Nuclear Family

It was my mom’s cries that caused me to burst into my parents’ room. I’d thought she’d hurt herself, or worse, but I was not prepared for the scene that greeted me. 

On the bed, Mom lay naked, legs spread wide apart, emitting wanton, guttural moans. Between her legs, fucking her for all he was worth, was my brother Jeff. Her arms were wrapped around his broad shoulders and his head was tucked down, mouth sucking hard on one of her breasts.

And Dad was sitting in a chair watching them, half naked and stroking his cock. The size of his cock didn’t even register to me at first, other than “fucking big,” but the scene was so unbelievable it hardly even made an impression. He looked over at me and smiled,

“Come on in, Sweetpea, it’s all right.”

I stood uncertain in the doorway as Mom moaned and Jeff grunted. Dad got up, walked over to me and took my hand. 

“You can see much better from over here.”

His hard shaft bobbed up and down as he walked, leading his way toward me and then back to where he’d been sitting. I let him guide me, kind of in a state of shock at what was going on. I had never thought… 

“Just watch them,” Dad said, as he turned me to face them and sat back down behind me.

How could I not? There was Mom, under Jeff, who had raised his head and loomed over her, his toned body sweating with is exertion. She stared up at my brother with lust filled eyes as his cock emerged from and disappeared into her over and over, before letting her head fall back and eyes flutter closed as she pulled his head down to suckle at her other breast.

I’d hardly noticed Dad moving behind me. Then, in a sudden, surreal moment I realized he was pulling my pajama bottoms down. And my panties. And unbuttoning my pajama top and slipping it off. 

But I was watching them fuck, hearing my mother’s slutty sounds and the collision of bodies, and I was churning inside. When I felt Dad’s cock nudging between my pussy lips, I jerked away the first time, but Jeff’s next deep thrust, and the moan it illicited from Mom made me quiver. I didn’t move away the second time Dad’s dick nuzzled between my legs. This time, I found my hips undulating, grinding against the fat cockhead, settling myself onto it, letting it stretch my opening. I was slick. More than that. I was almost dripping wet.

“Fuck, he’s as big as you.” Mom, panted between gasps, as Jeff grunted in pleasure with each thrust. 

I watched, mesmerized as his tool plunged in and out of my mother’s stretched cunt, my own first moan escaping as my father’s cock slowly forced its way into me. I didn’t dare look down. I think the sight of something that size pushing into me would have freaked me out. Feeling it was overwhelming enough. The fact it was my own father’s… my mind didn’t even let me go there. 

Dad’s hand settled on my hip, then slid around, caressing every inch until he was far enough around to stroke my clit. The new sensation made me gasp again, and squeeze him hard inside reflexively. I also sank down a sudden inch when I relaxed, which made me squeeze again…

“Ohhh, Slutty little Sweetpea. Who got that cherry of yours?” Dad started naming the boyfriends of mine that he’d known about, trying to guess. 

“Oh, God!”

Both Mom and I cried out those words at nearly the same time, me because of the utter absurdity of my Dad’s cock filling me – stuffing me – as he tried to guess who had taken my virginity, Mom because she was cumming from my brother’s brutal fucking. Her body jerked and bucked under him, and he fucked her right through it as she wailed in ecstasy.

I sank lower and lower as Mom’s climax took her higher, Dad’s cock filling me fuller and fuller. And then I was sitting, nearly breathless, on his lap.

I braved a look down to see the base of his shaft stretching my pussy lips tight around it, and couldn’t believe the feeling of his hot, hard cock buried in me.

“That’s my girl,” Dad said, easing me forward, I reached for the side of the bed in front of me as he slowly stood up behind me, still hilted inside. I was now standing, bent legged, leaning over hands supporting me on the edge of the bed. My gaze switched back to Mom, who lay limp under Jeff, a glazed, whorish look on her face as he fucked her even harder, if that was possible. The slapping of their bodies was hypnotic.

Jeff’s pace, and his ferocity, increased as sweat practically flew from him. Without noticing when I’d started, I realized I was pushing myself back against Dad and then relaxing, pushing back and then moving a little forward. I was, gradually, starting to fuck myself on him while watching my brother fuck Mom into next week. Dad’s hands were on my hips, but just resting there, caressing them. Drops of my own arousal slid down my thighs, forced out by the tight, delicious fit of Dad’s cock.

When my brother came, he was like some wild beast. Two, three final, thrusts with his cock and then he howled and buried himself balls deep in Mom who came alive with an “Oh FUCK!” and started cumming again herself. I was at the perfect angle to see Jeff’s tight balls jerking as he pumped his cum into Mom, both of them trembling and straining with that final locking together. 

I was fucking Dad faster now, pulling off farther – still nowhere near all the way – and pushing back. My own confused lust and strange need rose higher and higher watching the other two peak and finally collapse, Jeff almost falling onto Mom, resting his head on her breasts as she hugged him tight and stroked his hair.

Still panting, both of them turned to look at me and Dad.

“Just watch them,” Mom cooed to my brother.

That’s when Dad’s grip on my hips tightened vice-strong. I had just pulled myself maybe half way off, but I didn’t have the chance to push myself back. Dad pulled, thrust his hips forward, stabbing his cock in hard, and making me cry out. And when he pulled me almost all the way off of him and rammed back in, I was even louder. 

What I’d been doing before, moving myself back and forth on Dad’s cock had been nothing. Not even playing. Dad was fucking me. Like Jeff had fucked Mom, and it was too much. Too much and exactly enough at the same time. I’d never felt anything like its inside before. I found myself staring at Mom’s face, nearly sobbing, feeling desperate. Her knowing look blurred as tears filled my eyes and I started cumming, then screaming when Dad forced himself into me even as my inner muscles clamped down on him, which only pushed me higher. 

My orgasm didn’t stop until Dad had bellowed and slammed as deep into me as he could, and unloaded pulse after pulse of his cum into me. I’d never cum like that before. I’d never felt so stuffed, so fucked, so taken that I saw stars and threatened to melt, or pass out. Only when he began to soften and pull me off of him, did my shuddering begin to subside. 

I staggered forward to the bed and collapsed onto it, my Dad’s cum streaming down my legs.

“I can see that interested you,” Mom’s voice said. I looked blearily in her direction and saw her sliding a finger up and down Jeff’s cock. It was hard, at full attention again.

“Ah, youth,” Dad said. “Ever ready.”

“Well, go on. Your father and I need a little rest and cuddle time.”

Jeff rose from Mom and reached for me on the bed. He took hold of one ankle and pulled me around, rolling me onto my back. I was still winded, and more than a little stunned, and just let him do it. I looked up at him as he slowly pushed my knees apart and knelt between them. His hard cock still glistened with his and Mom’s mingled cum. God it was big. As big as Dad’s. He lowered it to my pussy, which was slick and dripping with our father’s cum, and started pushing in. I watched every inch fill me, forcing my breath out of my lungs, and more of Dad’s semen out of my cunt as we both moaned.

And then my brother started fucking me. Mom and Dad curled together, watching us like proud parents, but my gaze was up at Jeff, at that fierce, lustful look in his eyes as his cock thrust into me harder and deeper, and though my mind was a riot of conflict, my hands rose to pull his head to my breast, and my legs raised and wrapped around him to pull him into me, urging him on.

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Cassie Andra

Old enough to know better and not care. Vanilla on the outside. Vanilla through and through, except for the mind. You don't want to go there, but I'll give you peeks. Be warned: erotica themes include standard fun, but also the taboo-est of the taboo. Coming of age, infidelity, family relations, dubious and non-consent. Every throbbing inch of it is, however, fantasy, and should be treated as such.


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