The mysterious, masked woman had lured Megan away from the main body of the party, up the stairs of the mansion to a room she didn’t realize was a bedroom until after the woman had kissed her for breathless minutes. Megan was also masked, as it had been the party theme, though not nearly as ornately. She don’t know why she’d followed the woman. Curiosity, maybe, or some other, undefined feeling. 

I am being seduced. By a woman. 

Megan couldn’t fully believe it even as their clothes fell to the floor piece by piece. She didn’t know if the house was belonged to the older woman, or if she, too was also just a guest. It didn’t seem to matter as she guided Megan to the bed and gently, insistently parted her legs so the tongue emerging from below the mask could…

She’d never felt anything like it. No man had ever used their tongue like that on her. The woman had Megan biting her own hand to stay quiet in an unbelievably short time. She’d had no idea. 

And then the woman paused, lifter her head, shifted her body. Megan arched up to find that glorious mouth again, letting a needy whine escape her mouth. Her obvious desperation was greeted with a little wicked chuckle that made her shiver. Fingers brushed against her labia, opening her for the tongue’s return, making her moan.

The sensation of being filled by something thick and hard hit her just before the tongue swiped across her clit. She gasped and screamed, heedless of where she was. With an audible click, the shaft filling her began vibrating, and Megan went a bit crazy, especially because the mouth and tongue above the deeply penetrating shaft never stopped. Surprise and pleasure short circuited her brain and she couldn’t think about where she was or what she was doing – other than coming again and again for quite some time. 

When she woman relented and Megan was able to look up, panting and bewildered, she saw the bedroom was full of people from the party, men and women, all still masked, but otherwise nearly or entirely naked. They stared at her, displayed and glistening with her own sweat and arousal, as her seductress climbed off the bed. 

A man, preceded by his erect cock, stepped toward her. A woman on the other side of the room stepped forward also, moisture glistening on her thighs. 

Megan waited for them.

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I am the little devil on your shoulder, stroking your neck with my tail, whispering obscenities into your ear, and looking down your blouse. One third of The Erotic Writer blog.

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