Review Performance

“It’ll be just a few more minutes, he’s finishing up now,” the office administrator informed me. 

I sat and sipped my tea. The semi-annual reviews still always made me nervous. It was thoughtful that she provided something herbal instead of caffeinated while I waited. I knew I had nothing to be worried about, really. In 3 years at the company, my work was always on time and above expectations. But still, the tea always soothed. That, and the soft music of the outer exec office even seemed to make the hum of the busy main office outside fade for a bit. By the time the admin stepped in again, I was feeling just fine.

“He’ll see you now. Take off your clothes and head on in.”

I stood up and unbuttoned my blouse, kicking off my shoes as the words and closing door echoed in my ear. 

I folded everything neatly on the side table and stepped into my supervisor’s office. He was seated not at his desk, but in front of the coffee table on the other side of his office. On one side of the table was his couch, on which were seated two other men – my Department Head and the Division VP. I swallowed nervously.

“Come on in, Eva, don’t pay any attention to them, this is just like a regular review.”

As his words sank in, the two men seemed to fade from view.

“Now, come sit down.”

He gestured to the coffee table in front of him, and I walked to it. Near the edge of the table, mounted to it, shaft facing straight up, was a big, thick black dildo. It glistened wet in the office’s lights as I stepped around and in front of it. 

Carefully, watching his face, I began to sit down. He looked back at me, impassive, not giving anything away.

Lowering myself toward the table I gasped quietly as the blunt tip of the dildo stretched me open and pushed into me. My hands trembled a little as I gripped the edge for support, sinking lower, moaning slightly as the thick pole filled me.  

The tip of the dildo nudged into the end of my passage as I sat fully on the table with a grunt. My supervisor reached to his side, picked up a folder from the side of his desk and opened it.

“All right, let’s get started.”

As he read off the evaluations, I raised myself up, and sank down again on the dildo, quietly sighing on the way up and grunting as I settled fully back down.

As he continued with the assessments and recommendations, I fucked myself slowly, steadily. He asked me questions and I answered, panting, not stopping.

And then he was not talking anymore, just sitting watching me as I rose and fell faster, more urgently onto the mounted dildo. I kept watching him for telltales about what he’d thought about my performance over the last six months as the orgasm built inside me.

“What do you think, Jack?” he asked. I had no idea who he was talking to. It was just me and him in the room, after all.

“We could use her upstairs, I’m pretty sure,” a voice said from somewhere. I fucked, gasping, almost squeaking with the sensation of the hard pole filling me again and again, my ass slapping down onto the coffee table as sweat dripped from my body.

Another mystery voice sounded, chuckling. “For how long? I won’t sanction it unless you promise to keep her after if – when she takes maternity leave. I won’t lose another one who actually does work of this quality.”

“Fine, fine.”

I felt like a balloon ready to burst, pumping up and down on the shaft.

“Sounds settled. Do you want to do the honors, Jack?”

“Sure, yes. Eva-”

I looked blindly over to the empty-seeming couch. Rising and falling, rising and-

“Cum for me.”

I practically fell down onto the shaft, crying out as my inner muscles clamped down on the resisting column and orgasm crashed through me.

I stumbled a little as I walked back to my cubicle. Sure, I was relieved the eval was over, but I didn’t know quite why I felt so wiped out. Still, I smiled. I thought it had gone pretty well, and my supervisor told me – which he never had before – that I might have a letter in my office mail as soon as the end of the business week.

And he was right! I got the notice on Friday. With the new week, I’d be moving to the Department head’s floor, with my own office. I was moving up literally and figuratively. I was so pleased and excited, I tingled everywhere. I couldn’t wait for Monday.

Three weeks into my new position, and things couldn’t have been going more smoothly. It was incredibly, intensively busy, but the break policy was actually strictly enforced throughout the Department Head’s office. My briefings with the Head, Mr. Pellam – he told me to call him Jack, but I was still getting used to that – occurred like clockwork after morning and afternoon coffee-break – or rather tea-breaks for me, since that’s what I preferred, and they were kind enough to supply. In the morning meeting I had enough time to summarize all the late and overnight issues from the previous day and finish my soothing cup before heading in. In the afternoon, like today I presented my own project work and any special news of the day that came up through my sector – I had my own sector to manage now.

The meetings usually lasted 15-30 minutes depending on the details that needed to be gone over. By the time I was finished my legs were usually shaking from raising and lowering myself on Mr. P- On Jack’s cock through the whole presentation, and my voice was often pretty breathy. Jack was always looking over my shoulder at my notes or presentation graphics as I fucked myself on his lap, ever ready with a sharp question or pinch of my nipple, or incisive comment to keep me on my toes. 

But pretty much every time, after the last points are ironed out, he tells me “Good work,” and guides me to lean back. He places his hands on my hips and then softly in my ear says “Cum for me now.”

And as pleasure consumes me and takes me away, I hear his groan and feel the surge of his cock erupting inside me. 

Before I know it, I’m back at my desk and working. It’s lucky I take down diligent notes during the briefings; I find I have to rely on them since I can never seem to remember Jack’s spoken comments even a short time after. It had me worried I was messing up the first few days, but it’s pretty clear I’m doing well enough.

So yeah, the days are exhausting but rewarding. I do tend to sleep almost all weekend long – unless I get called in for a special project, which has only happened once. But Mr. Pellam says I’m destined to move up in the company – even joking that Division was going to steal me from him if he couldn’t find a way to hold on to me.

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Cassie Andra

Old enough to know better and not care. Vanilla on the outside. Vanilla through and through, except for the mind. You don't want to go there, but I'll give you peeks. Be warned: erotica themes include standard fun, but also the taboo-est of the taboo. Coming of age, infidelity, family relations, dubious and non-consent. Every throbbing inch of it is, however, fantasy, and should be treated as such.

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