• Negatives

    This is written to replace another story in the third book of Daydreams & Distractions. The book is almost fully edited. Lately I’ve been feeling the urge to move away from “high fantasy” in my erotic stories, to write them more in the spirit of literary short stories. Hopefully this story isn’t so far removed… Continue Reading

  • The Complete Monsterotica

    Included here: The four previous stories, lightly edited for now, and the final, fifth addition: The Dappled Tartan Waylayer. Forward Some background on these stories seems in order. These stories come from a slender, hand-written book called A Field Guide to Domestic Monsters and Their Copulatory Strategies. The studies in the book appear to have… Continue Reading

  • Little Cruelties

    So, she said to me, do you do nothing but think about sex? Not if I can help it. Really? I mean, I said, rather be having sex than thinking about it. She bit the tip of her thumb and leaned on the cafĂ©’s table. Make up a story, a little cruelty Will. Right now.… Continue Reading

  • Blue Moon

    Every now and then opposites meet, there’s a blue moon, and cool water on a hot day. Three evenings in a row, sometime between sunset and nightfall, she watched the same man run by. He wasn’t from in town and she didn’t know him. He didn’t wear a shirt. His abdomen and back glistened. His… Continue Reading

  • Bora

    Bora Erotica by Will Crimson This is another commission by way of Hentai Foundry. The commissioner said she wanted me to write a story as if I were writing a longer one (so that if she could afford it — or others step in — the story could be continued). The outline: Lesbian lovers; one… Continue Reading