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  • November 1rst 2015

Unfinished Tales • The Wall

To be posted at EW November 8th 2015

  • October 22nd 2015

Unfinished Tales • Deskjob

  • October 18th 2015

Second Variation of the Collected Hitwoman

Is now available at Patreon as a PDF or EPUB.

  • October 17th 2015
    First Variation of the Collected Hitwoman

Is now available at Patreon as a PDF and EPUB.

This is the second variation on the same theme as the “First Variation” published yesterday. It’s the same characters, but different. Eventually, there will be seven variations making ‘one story’. If possible, I’ll write one a day. Then one more separate story and I’ll collect all the ProLife Hitwoman stories into an E-book available to Patreon subscribers at the 5 dollar level. This gets you much more than the Collected Hitwoman. Visit my Patreon site to find out.

Preface to The Collected Hitwoman

The common theme of this collection is the objectification, subjugation and non-consensual impregnation of uppity women in a society ruled by Mormons. In short, this collection is a gift to any self-respecting empowerment-feminist eager to build their career on a bottomless goldmine of disgust and outrage. Surely, examining how a civilized society could produce erotica like this is grist for a lifetime of contempt and close-reading. But if your goal isn’t tenure, then the sole reason to recommend this collection is unbridled erotic entertainment. They offer nothing else. Be warned though: They are, in a sense, the Everclear of erotica. The stories are 190 proof. Anything beyond that and blindness is assured. Read and enjoy at your own risk and only if non-consensual impregnation titillates your fancy.

  • October 14th 2015
    EPUB Format for your E-Reader:

The First Book of the Daydreams & Distractions is now available at Patreon in Epub format. So is Unfinished Tales: The Leash. This means that not only can you read this first collection conveniently on any device, but you get a table of contents. In the future, I’ll be releasing all my stories, at Patreon, as both PDFs and EPUB files.

Be a patron. Help me earn my living as a writer — your writer — so I can turn down the next job offer. I want to write more stories for you.

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