Secret Service

Peter and Nadine had gone to Club Hedonist’s private beach for just such an opportunity, and Lilly and Ivan were exactly the couple we were looking for: curious, adventurous, hot. Nadine knew the swap was going to be fun. And it was, at first. In the years since their last similar adventure, she’d almost forgotten the excitement of exploring someone for the first time. And the feel of another man’s hands on my body – the first in three years – it gave me butterflies. 

When another man’s cock slid into her – a virtual stranger’s at that – she was wet and ready for it. Ivan felt different than Peter, somehow wrong, but also right-for-the-moment and terribly exciting. Though she began nervous, Nadine found herself relaxing into it, enjoying the slightly-off feel of this new cock inside her. Until she looked over at Peter and Lilly. 

She was riding him. Sinking down all the way and grinding every time she impaled herself on her husband. Peter was clearly enjoying himself, and that was fine, Nadine reminded herself. More than fine. That’s what we’d come here for after all, both of them enthusiastic. And she was getting her itch scratched perfectly. Ivan knew how to use his cock, stuffing her deep, with a natural instinct for knowing exactly how to touch and squeeze her breasts, and nibble at her neck for maximum effect. But as Nadine watched the other pairing, there was something in the way Lilly was fucking that bothered me. It wasn’t the wild abandon of pleasure, or the slow, get-to-know you of strangers becoming something else. Lilly looked… determined. Purposeful.

When Lilly reached behind and below her to gently cup Peter’s balls, Nadine knew. Everyone takes STD tests before being allowed on the island, much less in the resort, but Nadine and Peter had just assumed everyone was also using BC. Suddenly, Nadine knew Lilly wasn’t. Lilly was trying to get pregnant. She was trying to get Peter to get her pregnant.

Nadine tried to rise up from Ivan, to say something, to warn Peter. But Ivan’s hand slid over her belly to rub her clit as he filled her again, momentarily taking her breath away. He kissed Nadine’s shoulder and whispered.

“Please, let her.”

In the space of a few breaths, Nadine imagined a dozen different scenarios, a dozen different reasons the man fucking her would want her husband to impregnate his wife. But she couldn’t hold them in mind for long, as Ivan continued to fuck Nadine, and his fingers knew exactly what to do to heighten everything. She let out a moan instead of a warning, and could only stare as Lilly coaxed Peter to orgasm, grinding down and smiling beatifically as Peter bucked up into her and filled her with his seed. 

Nadine was so caught up in what the other couple was was doing, her own orgasm actually hit her by surprise, and she cried out almost as loudly as Lilly, followed by Ivan’s deep moan as his pulsing cock emptied itself into her.

When they were all panting and collapsing in satisfied heaps, Ivan whispered to Nadine, barely audibly, “Thank you”.

Peter and Nadine played with other couples during their vacation, but always seemed to orbit back to spent most of their time with Ivan and Lilly, the four of them soon becoming friends as well as lovers. Still, Ivan and Lilly never told Peter, nor did Nadine, who watched her husband fill her new friend with come again and again over the two weeks in paradise.

At the end of the stay, they all said their goodbyes. The couple had a many new names and numbers in their contact lists, and more than one invitation in the “real world” from new friends and acquaintances. After a beaming Ivan hugged and French-kissed Nadine goodbye, he handed her a quaint, archaic business card with his and Lilly’s info printed, and another slip of paper with it. Nadine glanced at it while Peter was hugging a slightly tearful Lilly goodbye, and quickly crumpled that one up and tossed it in the trash while handing the card to Peter to keep in his wallet – the slip she’d thrown out was one of those quick-response early pregnancy test strips. It had read positive.

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