Marjorie, Hazel and I were becoming friends at the summer camp we were all counseling for our last summer before entering the “real” world of college. They had both gone to a different school nearby, but not in my district growing up, so I hadn’t known them until now, but they were great. Fraternal twins, too, and just a hoot. About halfway through the session, they invited me over to their pool. It was a particularly hot day, and I readily agreed to get some relaxation and fun in after a day of chasing middle-schoolers around the activity centers and sports fields.

Nobody was home when we got there, and even though we’d all changed into our bathing suits, Marjie and Hazel looked at each other when we reached the pool deck, laughed, and stripped theirs off to jump naked into the water!

I was immediately embarrassed and nervous, but also, well, a little excited. They called to me to come on in, and I hesitated as they splashed and swam and flashed at me, brazen, smiling and laughing. So,I took a deep breath, pulled my own suit off, and followed them in. 

I’d never skinny-dipped before. It was unbelievably fun and free. We laughed non-stop, horsing around, splashing, tossing water-toys, playing tag. The progression from there to longer touches was almost like dancing in the water. One of them had turned on the out-door radio and we all moved to it, hands trailing across each other like mermaids.

Still, I was surprised when Hazel kissed me. And then Marjie did. And then we kind of began to melt together. Hands touched softer parts. Fingers brushed nipples, or slipped between legs. It seemed like no spot on any of us was out of bounds for any other of us – even the sisters with each other. I’d never done anything like this with other girls before. My on-again, off-again boyfriend was out of town for the summer, so I’d not been fooling around with anyone but myself for weeks, but this was something different, and I liked it.

And then I was floating back, Marjorie alternating her mouth between sucking and licking my breast, and kissing me deeply, and Hazel was… kissing down along my floating body, submerging under me, and bobbing up between my legs. Her tongue burrowing into my folds was a shock of pleasure and confusion I’d never before imagined, but with the first shudder of it I moaned, let my legs part, and relaxed back into Marjie’s waiting embrace.

Hazel was talented, and I opened myself to her eager tongue as the water lapped around us, and she lapped and licked me, and brought me higher as Marjie kissed me and played with my breasts and caressed my sides. It was wonderful, and there was no doubt I was going to cum soon as they drifted around the pool with me. And when I did cum, it was amazing. Like I was weightless, licked and nuzzled into pure pleasure, sighing and floating and bucking my hips against Hazel’s kisses.

And then the pleasure simply exploded. Hazel’s mouth was suddenly replaced with a new overwhelmingly intense sensation. I gasped and arched, looking down my body to see that Hazel and Marjie had positioned me so that my splayed legs were centered in front of one of the pool’s water circulation jets, and a forceful stream of water was now pointed all over – and right into – my open pussy. The feeling was indescribable, like being fucked by water. Like being poured into, endlessly. It took my orgasm to some dizzying, scary place, not letting me come down, but pushing me higher and higher. And Hazel and Marjie were holding me there, holding me open against the jet, making me cum and cum and cum as they kissed me and told me how sexy I looked and other things that made no sense.

I tried to move away, thrashing and kicking and bucking, but the girls had too good a hold on me, and all I managed to do was get the jet pointed alternately right into my clit – or pointed up my rear end! Both made me scream at the strangeness and insistence of the jet. They held me there, cumming and cumming, until I exhausted myself, and finally passed out from pleasure overload.

I slowly regained consciousness to feelings of incredible fullness and emptiness, of rocking and tingling pleasure. I opened my eyes to see Marjorie and Hazel’s father bending over me with an intent look on his face.

I was lying on a cusioned lounge chair in the glass-walled pool house.

Marjorie and Hazel’s dad was fucking me.

Neither Marjie nor Hazel were anywhere I could see as I looked around frantically, but then I had no attention for anything else because it hit me that their dad was FUCKING me! Deep and hard – and he was grunting and staring down at me and– Oh my god he was cumming!

His cock swelled as it shoved all the way in, stretching me even more, and the jerk and pulse and jet of cum shooting into me – I could feel each one! He wasn’t wearing a condom, and he was filling me, so much that the stuff was forcing out around his shaft. And then, staring in shock and disbelief into his eyes, I came too. I don’t know whether I was still sensitized from the jet, or whether my body had been carried part way there while I was out of it, but being so stuffed, so well-fucked, and unprotected, and pumped full of semen simply overwhelmed me. I cried out as my inner muscles clamped down. For his part, my friends’ dad must have felt it, because he groaned in pleasure and rooted his cock fully in me, letting my own orgasm milk every last drop form his twitching cock.

When he finally pulled out, I was panting and dazed. I had no idea what to think or do. Marjorie and Hazel’s dad – I didn’t even know his name! – smiled down at me, not unkindly, as he grabbed a towel from a nearby table.  

“Come by and use the pool any time you like!” He said, affably, paternally, as if he hand’t just fucked me like an animal. He left the pool house without looking back. 

Looking around in the aftermath, I was alone in the small outbuilding. The pool deck was empty, my bathing suit draped on the same chair my clothes were folded on. The water was smooth as glass except where the jets rippled the surface faintly. The back door to the house was open. 

Cum dripped from my freshly fucked pussy. There were more towels on the table, and I cleaned myself off as best and as fast as I could with trembling hands. I wrapped myself in another towel, darted out to grab my suit and got dressed. I had to get away from there. 

Sandals barely on I raced for the gate. But just as I was reaching for the latch I heard what sounded like Hazel’s voice scream. I froze – in terror for her, at what might be happening, thinking I had to tell someone, when she cried out again, this time followed by the clear words “Fuck me, Daddy! I’m CUMMING!” and a distinctly male grunt.

I stood there frozen, eyes shifting from the gate to the open door of the house, unable to move.

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Cassie Andra

Old enough to know better and not care. Vanilla on the outside. Vanilla through and through, except for the mind. You don't want to go there, but I'll give you peeks. Be warned: erotica themes include standard fun, but also the taboo-est of the taboo. Coming of age, infidelity, family relations, dubious and non-consent. Every throbbing inch of it is, however, fantasy, and should be treated as such.


  1. Anonymous

    Ok ..This is one of those stories where the dad was not needed. Just 3 girls exploring each other was great. The adding of the father was nice, just I don’t feel was needed. As a child I often fantasized about my neighbors using the pool in this way. Fun story thank you

    • Cassi Andra

      You’re right that it’s kind of two different things. The origins were in images that I’d encountered close enough together too make the connection.

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