• Venus at Midnight

    Just before midnight I found her. She’d been hanging out at the campfire earlier. She was eighteen. There were other girls, older and mostly still by the fire. The men were in their early and late twenties. A joint had been passed around. I’d gone into the woods with a bottle of beer. Walking by… Continue Reading

  • The Fun House: Masquerade

    The Fun House: Masquerade by William Crimson The Fun House stories are among the first erotic stories I posted on the web. I had begun this as a series before striking up with Raziel. Of all the stories I’ve written, these are possibly the most popular. “The Birth of Succubus”, a later story in this… Continue Reading

  • byü-ti-fəl

    byü-ti-fəl erotica by William Crimson This story may remind readers of Raziel; and that’s deliberate.  Something a little darker. As with many of my stories, lately, I ask questions. Remember that these stories aren’t meant to mirror the truth, but to ask questions—to which I don’t know the answer—in the guise of an erotic fable.… Continue Reading

  • You, Succubus

    You, Succubus Erotica by William Crimson Inspired  by Rougedmount’s post Wet Dreams. It wasn’t s’posed to be this long, but once I get started I can’t help myself. For the women reading this, a glimpse into the male erotic psyche, and many questions for you. There’s also a passage directly inspired by Pussy Talk “In… Continue Reading

  • Bora • Installment 2.

    Bora • Installment 2. fun & weird erotica by William Crimson The continuation of the earlier commission. I think I have a fan. Some of you extra-solar cognoscenti might notice that I’m trying to keep things real. Don’t hesitate to challenge my science fiction. I love that sort of thing. Greer’s bi-level house looked over… Continue Reading

  • Orgasms

    Orgasms Erotica by William Crimson I’ve had much time to just live since my last post. I’ve discovered some things about myself. First, I’m an erotic writer. For some reason, this is the niche I agreed to before coming into this world.  So, if this is my gift, then I need to share it. In… Continue Reading