Ever since Julianne had introduced herself and Graham to me, my life has taken stranger and stranger turns. At first I’d thought she was essentially Graham’s wing-woman, breaking the ice for him to meet me. But as the evening progressed and the drinks flowed, they revealed themselves as a couple – who were both interested in me. It flustered and flattered me to no end. It made me curious, and as the time got later, and we danced and talked in various combinations of two and three, kind of excited. I’d never before considered doing anything sexy with another woman before then, much less a woman and a man together, but I let them take me home, and they gave me a night, then a weekend, of pleasure and surprises I’ll never forget.

At work the next week, I was pretty sure it had been a one-, well two-night stand kind of thing. But Thursday afternoon, Julianne texted me, asking what I was doing for the weekend. She and Graham were heading upstate for some skiing and would I like to come along. I found myself saying yes. And we actually did ski on Saturday, but Sunday morning, instead of disentangling himself from the pile of the three of us to shower and get dressed, Graham just rolled over and started going down on me like my pussy was the only source of nourishment in a hundred miles. And Julienne joined in as soon as she was awake enough, kissing me and suckling my breasts as she fingered herself. I’d already lost track of my climaxes before noon. We stayed in their private cabin all Sunday, and I returned to work completely sore but stayed positively buoyant all through the next week.

And it went on like that through the winter. They’d call me, I’d come, then I’d come. We saw shows, had dinners, and, eventually collapse into bed, either Julienne or Graham taking charge of the night – and of me. Every week they introduced me to a new delight, a new little twist. Coaxing me past inhibitions I hadn’t realized were there.

I don’t remember when they started affectionately calling me ‘Pet’, but it never felt wrong or diminutive. It seemed only natural.

Though Graham would slide his cock into Julienne – and they both obviously enjoyed it – he would fuck me, and they both got off on that. I don’t know how to describe the difference other than that. Of course, Julienne also fucked me, with her tongue, and fingers, and toys, but the way Graham did it just… made me feel like a goddess and a slut at the same time. As spring took hold of the city I began to realize that not long ago, I’d have considered this relationship, and what we did behind closed doors, pretty perverse. But I didn’t know anything yet.

Late April, another weekend intertwined. They’d leaned me back on the sofa arm, hips raised, my dripping pussy presented to Graham’s cock. Julienne straddled me, teasing my clit with her tongue above the thrusting shaft as she ground her pussy down to my eager mouth. Graham’s hands edged into the crooks of my knees, pushing my legs back and apart holding me wide open for both of them. I was, as usual, in heaven, nearly at the threshold another delicious orgasm, so I whined into Julienne’s crotch when Graham pulled himself slowly all the way out.

“Time for something new, Pet,” Julienne sang between licks.

I let out a muffled moan when I felt the head of Graham’s cock nudge my pussy lips again, but then it dragged down, over my perineum, to push up against the pucker of my ass. I shrieked into Julienne’s pussy and lurched my body. But I was pinned.

“Shhh,” Graham said, “Just relax. It’ll all be all right.”

I was suddenly on the edge of panic. The thee of us had never talked about this before, and while a stray finger or tongue had grazed my anus previously, it had never been the focus of play – much less the target of Graham’s cock. Which was now pushing slowly at my tightly clenched rear entrance.

“Ohhh, poor Pet,” Juienne cooed. “Let me help.”

And with that she attacked my clit and pussy with her mouth, in the ways she had learned got me the hottest the fastest. She pleasured me mercilessly, and I screamed – not just from her tongue, but because the stimulation was affecting all my muscles. I couldn’t keep my ass clenched and Graham was slowly stretching me. Pushing. Into. My ass. I couldn’t stop him. I couldn’t stop either of them. Julienne had raised her pussy from my mouth, to let me breathe, and possibly to let them both hear my distress. I knew they got off on hearing me every time they ‘tried something new’. But I could see this was turning her on. Her own juices dripped down her thighs as she licked me into a frenzy.

My orgasm was coming and I couldn’t stop it, even as the flared head of Graham’s cock stretched–

The cockhead slipped past my ring muscle almost with a ‘pop’, just as Julianne sucked hard on my clit. I lost it, wailing and coming like never before. My whole body spasmed – my ass clamping down hard and rhythmically on the cock invading it – and I could feel it pushing deeper as I flailed under Julienne. It was like nothing I’d ever felt before. It was obscene. Perverse. And yet, the pleasure trumped it all.

By the time the waves of climax ebbed, Julienne had raised herself high enough over me so that I could see Graham there – at least his cock and abdomen. While I was coming he’d managed to push two thirds of his length into my ass, and now I felt every inch of it there.

“Ohh, that was very good, Pet. Look how deep you took Graham right away.” Julienne’s approval made me feel so good.

“You’re a natural. Now,” she said, lowering her pussy back down, “Your turn to take care of Julienne. while Graham gives you your first proper ass-fucking. I promise you’ll love it soon enough.”

I groaned into Julienne’s pussy as Graham’s cock pulled part way out then began boring deeper, starting to fuck. 

I started licking her, because I was a good pet.

Her sighs and Graham’s growls joined my sounds.

With each new obscenity, each orgasm, I became ever more entangled in their web.

Escape never crossed my mind. Spring gave way to summer, and I gave way, gladly, to every whim and wish and pleasure and perversion they brought to me, or brought me to. They tied me. They tickled me. The wined and dined and blindfolded me. They taught me how to please them as they pleasured me, and used me to please each other.

In the hottest days and even hotter nights. Julienne said it was time to mark me. Let everybody know I belonged to her and Graham. She sucked a major hickey onto my neck as she and Graham wrenched climax after climax from me.

“That’s a good Pet. Now it’s Graham’s turn. But he’s to mark you inside. You’re going to stop taking the pill.”

I moaned and nodded and came as his cock sank deep and flooded me. 

I am a good pet, after all.

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I am the little devil on your shoulder, stroking your neck with my tail, whispering obscenities into your ear, and looking down your blouse. One third of The Erotic Writer blog.


    • Monocle

      All aspects of control, its strength, fragility, maintenance, loss, and surrender, have always fascinated me. I think about it a lot in different configurations of the sensual and erotic space. Even so, I’m still exploring only a sliver of it.

  1. “Julienne had raised her pussy from my mouth, to let me breathe, and possibly to let them both hear my distress. I knew they got off on hearing me every time they ‘tried something new’. But I could see this was turning her on.” … “I started licking her, because I was a good pet.” … “With each new obscenity, each orgasm, I became ever more entangled in their web.” …and those are just a few that jump out.

    It’s more than a great idea, it’s also those perfectly turned phrases that characterize the person or the dynamic – quietly, precisely. Wonderful.

    • Monocle

      Thanks so much, MG! I really appreciate it. Sometimes, I end up liking aa particular phrase and mostly assume it’s just me patting myself on the back. It’s nice to know some people are getting from it what I do.

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