• Room For More

    Music roared just outside the scarred door. “What’s going on?” He followed her frenetic pacing with his eyes. “Nothing. Absolutely fucking nothing.” She kicked the sofa with her bare foot and winced.   “Nothing my white ass. Spill.” She looked him up and down. He had no reason to spend his time in that shitty… Continue Reading

  • Triangle

    ♠ This story’s got a little of everything that I know our audience loves. Enjoy. -X “Good evening,” he said unctuously as he let her in. His apartment smelled of weed and scented candles. “Shut the fuck up.”  She threw her bag on his sofa and kicked off her heels. She was halfway through taking… Continue Reading

  • Heat

    ♦ This story is based on an erotic art piece that Will sent to me. “There might be a story there,” he wrote, and left it at that. As it turns out, there was. – X “Mariette!” Her handmaid appeared from the other room, her skirt still bunched up from relieving herself. She lifted her… Continue Reading

  • Cutting It Close

    he makes me want to grab myself, my face scrunched up in agony because it hurts that he’s not inside me. i want to turn my back to him lift my skirt and bend over, slack-mouthed and expectant. his loose-hipped gait is a suggestion, a maddening demonstration of what he can do. he thrusts forward… Continue Reading

  • Before the Ball

    ♦ Some might find this piece upsetting – or at least poignant – but it’s a reality many people are living for the sake of their friends, family, and ‘les convenances’. In the long run, which will cause less pain to all parties involved – a pleasant fiction, or the truth? -X “Darling, Cheryl and… Continue Reading

  • Sweet Sacrifice

    “Excuse me, miss?” She turned from her pow-wow with a drunk middle-aged woman and smiled. She recognized him immediately, since she’d received a photograph of him on her cell phone earlier that evening. “Give me one second.” She turned back to the woman, whispered something in her ear, and stroked her hair. “Thank you,” the… Continue Reading