• Gang Rave

    A flight of Fancy from Monocle, removed for inclusion into a now-out-of-print book, restored here in all its neon-strobe garishness. Gang Rave by Monocle Danielle’s skin glowed an eerie blue-white, the natural appearance of her pale, almost-white complexion under black light. She intentionally heightened the effect with white-ish makeup and powders that would look pretty… Continue Reading

  • In The Dark

    It’s both one of my oldest long stories, first posted here in November, 2009, and until I took it down to be included in an anthology, the most commented on story I’d written (even before the blog). A look at it shows how much I’ve changed as a writer. It’s definitely Monocle’s piece, even though… Continue Reading

  • Ass

    This was fun to write. I had a slew of images to choose from. I picked two. You will have to click on it, then click again (to zoom). For the alternate image, click at right. And for the original image (at right) without my text, click here. Enjoy, and as always, Redbud a.k.a. Will Crimson.… Continue Reading

  • The Porn Reader Demands Quality Codes

    The Porn Reader Demands Quality Codes Another Cautionary Tale by Redbud This is an old confabulation, written as a follow up to the world renowned and now famous story: The Porn Reader Demands Quality. Another reader was just commenting on the latter story. Her comments inspired me to finally repost this one. The Porn Reader… Continue Reading

  • Anything For Love

    “Damn good shinny.” I poured another glass of champagne. She smiled at me as she ran her fingers through his prematurely salt and pepper hair. He wiggled with the pleasure of her touch, but his insolent brown eyes didn’t leave mine. I drained the champagne. “So, are we still going to do this?” I directed… Continue Reading

  • The Price of Honesty

    ♥  This is a longer one, and it goes a bit deeper than I usually go in the emotional side of sex. I still hope you enjoy – X He gently sucked her plump lower lip, then slid his tongue into her mouth – but not too deeply, because he knew she didn’t like a… Continue Reading

  • Just Another Random Encounter

    ♠ Fair warning: if this story was a color, it would be maroon…or maybe even black. The sharp smell of sweat cut through the liquor haze in the air. I watched as he drank from the bottles on the table in front of me, not even acknowledging my existence. My feet hurt in the ultra… Continue Reading