I found the invitation taped to my locker on Friday “Your presence is requested by Valerie…”.

I’d felt so lucky to finally be invited to one of Valerie’s celebrated slumber parties. Everybody knew how much fun they were, though only a handful of the ‘in’ girls in school went all the time. I really hadn’t known what it was all about, but pretended I did, just like everyone else. And it started a lot like other, less cool parties I’d been to; pizza, contraband alcohol, a sexy romance movie in Valerie’s basement den to make fun of. 

During the movie, when the romantic couple started kissing, a bunch of the girls started hamming it up playing along with the actors, kissing each other. Valerie whispered to me “you be the girl” and recited the corny line the lead actor had just said to get the female lead into bed. I played along, as far as the kiss at least, before the scene changed. 

After the movie, and more drinks, we started dancing again, and… the pajamas started coming off. It was weird, but I was into the swing of things, so mine ended up on the growing pile on floor, too. When the kissing started again, well, I wasn’t into girls, but Valerie was so nice, and her kisses were so sweet… little by little it just began to feel comfortable. Welcoming. Like I was part of the group. And, slowly, the kissing turned into more. Somewhere along the way, my panties disappeared, and it wasn’t just Valerie kissing and touching me. It was all the other girls. I’d become the center of attention, and that was more intoxicating than the alcohol had been, and it felt every bit as good as the physical touches and caresses. Valerie was the first to kiss and suck on my breast, but she let Cynthia and others take over as she moved lower and parted my legs, gently, gradually, encouragingly. Smiling when I reluctantly let her.

It was like nothing I’d ever felt before. I hadn’t let a boy do more than touch my breasts yet, and this, this was amazing. I was in heaven, cradled by the soft bodies of my new friends, caressed, licked, sucked. I felt… like I was going to cum soon. But I couldn’t quite. Valerie’s tongue never pushed me over the edge. The mouths and hands of the others teased and teased, and brought me closer and closer, but always seemed to back off just a tiny bit when I neared my crest. It was maddening. My hips rose up to Valerie, trying to get her to lick more, harder. I began to whimper for release. I must have sounded like the kind of wanton slut everyone whispers about at the lockers, but at that moment I didn’t care.

I didn’t notice Ann had left the pile of us until she was back, sinking her mouth gently onto my nipple. She’d not returned alone. Mr. Sanders, Valerie’s dad now stood above the pile us. I don’t know which was more shocking – his presence, his nakedness, or the fact I didn’t actually scream and try to disentangle myself. Valerie gave my pussy one more, hard lick, almost pushing me over to climax before sliding away from me and saying, “She’s all ready, Daddy.”

“What? N–”

That was all I could get out before my mouth was covered by someone’s soft lips. With the view of Mr. Sanders settling between my legs blocked, I couldn’t see what he was doing. I sure felt it, though. His cock at the soaked entrance to my pussy was big; bigger than anything I’d ever dared play with. And it was hot, and alive, and it thrust into me in one sudden plunge, tearing through my hymen and making me scream into the other girl’s mouth.

It hurt! But the girls were all still there, kissing, holding, and stroking, and I’d been so close before. When the cock started… fucking me with long hard strokes, it stung, and stung, but pleasure rapidly consumed the pain, and I was rising and rising again. Until I was urgently kissing back at the girl, arching my back and rocking my hips to meet the thrusts.

At the last, as I was finally, achingly near the point of no return the girls backed off one by one, still surrounding me, but just watching as Mr. Sanders fucked me harder, and harder. I could only stare in shock and moan as the fat, long, blood and juice-smeared cock stuffed into me over and over. I looked up at his face, pleading, not knowing for what. It was the look in his eyes, proud, lustful, predatory, triumphant. Suddenly I was screaming and cumming. My body shook and flailed, until girls’ hands caught my limbs and gently restrained me. I felt my muscles clamp down and squeeze his cock spasmodically, It made him feel bigger, harder inside me, and he wasn’t stopping. He fucked me through it, keeping me on the wrong side of insanity, bucking up into his fuck… until with a roar, he thrust hard into me one last time and stayed there.

I screamed again, both from my own climax and realizing Mr. Sanders, my friend’s father, my first ever cock, was cumming in my deflowered pussy. Deep, right up against my virgin womb. He throbbed, and swelled, and flooded me with rush after rush of liquid heat. Other of the girls moaned in appreciation or self pleasure as he emptied himself in me, and my clasping pussy milked him dry.

When it was all over, he leaned over me, still rooted, and kissed me gently on the lips. Slowly, he slid out, and out, and out of me. And then, just as he’d appeared, he was gone. And just as she’d been there before, Valerie was back between my legs, licking her lips and diving in. The rest of the girls converged quickly again, but there was no teasing this time. This time they attacked me with pleasure. Someone slid pillows under me to raise my hips to Valerie’s mouth, and keep most of Mr. Sanders’ cum from spilling out. I was beyond paying attention to that, however. Beyond caring about anything at all as the girls drove me to orgasm after orgasm relentlessly, until I finally passed out in climax and exhaustion.

We all slept late the next day. I woke up with a start in my pajamas, on the couch, with everyone else in their nightshirts and sleeping bags or whatever they’d brought. Everybody got up just like it was a normal morning. My body felt sore, but otherwise, I was… fine. Well-rested even. I… played along. Even when Mrs. Sanders called everyone up for a pancake breakfast. Everybody got picked up by 11am, and when Mom asked me how the party was I said, “Fine. Fun. You know. Girl stuff,” and that was it.

Back at school, the next week, Valerie and her clique would say hi to me, which was a change from being completely ignored, but not much else. Everything seemed mostly the same as ever. I began to wonder what had really happened. Then, that Friday, there was another envelope taped to my locker. With an invitation, and two photos inside. Of me. From the party. One of me with girls at each breast and between my legs, the other of me obviously cumming, stuffed full of cock. No other faces were visible. The invitation read “Your presence is requested by Valerie…” but “requested was scratched out. Written in its place, in masculine writing, was “required.”

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Cassie Andra

Old enough to know better and not care. Vanilla on the outside. Vanilla through and through, except for the mind. You don't want to go there, but I'll give you peeks. Be warned: erotica themes include standard fun, but also the taboo-est of the taboo. Coming of age, infidelity, family relations, dubious and non-consent. Every throbbing inch of it is, however, fantasy, and should be treated as such.


  1. Anonymous

    Oh ..nice…Will there be a part 2? I hope. My mind is going places it shouldn’t, but hey what the hell, if I am going to go, might as well enjoy myself. I really enjoyed this. Please keep it up.

    Thank you

    • Cassi Andra

      Thanks very much! As far as a part 2, I don’t know. I haven’t thought of what that might look like.

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