Me & My long Absence

This is just a short post to tell about my goings on. As any of you know who have followed my writing over the past decade, I disappeared last year.

I burned out. I felt like I was forcing my stories rather than enjoying them. I was also disappointed that my first collection of erotica was persona non grata on nearly every publishing platform. When society is struggling to come to terms with the sexual abuse, harassment and assault of so many women, banning non-consensual erotica is easy virtue signalling for any platform. So, rather than write erotic short stories, I wrote and completed my first upmarket/mainstream novel. After finishing my novel, I got back to my first love, poetry, and have been writing and finishing long-languishing poems.

Seeing some new/old posts from Monocle has reawakened my enjoyment and interest in erotica. I’m not going to force myself to write. I’ll take my time and for the most part only write stories that grab me in some way. Also, I’m only going to share my stories with readers who like talking to me and talking about a genre that we all enjoy. I’m no longer interested in how many readers or hits the blog amasses. The stories will largely be password protected but, as I’ve written elsewhere, anyone can have a password who comments or corresponds.

I look forward to sharing new stories.

Will Crimson | May 3 2021

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  1. Very glad to see you back, and I look forward to seeing your posts, even if occasional. As you know, your erotic writing has been a principal inspiration to me, so it’s always exciting to see what you do next.

  2. Mic

    Its good to have you back!

    Also congrats on the novel, that’s quite the accomplishment.

    I won’t lie, I don’t have much of an appreciation for poetry (in spite of the best efforts of english lit) but I do love hearing that your passion is back, and I look forward to whatever you bring.

  3. tripx713

    Missed you and your writing. I should have password protected my writings and then I’d still be able to post here.

    • Not sure I get the connection between password protecting your writings and posting here, but maybe you’ll have to remind me. :) In any event, it’s nice to hear from long time readers.

    • tripx713

      I wrote some stories that should have been password protected. I had a couple of complaints that led to the site shutting me down. At least I still get to browse and comment.

      You post some really good work. I’m especially liking the monocle shorts. I already have that password.

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