The Society

I’d always been curious about Dad’s “secret society”. The lodge he went to the first Wednesday of every month. The week-long retreat every summer. I knew women belonged to it, but Mom didn’t because she “wasn’t in to that kind of club thing.” Finally, the summer before heading off to college, I secretly followed him to a meeting, lying to Mom I’d be at a friend’s house. I knew the secret words and handshakes to get in, because you can’t keep that kind of stuff from your own curious daughter easily.

But I got caught by a few men while looking around the grand building and, in a feat of impromptu performance, convinced them that I was a new member. Or rather new “initiate”, which seemed to put them at ease. I played at being lost, and they showed me where I was supposed to go, and what I was supposed to do. 

I played along, both scared and curious, aware I was already a little over my head. I changed into the robe they’d given me, and then entered into the big drawing room. It was arranged like for some kind of concert – high backed chairs in a circle around the center, but instead of a chamber orchestra setup there was a raised, cushioned dais, like a circular bed. That’s where two masked men were lying back, naked, erect.

Another woman had entered the same time I had from a different door, wearing a similar robe to mine. She was definitely older than me, but I couldn’t tell how much. She stood looking coolly at the platform, at the men. Then, without a word, she walked over to one side of the bed and slipped her garment off. Like me, she was naked underneath. In businesslike fashion, she climbed onto the dais, straddled one of the men, and sank herself down on his cock with a quiet sigh.

I almost panicked and ran right then. But I didn’t. In for a penny, in for a pound, I thought. And I was learning a lot about Dad and his secrets. I took a deep breath, and followed the woman’s example. I’d only been completely naked in front of my boyfriend, and then only the one time we decided – after the fact – sex was really not a good idea until we knew what we were doing better. But, here I was, naked in front of three strangers. And about to fuck one of them. It was kind of terrifying, but also really, really exciting.

The man in front of me, below me as I climbed on the bed was no high school sweetheart. He was older, and way bigger than my boyfriend, too, and I almost bolted again at the thought of taking it inside me. However, fear was no match for curiosity and stubbornness, and now also lust. And I found myself swinging my leg over his prone form and positioning myself over his cock. Willing my hands to stay steady, I grasped the hot, hard shaft and steadied it as I lowered myself to it. It was not an easy fit, and I struggled and, to my chagrin, whined a little bit as he stretched me open. 

He took mercy on me, after a fashion, and placed his hands on my hips, helping to guide me – force me – down on him. I squeaked and squirmed, and he groaned as I reflexively, defensively squeezed him tight, until he was inside all the way, and I was breathless and completely stuffed. The woman next to me was panting as she rose up and sank down on her man, and I resolved to copy her, and was rewarded with the most delicious feelings. It felt good. Very good. 

About then I noticed the third man climbing on to the bed behind the other woman. He too was naked, hard, and his cock was shiny wet. He knelt behind the other acolyte grabbed her hips to still and steady her. His cock slid forward to poke at and then slowly penetrate her ass. The woman groaned low and guttural as he filled her this way, and I almost forgot I was fucking someone else on the same bed. 

That’s when I felt another pair of hands on my own hips, stilling and steadying me, and something fat and warm and slick nosing its way between the cheeks of my ass. I stifled a scream as the cockhead nuzzled my asshole and slowly, insistently worked its way inside me. My breaths came in short squeals and gasps as, nudge by nudge, I was filled more than I thought humanly possible. It didn’t hurt, exactly, but oh god it felt so wrong. Still, after a few shuddering breaths, the three of us began rocking together, or rather the two men began rocking me, finding some kind of rhythm with their cocks sliding in and out of my pussy and ass. The pleasure, the obscene pleasure of it grew. It started to overwhelm everything else.

I was going to come soon, I realized, fucking two masked strangers in pussy and ass in my father’s society’s drawing room. 

The big room full of chairs. The Society.

I realized then that the six of us were not even remotely the only ones in the room any more. Men and women filled the inner circles of chairs. The room was half full and more were filing in, taking the remaining seats. They were well dressed, in their society suits and gowns. They’d come, I learned later, to watch the final initiation of the recent acolytes as per tradition, but at the time I didn’t know, and was mortified, even though I tried to hide it. Even as I was rising unstoppably to orgasm I had an even worse sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I looked over my shoulder to see Dad, staring at me, halfway to sitting down. Vertigo at seeing him seeing me made me feel like I was about to fall off the Earth.

That’s when I came, shuddering and crying out loud, over all the other quiet sounds in the room. It was the most intense, strangest orgasm I’d ever had up until then. And I couldn’t break eye contact with my father while it was happening. He finished sitting down and just watched me come and come. And then he watched me get filled by the two complete strangers simultaneously. They groaned and shot their loads in my pussy and ass as I still trembled between them.

Then the applause began. The shouts of Huzzah! and Welcome!

And Dad joined in, and smiled at me.

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