• A Photo Quickie • Taken

    This is a sort of experimental genre which I’ve discussed with Raziel. There are some beautifully erotic photos blogged and re-blogged throughout the web. And the best erotic photos, it seems to me, imply a narrative – as though they were a snapshot from a larger story. With that in mind, I thought it might… Continue Reading

  • Quickie • Yes!

    Yes! A Quickie by Redbud Darren left all but one piece of luggage in the car. He couldn’t breath. Sex. He was thinking about her tits and her pussy and her muscular thighs, open, the soft lips parting between them, just the way she should be – his cock slipping between and inside. ‘She’. Just… Continue Reading

  • Quickie • Admissions

    Admissions A Quickie by RedBud ♏ The pretty junior from Mascoma High thanked her for the interview, collected her jacket and left.  A whiff of vanilla left the room with her. The pretty junior was an A student.  She was bright, articulate and volunteered in the community. But what she liked most was the girl’s… Continue Reading

  • Dear Abbey § Nighttime Visitor

    Dear Abbey: Nighttime Visitor An Erotic Fabrication by RedBud Can’t make this stuff up. The note to Dear Abbey, included in the story, is from the original. I notice that the letter made its way onto some blogs. Who could resist? My version of events is, of course, a complete & utter fabrication. “I’m glad… Continue Reading

  • Quickie • the Second Sex

    The Second Sex A Quickie by Redbud He rounded the corner like he always did. And she was there, like clockwork. He jogged this same stretch of road for two years, through two girlfriends – no, three – and another jogger was the most dependable woman in his life. Sometimes he reached the straight stretch… Continue Reading

  • Quickie • A Good Girl

    A Good Girl A Quickie by RedBud This is a another older story I’ve just edited. Once again I’ve slimmed down the text in preparation for publication. Among my stories, this one and my rewrite of Little Red Riding Hood remain the most popular with almost 4000 visits.  I leave it to my readers to… Continue Reading