I’d been out with some friends asking advice and trying to get over myself. 

I was trying to quell the sneaking suspicion that Andrew was cheating on me. I kept telling myself it was childish or that I was nervously fooling myself. It was both of our second marriages, after all, though Drew was a divorcee and I was a widow. After all, it was only a gut feeling, and that I didn’t have any evidence – until I saw the classic, cliche’d lipstick on the collar of his shirt in the dry clean pile as I was getting dressed. And as my heart sank, and then broke, I found other things. From long dark hair that wasn’t my color where no such thing belonged, to a scented note with more than innuendo written inside.

I’d had most of a bottle of wine, denying and trying to drown the discovery – the confirmation.

He was upstairs, sleeping obliviously after his shift as I seethed and drank, and sobbed quietly. That’s how Libby found me when she got home from practice.

“What’s wrong, Janessa?” she asked, concerned. In two years she’d never called me Mom or Mother.

I didn’t know how to tell anyone, much less my own stepdaughter, her father was cheating on her stepmom. But I was un-sober enough that I ended up mostly just blurting it out, draining the last of my wine in a couple big gulps as Lib’s eyes widened in shock.

“Oh, my God,” she said, and came to hug me – really hug me. It surprised me, and moved me. Lib had never shown me that kind of warmth, rather merely accepting me as a necessary inconvenience in her life. But in that hug was something new – understanding, comfort, maybe even affection. Whatever it was it was more than welcome.

She held me for a long time, as my sobs peaked and then died out. As she pulled back, she kissed my cheek, and then my lips, full on.

I was too surprised to react, and before I could, she was talking, saying she was sorry, and being kind. Her hands were on my shoulders as she sat next to me, saying “You don’t deserve to be hurt. You should be happy…”

That brought a bitter laugh from me. 

“Right. That’s not happening.” I emptied the last of the bottle into my glass. She let me, but never took her hands from me, even as I took another swig.

“I bet I can help.”

I snorted. “Ssure. Sure, you can wave a magic wand and m–”

I couldn’t finish the sentence because she was kissing me again. A real, deep kiss, as she trailed one hand to my quickly blushing cheek, and the other down my top to my breast. I gasped into her lips, head spinning with more than just wine.

“Let me make you feel better…”

I don’t really know how my top got open. Or where my skirt – and panties – went. Libby’s lips, and tongue, and fingers, were suddenly everywhere, and I shouldn’t have let it happen. I should have stopped her. I should have stopped myself. But I didn’t. And then her head was between my spread legs, and I was sprawled back on my chair, gasping in pleasure.

Just on the edge of orgasm, I looked up, as if to heaven. There, on the upstairs landing, was Andrew, in his bathrobe, looking down at us – at me – with the strangest expression on his face. 

I gasped and tried to say his name, but one more crazy flutter of Libby’s tongue on my clit sent me flying over, and his name turned into cries of climax as my husband’s daughter made me cum.

Lib’s tongue never stopped, and neither did my climax. All I could do was hump my hips into her eager face and stare into Andrew’s eyes. 

As he descended the stairs in his bathrobe.

As he approached our tawdry scene. 

As he opened his robe to reveal his rapidly hardening cock.

As he knelt behind Libby, raised her skirt, drew her panties to the side, and started sliding into her.

As Libby groaned loud into my cunt. Pausing her licking and sucking of me only to moan “Daddy…” with open lust, before orally attacking me anew.

It all shattered and then fell into place in my mind. I didn’t think I could have been in a greater state of shock. My smiling husband was fucking his daughter, who was in turn cooing and eating me out better than anyone ever had in my life. And I… was cumming again.

It was only after I came down, gasping from that second orgasm that Lib raised her head and looked up at me, her face shiny with my juices. 

“Did it feel good Mommy?”

Before I could answer, however, her eyes rolled up and she let out a little scream, “Oh, DADDY!” And came violently, her hands gripping my legs hard.

“That’s my girl,” Andrew growled, hips slamming forward as he buried himself in her and grunted rhythmically. I knew each of his guttural noises matched a spurt from his his cock, jetting this time not into me, though I could almost feel it sympathetically.

LIbby whined and shuddered in her own orgasm as Andrew pumped his cum into her, finally sighing deep and resting her head against my thigh. 

I had to say something, but I didn’t know what. Before I could open my mouth though, Andrew gave Libby’s ass a light slap and said,

“Okay, sweetie. Daddy needs to talk to Mommy now.”

Libby nodded against my leg then lifted her head to beam at me. And then squeak as Andrew withdrew from her. Her head sank down as I shifted my attention to him. He was approaching me over her. His cock still hard as I’d ever seen it, shiny slick with his and his daughter’s cum.

I drew my breath to speak, but his mouth was on mine, kissing, pushing his tongue into my mouth as he pushed his shaft into me. I moaned loud into him, my entire world a spinning storm of emotion and sensation. I knew everything now, but had no idea what it meant now, or for the future. I only knew how it felt. 

Drew started fucking me. and I could hear somewhere Libby’s voice saying how happy she was now that Mommy and Daddy and her were all together. I felt her hands on my legs… her tongue.. licking from underneath where Andrew’s cock split me open.. and then higher. I cried out and bucked hard up into Andrew’s fuck when I felt her tongue snake up to tease the pucker of my ass. He fucked me harder, faster, and Lib’s tongue poked and pressed, and I was cumming again.

Andrew’s growl filled my ear, fucking harder, faster, building to an orgasm that would fill me to overflowing.

“That’s my girl…”

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Cassie Andra

Old enough to know better and not care. Vanilla on the outside. Vanilla through and through, except for the mind. You don't want to go there, but I'll give you peeks. Be warned: erotica themes include standard fun, but also the taboo-est of the taboo. Coming of age, infidelity, family relations, dubious and non-consent. Every throbbing inch of it is, however, fantasy, and should be treated as such.


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