Lake House

This summer my Mom and her sisters rented a lake house and had a reunion of sorts. I looked at it as an opportunity to sleep late, escape my screaming younger siblings, and tan on secluded parts of the beach. And ogle Cole. My only older cousin had turned into a complete studmuffin in the two years since I’d last seen him. But he’d also gotten “serious”. A man with a plan. College. Career. Goals. 

I was going to have to do something about that. I had actually made a damp spot in my shorts at breakfast stealing looks at him across the table yesterday. Jesus Christ. 

Fortunately, his goals for the summer seemed similar to mine – aside from the ogling part, which was both good and bad. Good that he didn’t have his eye on anyone else among the summer inhabitants of the lake town. Bad in that he didn’t seem to notice me much – certainly not enough for my liking. And he wasn’t really into tanning. He wanted to rent Ski-do’s and motor around the lake and it’s tributaries in the afternoons instead of lie around and veg, but I could work with that.

Unfortunately the big Ox slept like the dead. After the younger kids had dragged the Moms to the beach for the day, leaving us to sleep late in the house, I was up almost as soon as the shrieking receded. But no noises I could make to get his attention seemed to have any effect. Of course it was difficult to ‘accidentally’ be louder than the recently departed horde, but I needed to up my game. But I had several aces up my sleeves.

Sneaking into his room was easy. A marching band could’ve done that. Touching him? Kissing his forehead? His lips? Nothing. Fishing his soft cock out of his pants? God, maybe he was dead. No. His broad chest rose and fell like the a bellows and…yes, in my mouth his cock slowly came to life, and it turned out he’d bulked up everywhere since I’d last seen him. 

And, lo and behold, he was stirring. But not awake yet. I’ll cop to lust-madness for what I did next. I stripped – he didn’t notice – and climbed on top of him. I could tell you I wan’t in my right mind, and I wouldn’t be entirely lying. Lust that had been building for days drowned out my rational or moral thought. Sinking down on his shaft was the wrongest thing I’d ever done, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I actually had a mini-orgasm right there, as his hardness filled me just right. I kind of just sat there and trembled for a moment, but I couldn’t just sit still. I don’t know if it was my groans or my pussy squeezing him that finally did it. Cole groaned and his eyes opened sleepily, then he looked down his body, confused, and saw me riding him. He lurched up, gasping. 

“Hey! What are y-” 

“Shh!” I managed to get out, pushing him back down before he could get his arms to support him. “You’ve been driving me crazy all week and I- aahh- need thi-.” Another rippling mini-climax, bigger than the first, cut me off.

“But you’re… we’re…” Cole stuttered, even as his arms came to my rocking hips and his head fell back.

“We’re.. fucking…” I panted. “Don’t… tell me… you don’t… like it…”

“I… We…”

He was trying to protest. But his hips were starting to thrust up into me. God, that was even better. I smiled and leaned down to kiss him. The shift in angle pushed him deeper and pushed me over the edge, and I came for real, moaning into his mouth. Suddenly his hands were grabbing my head and holding me to him, and his hips thrust right up into me as he let himself go. That made my climax even better than I’d thought possible, until I was collapsing, spent and content on top of him.

“Oh, fuck I wanted that so bad. Needed that so bad,” I said, as if that explained and excused everything.

I pulled off him slowly, reluctantly because he was still hard and twitching inside me, but I figured a retreat now would be smart. I slid to the side of the bed and moved to grab my clothes. 

“Where do you think you’re going?”

His voice was lower than usual. More gruff. It made my belly flutter. I looked over my shoulder at him. He was staring at me while pulling his shorts off one fluid motion, moving to grab and spin me back onto the bed. Before I could respond coherently, he had my hips pulled up and my knees underneath me on the bed, and his still-hard cock rammed into my pussy as far as it would go.

“Oh my GOD, yes!” was all I could manage. This was better yet. 

“You think… I didn’t see you watching?” Cole asked me, his hips slamming forward again and again. “You think… I didn’t feel… the same? But I was going to be… good. I was going to… not… do this… But now…”

“Yes, now…”

“Fuck.” He pulled out of me, flipped me on my back, and pulled his shirt off. Now there was nothing between all of him and all of me. He dove right back in and my hips rose to meet him.

“Now look what you’ve done,” he said. He said it like a complaint, but his voice was rasping and his fuck was harder, deeper, more.

“I had to. Had to. Had toooOO!” Fuck, I was cumming again! And Cole fucked me right through my orgasm, forcing his way through my clutching, squeezing pussy. Until I was a limp rag under him, and then longer still, until he leaned down and kissed me deep, unloading into me a second time, the jets of his cum timed perfectly with the short sharp thrusts of his orgasm. It was mindblowing.

He collapsed on top of me for a minute, and I reveled in being squashed and trapped under him for a few moments before he heaved himself over and stared up at the ceiling.

“Ok,” he said. “Ok. I guess we had to do that. Yeah.” He looked over at me. “I guess we did.”

His expression grew serious. 

“But that’s all. It’s not right. It was good, but we’re cousins and we both have…” he waved vaguely outside, “other things we have to do. This is was a one-off. A really, really good one-off.”

Yeah, yeah, man with a plan. College. Career. Goals. He was trying to let me down easy. Older-sibling like. Sensible like.

Well, I was now a girl with a plan. I wasn’t sure about College, or Career yet, but Goals? I had a couple. 

Two days later “this is a one-off” died when I swallowed his cum for the first time…

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Cassie Andra

Old enough to know better and not care. Vanilla on the outside. Vanilla through and through, except for the mind. You don't want to go there, but I'll give you peeks. Be warned: erotica themes include standard fun, but also the taboo-est of the taboo. Coming of age, infidelity, family relations, dubious and non-consent. Every throbbing inch of it is, however, fantasy, and should be treated as such.

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