• singing

    I when we were in high school my girlfriend was too shy to sing with me though we both wanted to. I often sang alone imagining what her voice and mine would sound like together. II we sang our first duet at her parents’ house. the duet was quick and awkward. and we had to… Continue Reading

  • Madame Pierrette du Châtelet

    Madame Pierrette du Châtelet A little erotica inspired by erotic art by Redbud    OK, here’s the story behind this. I first sent the image in the story to Ximena. There’s something about the posture and look on this woman’s face that’s just irresistible. Ximena thought so too and sent me a story right back.… Continue Reading

  • Honey Nut

    ♥ I’m certain I’m not the only dirty mind that’s thought of this, but I decided to have a go at it anyway: a humorous — and hopefully sweet — fantasy. – X My cock rose with the sun every day, and every day, I’d wake to the hot wet suction of her mouth or… Continue Reading

  • Rub-A-Dub

    ♥ Something vanilla to help those in the east coast of the USA batten down the hatches tonight – and for everyone else too. – X “Where’s the restroom?” She rolled her eyes. “Are you serious? I think we’ve known each other long enough for you to say ‘I gotta take a piss’”. We had… Continue Reading

  • The Extra Mile

    ♥ Mehry’s story is so brilliantly witty and honest! It was beyond a story…it was the sometimes unromantic but ultimately humorous truth of real-life sexual encounters. Some liaisons don’t end the way that we want them to, and it’s fair to say that many people are either too afraid or too kind to tell their… Continue Reading

  • The Porn Reader Demands Quality

    The Porn Reader Demands Quality A cautionary anecdote by RedBud The porn reader spooned his wife. He pushed his hard-on against her ass. “Not now,” she sighed, “I have to sleep.” The porn reader knew better than to insist. She was tired. Maybe tomorrow morning? He sighed. He turned away from her and quietly stroked… Continue Reading