Night Nurse (N&V 108)

Every day, patient 21014 behaved more and more erratically. It seemed like his grip on reality continued to fray regardless of treatment plan or medication. He muttered profane incoherences; horrifying explicit perversions that forced the hospital to keep him in an isolation ward. The doctors didn’t suspect my after hours “therapy” sessions had anything to do with it. Of course, none of them knew any such thing was happening. And the regular night-shift security guy watching all the ward cameras was willing to trade blow jobs – and a free show – for silence and the occasional glitched out recording.

Maybe it wasn’t the right thing to do. But he was guilty of and committed for some truly nasty crimes, and I was the assistant nurse during his intake exam, when he had to be restrained, then sedated. I could barely take my eyes off him. The term “brutally handsome” should have his picture next to it in the dictoionary. And his cock. His balls, even then, looked so full, like a manifestation of his potential. I had to know. I had to try. The opportunity presented itself early – a night in full restraints after a berserk mealtime incident. At least he appeared to understand the not so implicit threat of being sedated and catheterized if he didn’t relieve himself when the opportunity was provided, but even as he did, he threatened me with graphic, grisly, violent revenge. I’d heard it before – I can’t say I’d heard worse, but I had the experience to trust the orderlies here, and the restraints, enough to be fine with performing these duties alone.

The fact I was so unfazed just enraged him more, and he tried to get at me, pulling hard at the cuffs that held him to the bed. It’s quite possible I made him snap that very first time, when I sank my mouth down around his cock instead of tucking his gown back in place. He howled so. He also got hard fast, and the erect member did not disappoint. His fury became incoherent as I stripped off my scrub bottoms and climbed on him. He bucked and yanked brutally at his restraints as I impaled myself on him, screaming how he was going to dismember me and worse. But his cock felt so good. It was like like riding the personification of wrath and malice, and it got me all the way off. And, red-faced, cursing, malevolent, so did he. And he came hard, bellowing and letting loose angry jets inside me that I could actually feel like shots of liquid heat. It was the best.

He was only somewhat subdued when I cleaned him up and left for the night. He was already growling more horrors to inflict upon me as I closed the cell door.

Needless to say, I was immediately hooked. Once I did it the first time, there was no way I was going to stop. And I didn’t. And it wasn’t like his regular behavior didn’t give me regular opportunities. He ended up in one kind of night restraints or another at least once every few days, and, as I continued my visits, the frequency increased.

When I come into his room now, his eyes change. The mix of terror, fury, hunger is intoxicating. He resists when I pull his loose pants down and push him back, but doesn’t have much fight in a straight jacket. And he’s always hard as a rock as soon as his cock is free. He fills me up so good. All that malignance, all that cum. I can’t get enough. And fortunately for me, there’s no end to his stay in sight.

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I am the little devil on your shoulder, stroking your neck with my tail, whispering obscenities into your ear, and looking down your blouse. One third of The Erotic Writer blog.


  1. Anonymous

    Dude? how do you do it? How can you take anger, hate…or just evil and turn it erotic? I get it monsters are just that, but this? something else.
    I come to this page to make myself feel not so alone in my thoughts, and you write some thing that changes the way I think. Well done thank you

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