Short Straw (N&V 106)

My suitemates hadn’t told me the true nature of their game when we started playing. I’d suspected that the drawing straws choosing who went first was rigged, but didn’t protest, as I figured I could always give later as good as I got. 

But after they tied me to the chair, they got out a toy I’d never seen before. They teased me right up to the edge. And then stopped! They left me alone for half a minute, hips bucking on air, and desperate to come, smiling at me. Only after I began to cool off did they start again, making me jump and moan. 

They cautioned me I was getting too loud when they backed off the second time, and I cursed at them as I squirmed. They shook their heads sadly, and as Shelley pressed the buzzing toy against me again and I gasped and cried out, Heather muffled the sound by stuffing a gag in my mouth and strapping it around my head! That frustrated and angered me, and gave a first twinge of fear as well, but the pleasure of the vibrations between my legs was completely dominant, and I whined into the gag when they took it away again.

I don’t know how many times they taunted me to the edge of orgasm, only to back off at the last second, but by the time Victor from down the hall came into the room, I was beyond desperate, and too far gone to be embarrassed. I didn’t know Victor that well, but half the girls on the hall crushed or lusted after him. I just stared at him, panting as he closed the door behind him, and cried into my gag as Shelly mashed the toy against my clit again. Through my tear-blurred eyes, I saw Victor was taking off his shirt. 

Shelley relented, again, just shy of my orgasm. As I struggled and tried to get free again, Heather explained. She said they’d let me come, but only if Victor was inside me. I stared at her, and then Heather, wide eyed. Then I looked over at Victor, who smiled at me, not unkindly, as he pulled his pants off, revealing his hard cock.

At first I refused, shaking my head until Shelley pressed the toy back. As I screamed into the gag, Victor gently pulled my hair back, making me arch so he could suckle one of my breasts, then the other. Heather’s fingers roamed my sides and belly – and then, by some signal I couldn’t see, they all stopped at the same time, leaving me on the precipice once more.

It only took two or three more of those before I stopped refusing and started trying to beg them. I think they pretended not to understand at first. My head was sagged back and I was panting, nerves afire, legs open obscenely, hips raised to empty air, when at last I felt two strong hands take hold of my hips and Victor’s hot shaft thrust all the way into me with one forceful stroke.

My head snapped up to stare into his face. I barely noticed my suitemate’s hands back on my belly and breasts as Victor began fucking me, because I knew he wouldn’t stop until I came. They’d promised. And as I felt it finally becoming inevitable, I knew it was going to be the biggest orgasm I’d ever had. 

Victor didn’t stop, fucking his cock all the way in and out of me in slow, powerful strokes, each thrust filling me completely and pushing me up, up, and over the edge. 

It was a good thing, then, that I was gagged, because my scream would have brought the police, otherwise. My body shook, and jerked, and wouldn’t stop, because Victor didn’t stop fucking, and Shelley and Heather didn’t stop either. In fact, together, they brought their mouths to my nipples, and forced me even higher. And just like they wouldn’t let me start before, now they wouldn’t let me finish. They kept sucking and fucking and fingering me and not stopping, and I kept coming and coming, until everything kind of went away in a storm of pleasure. 

I woke in the small hours of the morning, in the dark, in my room, curled up naked in my bed. I ached all over, especially my thighs and between my legs, but it was the most delicious ache I’d ever experienced. I felt completely lethargic, drained, gooey…

Gingerly I slid a hand between my legs. I was still slick there – very much so. It didn’t feel like just me, though. I brought my wet fingers to my nose to sniff, then taste, and groaned at the confirmation. 

They hadn’t told me they were going to let Victor come in me, too. But I could give as good as I got.

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