Given Away

Sky had wanted it for so long, and so much that she even confessed it, one hot night in the afterglow, to her husband. But she’d been so nervous, and too unsure of herself and to push or or treat it as seriously as she felt deep down. But Jay, God bless him, listened, nodded, and told her that if she wanted it, he wanted it for her. Or at least he said so. He said it would turn him on to see other men want her – even to see other men fuck her – “As long as I get to prove to you that you belong to me only afterward”.

But it was all talk – hot talk for sure – but just talk until their fifth anniversary.

At their fancy dinner out, Jay told Sky he’d arranged a special present, and made her promise to do everything he said, no questions asked. The way he said it, and the way he looked at her, made Sky’s heart beat faster. She loved him, and trusted him, and agreed. In the cab on the way home, he put a blindfold on her, and she heard him say something to the driver. The car turned, and Sky became disoriented disturbingly quickly, and had no clear idea where they were when the taxi stopped and Jay guided her out of the car. The quiet street revealed no clues as, he led her up a few stairs and into a building, carefully holding her arm and guiding her steps so she wouldn’t stumble.

Inside, the building smelled clean and new, the room sounded large and echoey. Sky heard the murmur of quiet conversation slow to a stop as they entered.

“Gentlemen,” Jay said, “this is my wife.”

Jay shifted next to her, put his hands on her shoulders, and said “Everything is going to be perfectly fine and safe, but if you want it to stop, at any time, for any reason, say ‘grace’. Do you understand?”

Heart racing, she could only nod, speechless.

“Good. Now, take off your top.”

No questions asked. Do everything he said. In front of how many people? Sky unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off.

“Now your skirt, and shoes,”

She hesitated. She had ‘grace’ on my lips. Yet her husband’s hand was rested strong, reassuring, on her back.

She slipped her skirt down, unstrapped and kicked off her shoes, and stood back up in the panties, thigh highs and lace bra Jay had gifted her with before this night out. As he’d watched her put them on, she’d smiled of the thought of he would be seeing them come off later. But she hadn’t even imagined it this way.

“Bra,” he said.

With shaking hands, Sky complied. She knew, and he knew whoever was there could, would see everything she revealed, and she felt her whole body blushing. She also felt a tingle that wasn’t simple fear, low in her stomach, and between her legs.

Jay took his wife by the hand and led her down a long hall, to another large sounding room. He guided her onto a firm mattress, onto her hands and knees. Sky was nervous enough to shake as she positioned herself as told. Jay whispered to her then.

“These panties are kind of special. They’re pretty and all, but they weaken substantially if they get wet. Not only does your mind have to want this. Your body does too. Each man here will have their chance to convince you, but if any part of you says no – body or mind – this will end, and I’ll take you home and make you forget everything else.”

She didn’t understand what he meant, really, but as she felt Jay’s weight leave the bed, another weight settled on it. Behind her. Between her parted legs. A weight, a sound of movement and breathing different from her husband’s. Hands that weren’t his settled on her hips, and a presence – a pressure – the head of a hard cock, pushed against the fabric covering her slit. She gasped out loud, and almost sprang away. But the hands weren’t rough, and though the pressure at her entrance increased, the panties held. The knob of a complete stranger’s cock pressed hot against her with only the thin film keeping skin from skin.

She didn’t know how long it stayed there, but after a while it pulled away, the hands left her hips, and weight left the bed. But a moment later, another weight, another man, moved behind her to repeat the same thing; hands on her hips, head of his hard cock pressing up against her pussy entrance. These hands were calloused and rough, and the cockhead was fatter, and she wondered if it would even fit if her panties weren’t stopping it. A thrill passed through her body at that thought, but eventually this man left as well. A third man took his place, the head of his cock seemingly narrower than those of the other two, pushing the fabric of the panties hard against her slit, trying to open her and failing. Sky wondered how many men there were, how many would be trying. She shuddered and flushed. Squirming in the long-fingered grip. What would happen if-

With a small, wet tearing sound, the panties gave way. The cock that had been pressing against her slowly lubricating pussy poked through the ruined fabric and into her, deep, deeper, and deeper in one long thrust. The narrowness of the head had been deceptive. The shaft behind it was thicker and long, long, long. Sky’s gasp at the first penetration turned into a long moan of surprise as the whole rod filled her in one stroke.

“Oh my God.” Was all she could manage. ‘Grace’ did not even enter her mind.

Her husband’s voice was in her ear again.

“Happy Anniversary, my love. I am here.”

And the man inside her – the total stranger – one of at least three and very likely more – started fucking her.

She thought there were five of them in total, maybe six. Each of them had different hands, and each of their cocks felt different – some longer, fatter, curved different ways, It was overwhelming. She came again and again at the knowledge and feel of being taken by these unknown men, one after the other. The panties were either eventually torn from her completely or simply disintegrated or dissolved from sweat and come. Yes, come. They came inside he. Jay told her they would, and even though she shuddered and moaned “Oh no!” and “Oh God!” when she felt their semen flood into her, she didn’t say the word. Instead she came even harder. A man who was not her husband fucked and came in her, and then another would thrust his cock in he come-slick pussy and churn it and her insides into an orgasmic froth.

At the end of the night, Sky was a quivering mass of bliss, collapsed on the bed. The men were gone, and her husband pulled the blindfold from her eyes. She looked up at him and cried with exhaustion, overload, joy, guilt, gratitude. Jay took her in his arms, kissed her deeply, and held her until she fell asleep in his embrace.

She slept deep, and sound, and dreamless, and woke late the next morning, sore, sticky, head ringing with the memory. She turned groggily to her husband, whose eyes were open, waiting for her. Hungry.

“Now I will prove to you you’re mine, always have been, always will be,” he said.

But that’s another story.

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