Blind Want

The blindfold is pretty flimsy, but it’s one of the few things I insist upon each time. I don’t want to see them. I don’t want them to see me. Well, not all of me. Not all of my face. It’s just too embarrassing. My desire, my need is embarrassing. It’s just… wrong, isn’t it? Wanting to be fucked by cock after cock after cock. Wanting to feel them all, each different length, different thickness, different bends and veins, fully inside me. I want to feel them cum in me, shooting hard, or pouring, or dribbling, one after another, until I overflow, until the sheets are soaked, until there is nothing left for them to give me, or take from me.

I want them to lust after my body, to get hard, to want to touch and grope and hold and fuck and fill. But I don’t want them to see the slut who’s already dripping wet on the bed, legs spread, waiting for them. I don’t want them to know who is already nearly on the edge of orgasm by the time the first cock touches her pussy, or who comes so wantonly and so often as one cock empties itself into her, and another replaces it.

And yet I want all of it. It drives me insane not having it. So I make the arrangements again.

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Cassie Andra

Old enough to know better and not care. Vanilla on the outside. Vanilla through and through, except for the mind. You don't want to go there, but I'll give you peeks. Be warned: erotica themes include standard fun, but also the taboo-est of the taboo. Coming of age, infidelity, family relations, dubious and non-consent. Every throbbing inch of it is, however, fantasy, and should be treated as such.

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