Art Flim

I looked back, trying to get a good picture of him in my head for the police, but he was masked. I couldn’t even make out the color of his shadowed eyes. He held a camera and was playing back a video. I heard my own voice – it was my casting interview for the ‘art film’ audition. I had been able to lie to myself that it wasn’t going to be softcore porn. But this wasn’t an audition, or a production studio. This was my bedroom, and it was nothing like the script snippets I’d read.

I heard myself talking about my experience – I’d lied about the number of lovers I’d had and what I’d done with them. I’d lied that I was on birth control – I’d decided to go on if I got the job, but they were going to use condoms anyway. I told them I wouldn’t do anal or anything kinky and the producer had nodded and told me not to worry about that.

He played the video to the end and then set the camera on a tripod set up next to my bed, pointing at me. There were several other cameras – real movie equipment – in other positions around the bed, all of them were on, including one at the foot pointed right between by spread and bound legs.

“The good news,” the masked man said, “ was that you passed the audition.”

I frantically tried to pull free of my restraints, and to scream through the tape that sealed my mouth. Every effort was useless.

“The bad news is there have been quite a few edits to the plot.”

He unzipped his pants and pulled them down, revealing a massive, hardening cock.

“But we think you’re a good enough performer to roll with the changes.”

He climbed onto the bed behind me.

“We also had a bit of a budget shortfall after buying the last camera, and couldn’t afford condoms.”

I screamed again into the tape, kicking and bucking to keep him away from me. I heard him spitting, and then big hands pushed between my legs and smeared slimy saliva on and in my slit.

“Also, scene two?”, He gave my ass a big, stinging slap, “Definitely anal.”

I tried to scream again, but the hard thrust of his fat cock into my pussy cut me off. 

He forced himself deeper and deeper into me grunting into my ear about scene three’s DP. I didn’t know what it was, but I didn’t like the sound of it. And then he started fucking, hard and fast, and I couldn’t even catch my breath to think.

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Cassie Andra

Old enough to know better and not care. Vanilla on the outside. Vanilla through and through, except for the mind. You don't want to go there, but I'll give you peeks. Be warned: erotica themes include standard fun, but also the taboo-est of the taboo. Coming of age, infidelity, family relations, dubious and non-consent. Every throbbing inch of it is, however, fantasy, and should be treated as such.

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