s take care of you like a good girl. Do you want to come again, angel? Please, I said, and it wasn’t even like my own voice. Please, Mistress, I said again. Oh my God, I still can’t believe – I was like – I would have done anything, Doc. I just felt like I was on the edge of another orgasm, a huge orgasm, the kind that shakes your whole body like a leaf. And she lowered me down on that cute guy’s cock. It was still huge and pointed straight up and all slick with semen. She lowered me right down and it slipped right up inside until I almost couldn’t breathe. It was, like, pushing up gainst my diaphragm. I mean – that’s what it felt like. Then she let go of my ankles and her other fore-tentacle went up the guy’s ass again. She let go of my throat and hands and the only thing that was holding me on top of him was her Tentacle in my ass. I knew what she wanted. She wanted to inseminate me, Doc. She wanted to impregnate me! Just like that! – like I was her little pet. I tried to lift myself off of him but her tentacle, the one in my ass, pulled me back down like there was a rope that went from my ass all the way through me and into my mouth. It tickled and she squirted that aphrodisiac inside me just when I would rise up so that I wanted to do it again and again.

And, Doc, he felt so huge and big inside me, pressing right up and in that spot! You wouldn’t understand, not being a woman. If you knew how that felt, you would understand. Pretty soon I just closed my eyes and couldn’t stop and I was saying – Please, Mistress! Please! And then she tickled me deep in my belly, somehow, and I just went like a leaf, my whole body shaking with an orgasm, and the whole time I could feel him squirting, hard and long, inside me, like he was peeing and all this semen was filling me and I was coming too hard to even care. I wanted it. You know, Doc, guys ask me if I feel their spurts and I don’t. I lie. I tell them I do because they like it, but this time I really could feel him – I could just feel all of him, warm and syrupy, flow into me. Then, as soon as he’d stop, he would grab my legs real tight and his whole body would lift us off the bed with another surge of semen. I swear, Doc, I was bulging. I was so impregnated.

By the time the Tentacle let go of us, I couldn’t get off him. I didn’t want to. I just kept rising and falling on that warm pole until neither of us could come anymore. The sky started to get light and I just fell on top of him after his cock finally slipped out of me. We were both still twitching, Doc. And for the rest of the next day, Doc, I would get these sharp twitches like you get after an orgasm – an aftergasm. I could be, like, walking down the street and all of a sudden I’d just twitch. My whole body would twitch. The twitches felt so good.

Postscript: Dear colleague, perhaps you will not judge me too harshly when I describe the anger and desperation that overcame me. This young woman, now in college, who’s libidinous excesses had tormented me since visiting my office as a shy, young teenager, induced in me such a state of rash excitement that I ravished her. In a clumsy rush I unzipped myself. I yanked up her legs and positioned her ankles on my shoulders. Though her drenched panties constricted her knees I had no difficulty penetrating her. My thrusts were deep, sharp and aggressive. Her every squirm, small gasp and inhalation inflamed me. I continued until her slender frame shuddered. Then, as she gazed at me with surprise, I withdrew and held her, hands tightly at her neck and head, as I flowed into her mouth until I was utterly emptied.

Then, with a sudden shock of sobriety, I stumbled backwards.

Her panties had fallen to her ankles. She sat with her knees open. Her mini-dress did nothing to conceal her penetration. She fell back, stared up at the ceiling as though half-drugged and said to me: Oh Doc, you always know just what I need. She placed her hands between her thighs and sighed. As for me, no description can equal my state of consternation. I have failed – utterly failed. I have become helplessly entangled in the devious reach of a monster. Beware, reader, of the Tentacle.

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  1. vanillamom

    Waiter, I’ll have a BIG glass of whatever he had….

    OMFG…This piece of literary filth…*ahem* (oh, excuse me…be right back…) (nilla scuttle-walks out of the room, clenching thighs together, praying no one will notice her socks are wet)…..


    Geezuz, Will. This is so wrong.

    And I’m so fucking turned on.

    I HATE You for that.


    No…no more…(please, please more…)

    I can’t HELP it. I *LOVE* this….

    sick. sick sick.



  2. Poster

    Seems to me I remember the prototype of this in “The Making Of A She-Demon,” if that’s the title — one of the Comus/FunHouse stories. (I note they have all disappeared from asstr, or I’d quote…) Still, an image and idea worth developing, definitely. Captivating, you might say. And, will we ever see more Comus?

    • Thanks Poster, I started rewriting the first story in the Funhouse series because I was never satisfied with it (and neither were readers). The trouble with me is that new ideas come so thick and fast that I have more fun working on them than revising old stories. I keep threatening to release them on this site, but always get sidetracked, as I say, by new ideas. When I repost them, most of them will be in Obsidian Lens because of their non-consensual content.

      What I need is a rich benefactor who will pay me to write erotica. You know, that’s the whole reason Anais Nin wrote her collection of erotica. Her benefactor was an older man who must have liked the notion of a young woman writing erotica.

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