10 by 10

A pair this week. Neither has the same voice as N&Vs so, they don’t get categorized like that. Little experiments, or little games. – M

It is Imani’s favorite game. She plays it every other Saturday night, without fail. She calls it “10 by 10″. The “boys” – really, none of them are boys anymore, except to her – get to watch her get ready, so they can get good and hard and ready themselves. Then, on her say-so, each of them in turn gets ten thrusts, however they want; hard and brutal and doggy style, or slow and languid and missionary, or whatever. But only ten. If they so much as start an 11th, they’re out – and can never come back. Also, nobody comes in her. If they know they’re going blow, they pull out and let her finish them in her mouth – she’ll give them the number of sucks they have thrusts left, but no more. If they can’t pop then, back in line they go. If they do come, they’re done; out, but only for the night. They can come back and try again next time. And of course they will.

All the players know a good thing when they see one, so enforcement of the rules is simply not a problem. She hasn’t had to find someone new to round out the ten in several months. Really, even then she hasn’t had to do the looking and recruiting herself since very early on. The boys turn out to be excellent at maintaining a reliable stable of reserves. Imani doesn’t particularly care about discretion on their part, but they enforce it strictly amongst themselves. Some of them have girlfriends. At least two are married. Imani don’t know what they say they’re doing every other weekend, but they’re both original members of her little club. One of the marrieds was single when he started, too. She never asks how they determine their order, leaving it up to them to figure out, but it isn’t always the same. Different sizes and shapes of cock in different order most every time. Variety is a spice, after all.

If all 10 cycle through, and Imani hasn’t gotten off yet herself, they get to start again. And they go on until she does – or until all of them have blown their gaskets – either in her mouth or while waiting, or while it’s their turn and they don’t have enough time to get to her mouth. She lets them ejaculate on her back or tummy or elsewhere on her, as long as they clean up after themselves – being polite for the next. 

The night sometimes starts slow, as the boys get into a rhythm. It’s easy to cool off between cocks as they switch places or positions, which just makes the evening last deliciously longer. Usually, though, they can establish a fluid progression before too long, and it gets easier as more of them go off and drop out. Usually, sooner or later, every one ends up beautiful sync; they all agree on one position for her, and no more than a few seconds pass before one cock’s ten finishes and the next cock is there to take its place. It can get very intense indeed if only two are left, and they’re both poised right next to each other behind her, or between her wide-spread legs, alternating like a perfect machine.

Sometimes it does come down to one – a last man standing, and he gets, in essence, the second prize. He gets to take each of his tens consecutively, and it becomes a game of two -a race to see if he cam make Imani come before he does. It happens, on rare occasion that all ten of her boys don’t make it through the night and I still haven’t cum. In that case, she lets them watch as she finishes myself off with her fingers or a toy, and admonish them to do better next time. She wouldn’t be playing this game if a good fucking couldn’t give her the orgasms she wants, and they all know it.

If and when she does cum on someone’s cock, then that lucky boy gets the grand prize, to finish in her. He gets to stay the night, too – private time, because the game is over and everybody else goes home, finished or not. Mr. Winner then gets to show her as many other ways he can make her cum as he can think of, or manage, and of course she returns the favor. 

It’s been over two years now. And Imani’s group of boys is settled and comfortable with her and each other. Perhaps too comfortable. Life continues, goals and desires evolve, and she decides it’s time to mix it up a little. Add to the prize, and the stakes. Tonight, as she gets herself ready before their always hungry eyes, just before she gives herself over to be positioned by Number One of the night, she tells them with a wink and challenging smile, how she went off the pill after the last game. Tonight’s victor, should there be one, stands to win something much bigger than the night over. From the shiver she feels at the first touch, just before the first Ten, Imani can already feel that there will be a winner among them tonight. The game is definitely about to change.

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