• Start Without Me

    Originally posted February, 2010. Taken down for publication in Slivered Lens. Reposted July, 2016 Start Without Me By Raziel Moore   “I got this. You go ahead and start, I’ll be right up!” I meant it as a joke, chuckling to myself while I put away the last of the groceries. Like half of the… Continue Reading

  • Bite!

    I was having a little fun this morning. I checked in on wonderful Nilla who minted a new post called Sexual Dreaming. Her post inspired me. I commented there with a little piece of eroticism; and I thought I’d include it here. I cleaned it up just a touch. Please visit Nilla and comment. All… Continue Reading

  • Long and Hard

    ◊ I’ve been working on more than one much longer stories, and haven’t given myself the time for something quick and dirty. This did the trick. That photograph is just…*sigh* – X   She pretended to be asleep when he walked into the bedroom. He got in the shower and she heard the way he… Continue Reading

  • Interlude ❧ Curl

    She didn’t pull the sheet over herself after we finished. I couldn’t tell whether it was pride or exhaustion. Her breasts lay bruised and flushed over her ribcage as she lit her cigarette. As she took her first drag, they quivered in a way that made me jealous. She offered me the battered pack. I… Continue Reading

  • The End

    An Erotic Quickie by Ximena ♦♦ It had to end to begin… – Sia “Wait here.” She gave me a crooked grin and walked into the darkness. Spring had finally gotten a firm clawhold on the cold. There were cherry blossom petals stuck to my heels. “Have you gone mad? We’re in the big city,… Continue Reading

  • Little Bites

    I can’t hear her moans, I feel them. They vibrate up the spade of my tongue and right into my brain. Her scents and tastes vary according to the phase of the moon and she’s tinged with metal and maple now. What I do has become second nature so I can concentrate on what I… Continue Reading

  • Fascinate

    ♠ I had to write my response to Will’s last beautiful little story… Fascinate ♦ An Erotic Quickie by Ximena She looked up at me with unfathomable eyes. I blinked twice because I saw her movements in slow motion – her, flipping her long hair, then twisting it into a one-handed braid. It shone black… Continue Reading