Mix & Match

We all thought it was pretty weird and funny when Brianna’s older brother asked me to the prom, my brother asked Lacie, and Lacie’s brother had asked Bri. I mean it was pretty natural for us all to be crushing on each other’s Senior siblings, but none of them had so much asked any of us out on a date before this. We all said yes before finding out about each other, too. We got over the weird part pretty quickly, and figured it could be pretty fun.

We were right. Even though the boys hadn’t actually planned this coincidence in advance, and were as surprised as we were that it had happened, they all apparently did some homework by prom. They picked us up, one by one in a limo for dinner before. And they’d all picked up some good dance moves somewhere along the way, so the prom itself was a blast! The punch wasn’t too spiked, either; just enough to get everyone a little happier and more relaxed.

As the last dances were spinning, each of our dates whispered to us – without each other knowing – that they’d gotten a room in the old hotel in which prom was being held. We could – if we wanted, rest up there before going to the movie theater being rented out for the after party.

We totally knew what they meant by “rest”. But I thought Bri’s brother was pretty hot. My friends apparently thought the same thing about their dates, too, and one by one we converged in the grand, gaudy suite. I was the second to arrive, and we walked in on my brother and Lacie with her strapless pulled down to her waist and his head buried between her breasts.

I stopped short, kind of startled, but then felt my date’s arm snake around my waist, and his lips hot on my neck. He pulled me back against him and I felt his hard-on through his tux trousers and my dress. His other hand slid around my hip, and cupped between my legs, through my dress. I kind of melted at that point. I had turned to kiss him when Bri and Laci’s brother stumbled in, already tearing at each others’ clothes.

It could have felt weird. Maybe it should have. But really, it didn’t. The bed in the suite was huge; big enough for all of us, and after a lot of laughing and fumbling, one by one, each pair of us ended up on it. Naked. None of us were virgins, or particularly shy, but there was something new and almost-scary, like the first time, about this. For my part, I couldn’t not stare at my brother sinking his cock into Lacie’s dripping pussy. It just made me squirm inside to watch, and that’s the instant I felt Bri’s brother push into me from behind. I moaned loud and nearly came right there, shifting my view to Bri herself, who was staring at me as she impaled herself on Lacie’s brother.

That first fuck was incredible. Surreal, and god did I cum. I was so busy shaking and spazzing out I almost didn’t notice Bri’s brother root himself in me and start cumming himself. But that just made it better. It took a few more minutes of moans, grunts, breathless cries until we were all exhausted in a satisfied pile on the bed.

I think it was Lacie’s brother who’d brought the joint. And when Bri passed to me she said “I guess we’re not seeing that movie.” We all thought that was hilarious. 

It was Lacie who made the mistake. She was coming back from the bathroom and I got up for my turn to pee. She slunk onto the bed with a sly grin, then grabbed her date’s half-hard cock and started to suck on it. Except she’d picked the wrong cock. She’d grabbed my date instead of hers. I discovered this when I got out of the bathroom myself. Everybody was kind of watching, but nobody was telling her – or Bri’s brother, whose eyes were closed as she swallowed more and more of him. I wasn’t sure what to think. Until I noticed how hard Lacie’s brother was becoming watching his sister go down on the wrong guy. So I walked up to him, turned, and sat myself down on his cock. I’m not sure why. I just decided I wanted to. His hands flew to my waist, as if to pull me off, but once I raised and sank down one more time, his grip changed to help me fuck myself on him, and his hips began rising to meet me.

Through half lidded eyes, I saw Bri and my brother assess the new situation, look at each other, shrug, and grab for each other. That was when Bri’s brother groaned happily and came in Lacie’s mouth. She swallowed it all down as I watched, then looked up with a grin that turned into surprise when she realized she’d blown the wrong guy. He made it up to her, though, pulling her up to the bed, flipping her on her back , and diving between her legs. He had her cumming before either Bri or I got off again. But we all did. Cumming on Lacie’s brother felt different than Bri’s. Not just because his cock was a different shape, but because it was… not wrong exactly, but not what either of us had meant to do, initially. I mean, I thought he was hot, too, but I’d never have tried to steal someone else’s date, much less fuck one of my best friend’s dates. Except it wasn’t really stealing, was it? Whatever it was, the not-quite-right of it, I think, made me cum even harder. And so did he. God he filled me up!

I think we all kind of zoned out for a while after that. No one knew what time it was, or cared. I just remember sinking into a pile of warm and wet skin and closing my eyes in bliss for a little while, and then the feeling of rocking on the bed. I opened my eyes to see Bri straddling her guy and slowly, languidly, fucking herself on him. That girl couldn’t get enough, I thought to myself, feeling my own pussy start to tingle again, despite being so well-fucked. I raised my head to see who she was riding and gasped when I saw it was her own brother!

“Bri! don’t!”

She looked at me and smiled, lustily, sluttily.

“Why not?”


I didn’t know what to say,

I felt shifting behind me. Lacie’s brother moving to lie next to Lacie, who was staring rapt at Bri’s pussy sinking down over and over on her brother’s cock. Lacie’s brother moved to spoon her, and then he guided his rigid cock between her legs. Lacie broke her reverie to look back at him, realize it was her own brother pushing into her, and then sigh and grind back against him.

I didn’t know what to think, and made to get up off the bed. I’d risen to my knees when I felt my own brother’s body behind me. 

“Don’t go, please.”

His arms came around me. One cupped my over-sensitive breast, squeezing the nipple and making me shudder. The other caressed my belly circling lower and lower.


I never finished, because his hand was now between my legs, two fingers sliding into me and pulling me back against his hard cock, his lips on my neck, sucking. Still kneeling, without my moving at all, he managed to get his cock under me, and before I knew it, I was sinking down onto my own brother. I’d never felt so strange in my life. The fucking felt good, of course, amazing even. But everything else was wrong, and that pure perversity magnified every sensation, every erotic twinge. My heart raced like never before. I had butterflies in my stomach, and I was rising to the biggest orgasm I’d ever imagined. We all were. I spared a moment’s concentration to look at my friends. They looked like I felt, completely wanton and lost in pleasure, fucking themselves on their brothers. Part of me recoiled, knowing this was going to change all of us in ways I couldn’t even think about. But crazily enough, that made it all even hotter. And as I heard my brother’s breath catch, felt his cock inside me start to swell and twitch, I jammed my hips down onto him, hilting him inside me as I screamed and came.

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Cassie Andra

Old enough to know better and not care. Vanilla on the outside. Vanilla through and through, except for the mind. You don't want to go there, but I'll give you peeks. Be warned: erotica themes include standard fun, but also the taboo-est of the taboo. Coming of age, infidelity, family relations, dubious and non-consent. Every throbbing inch of it is, however, fantasy, and should be treated as such.


  1. Anonymous

    I really like how you just allow your character to give themselves up to the hedonistic aspect of there current situation. Well done.

    • Cassi Andra

      Whether or not we actually ever did, we were all once young enough to feel that kind of impulse, if not that specific one, to one degree or another.

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